Top 10 Scary Sounds Ever Recorded That Will Keep You Up At Night

Scary sounds can make your heart race, your palms sweat and can cause you to feel some extreme anxiety If you like eerie and creepy sounds then this is the video for you

How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host, Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video If you guys want to listen to some more scary sounds, then click right over here to listen to some scary sounds from space I promise you won’t be disappointed Alright let’s jump right into this list of the top 10 scary sounds ever recorded that will keep you up at night Starting us off at number 10 we have a sound that had a whole city complain about and no one can explain what this sound it

So this scary mysterious sound seemed to be coming from a river located in New Jersey Late at night while most residents are fast asleep this loud noise happened Police have been called many times about all of the noise complains but there was just nothing they could do about the Eerie noises that were being made If this was me I would for sure skip on the complaining part and just move I would get myself away from this noise that was created by no one, it has to be an invasion of some sort and this was probably a warning sign to get the heck out fast

At number 9 I wouldn't move quickly too is the UK where this strange trumpet noise was heard coming from the sky so this guy heard this noise from the sky and decided to film it, it was kinda hard to listen to the noise while this guy was inside, but it gets really loud and very scary when the guy went outside to film is this real life right now? i would honestly think the world is ending Or something unbelievable was going to happen, maybe aliens, or some creatures that were about to make contact with us Here is another audio of the same sound but in a different location

These workers were in a forest when they heard the Trumpet like sound I mean that is quite loud Moving into number 8 We have the very terrifying and loud sounds from Hurricane Ike This was the devastating hurricane that hit north america back in 2008

This was a category 4 major hurricane that caused 38 billion dollars in damages which made this hurricane the 6th costliest hurricane in the united states and the costliest in Cuban history So the audio I am about to share with you was filmed on the 11th floor of a resort hotel listen that is what nightmares are made of, for sure this can be used for a scene of a horror movie see I told you guys in a previous video wind is very scary You know what Jack who I filmed a video with was laughing when I told him I am afraid of wind let's find out if he’s afraid of this sound

Insert Jack: Here is a sound and you tell me if it’s terrifying and if you can identify the sound Alright now that we all know I am afraid of wind, let’s move onto scary screams in at number 7 In this next clip that I’m about to show you, you’ll hear some diabolic laughter and screeching This was recorded late at night on a reserve and I don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t stick around long enough to capture this sound on camera Let’s have a listen… What do you guys think is making this sound? At first I thought it was some crazy person terrorizing the street

Like it honestly sounds like the purge or something is about to go down Or maybe an SCP broke out of containment I just know that I would be in my car, driving as fast as I could to the next state over Now in at number 6 we have a scary sound from the ocean I already think that the ocean is a scary place

I mean 95% of the world’s oceans are unexplored so who knows what is lurking at the bottom We could have a new killer species living down there and we would have no idea With that in mind, let’s listen to some creepy audio from the ocean shall we Oh and just a warning, If you’re home alone right and you get scared easilyI’d probably plug my ears for this clipit’s actually really terrifying

This audio was recorded off the coast of Antarctica and it made national news Some people think that this is the sound from an iceberg scrapping the ocean floor, others think its a whale but my favourite theory is this could be the sound of Cthulhu waking up from his sleep But whatever it is, this sound is a great reminder that the ocean is a mysterious mystery that requires more exploration Let’s take this list to outer space in at number 5 Have you guys ever heard what Saturn sounds like? No? Well buckle up because you’re in for a treat

This video is giving me some serious PTSD Why are wind sounds so friggin scary?! This audio was taken from radio emissions from Saturn and it was converted so that humans can hear it I think we’d be better off not hearing this sound I imagine this is what Hell sounds like So yeah, remind me to never ever take a trip to Saturn because I don’t think that I would be able to live with hearing this sound everyday

Saturn is not for me Next up in at number 4 we have the wandering soul This is actually an audio mix that the US military used during the Vietnam war This audio was used against the enemy to scare them into submission You tell me if this would work on you… I just find this audio to be extremely annoying

If I heard this as an American soldier, I’d want to go home too But when you really think about it, this audio is extremely terrifying because imagine being a Vietnamese soldier, patrolling through the jungle It’s pitch black and you can hear this sound in the distance You’re all aloneit’s pretty unsettling Moving up this list in at number 3 we have Schizophrenia This next audio clip is a representation of what a person with Schizophrenia would hear in their mind It’s a good way for others to try and get a better understanding of what they are experiencing

But prepare yourself, it isn’t easy to listen to I couldn’t even listen to the entire recording because it made me too anxious I couldn’t imagine having these voices in my head 24/7 I’m scared and I only listened to 20 seconds of it Number 2 what do you guys think that sounded like

Let me know in the comment section below Let's hear it one more time I think this sound should have its own creepypasta, don’t you think? Well actually, this is the first known recording of a human voice The original recording dates back from 1860 and all I have to say is that I’m super grateful for auto tune All jokes aside this is pretty amazing if you think about it but there’s just something about this recording that gives me the chills

So let’s try to forget about this creepy voice and move on Finally at number 1 we have a very loud sound that came from the skys in Terrace British Columbia which is in Canada What your about to hear was heard by thousands of confused people around 7 in the morning I warn you it’s kinda loud and annoying maybe the heavens are opening up and that’s the noise it makes Not sure why god is making so much noise 7am but that must have been pretty terrifying to wake up too

Kimberly Wookey was the one that uploaded this clip onto youtube it has over 65 million views at the time of this recording and she said in the description, this is not a fake or hoax What i recorded is what we woke up too that morning The original files on my camcorder still which could be examined for authenticity She also went on to say this wasn't the first time she heard these sounds, the first time she heard it was in june of that year at 9-9:30 in the morning

I think The men in black, Ed and Lorraine Warren, Ghostbusters, Sam and Dean Winchester, or even a priest should be investigating all of these sounds Well there you guys have it this is the end of the video I just wanted to say thanks so much for watching I will see you guys in the next most amazing top 10 video

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