Top 10 Scary Small Town Secrets

Hello everyone whats happening! Hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 So im personally not from a small town and ive never lived in one,so i never had the whole i know every family in town dynamic it was more like i was a small irrelevant blip in the millions of people in my city

But honestly i hear in small towns there may be less to do but they are juicy How many tv shows are out there that center around scandalous small towns its definitely a thing you guys So lets get into it This is the Top 10 Scary Small Town Secrets Starting us off with number 10 is The Murder of Ken McElroy

Starting it off with a bang people So Ken was known as the town bully in his town of Skidmore Missouri Throughout his life he was accused of countless felonies like arson, rape, burglary, child molestation, assault, like this guy was bad But each time he was indicted which was 21 times btw, he escaped conviction But 1981 would be his last time hurting Skidmore and its residents

The year before, he shot and seriously injured the towns 70 year old grocer Bo and he was convicted the following year but appealed his conviction The next day he went to the local bar with a rifle and bayonet and threatened to kill Bo The day after that, Ken was shot to death in broad daylight in his car on a main street He was struck with bullets from 2 different guns in front of a crowd of people And till this day no one has been charged with his murder in this town

The townsfolk literally banded together to get rid of him The case had 50 witnesses but not a single person would say who killed him Damn not even 1 out of 50, people mustve truly and entirely hated this man Coming in at number 9 is Pere Cheney (pear chainy) Now this was a small town in Michigan established back in 1873

In the mid 1870s its population was around 1500 people but 20 years later a bad case of diphtheria (dif theeria) spread through the town reducing its already small population A second outbreak occurred a few years later and by this point there were now only 25 people living there, and by 1917 there were only 18 and it was soon declared a ghost town But the interesting thing about this town is its cemetery Stories of witches, ghosts, glowing orbs, random lights its all there People have reported hearing the laughter of children and coming back to handprints on their parked cars

Local legends say that a witch cursed the town after being banished from it hence the outbreaks that killed off the population No vegetation can grow in the city except mossy grass which is weird and its cemetery has been vandalized countless times Even County Sheriff Kirk Wakefield encouraged people to stay out of the cemetery saying theres always something going on there This was after a group of teens went there in 2009 and a man in his 50s came out of nowhere and started firing his shotgun at them At number 8 we have The Seven Gates To Hell

i feel like im doing one of the demon videos again i havent said gates to hell since that video im pretty sure but anyway this ones from someone with the username tessadianeb Tessa lives in a town called Collinsville Illinois with a population of 25500 people Does that qualify as a small town? Its subjective But anyway she said along the backroads of this town there are multiple bridges and tunnels called the 7 Gates To Hell obviously the most common story is that if you drive through all the gates youll end up in hell, another one says you have to drive through the last one at exactly midnight to get to hell

She said local students were partying one night and were driving through the backroads and thought it would be a great idea to find the last gate Sidenote they were all on LSD They missed the last entrance and ran into concrete supports, incinerating the car and killing all the people inside People say theyve seen ghostly replays of the crash take place Either way 7 gates to hell?! You kept that secret damn well Collinsville

Filling our number 7 slot is The Secretive Town This one is from redditor Mike7676 who said living in Fort Riley Kansas meant there really wasnt much for him and his wife and kids to do unless they want ed to hunt or fish all the time So to pass time and keep the kids at bay they used to go on drives One day back in 2001 they drove into a tiny town just south of Topeka (tapeeka) and as they were driving through it they realised it was laid out weirdly It was like a mini suburb or a grid and it had probably like a dozen homes max

But at the end of the layout there was a massive barn like building or school of some sort It was abandoned due to clear fire damage but that wasnt even the weirdest part The family was being watched As they were driving residents of at least 5 of the homes slammed their doors shut, closed their curtains and shades and just had their faces poking out near their windows Just watching

It quote on quote made the familys skin crawl and they never went back there What is this town hiding I’m very curious to know now Now at number 6 is the Tree This ones from redditor UnicornGirl24 who said she grew up in a town of 100 people or less, so there really wasnt much to do other than drive on the dirt roads One night her and her friends ventured out a bit too far and they crossed the state line

Theyd never been in that area so they decided that now would be as good a time as any to explore Have a break from their small town They turned down one dirt road and found a group of trees and hanging from the trees were the weirdest assortment of things Doll parts, machetes, knives etc they were all just on the tree There were also no houses or other side roads around that led to these trees so the group were freaking out on who even did it

They drove outta there and stayed driving in a random direction for 1 hour before going home just to make sure no one was following them Coming in at number 5 is The Devil’s Tree This one was submitted by Katherine Hyde who said in the town she lives in, the name of which she didnt give, theres a park with a huge oak tree in the middle It was named Devils Tree because a serial killer hung 2 teen girls from it and then buried them underneath it nooses still tied and all 4 years later the skeletons were found and ever since then hooded satanic worshippers gather around the tree, dancing and what not and people say you can still hear the girls scream

Apparently theyve tried to cut the tree down but chainsaws just stop working near the tree and when they tried manually with a 2 man crosscut saw all the teeth fell out of the blade At number 4 is Twin Peaks Now Twin Peaks was definitely before my time, i never watched it cus it came out and stopped being aired before i was born but i know how much of a cult following it used to have and probably still has But the storyline was inspired by the murder of a girl called Hazel Irene Drew who lived in the small hamlet of Taborton in the town of Sand Lake, population 10,000 During the night of July 7th 1908 Hazel was walking along Taborton Road which was near a heavily wooded area

She was last seen that night by two men before her bloated and lifeless body was found floating face down in Teal’s Pond a few days later Her skull had been crushed by an unknown blunt object and her face had become so distorted because of being underwater that she was unrecognisable The case was never solved but it was highly publicized and it wouldve been forgotten altogether but thanks to Twin Peaks creator Mark Frost it wasnt Mark used to spend his summers in the small town of Taborton of all places and he heard stories of Hazels murder growing up He’d get warnings not to go into the woods at night because it was said that she haunted the pond

Either way this small town birthed one of TVs best shows Filling our number 3 slot is the Gardelegen Massacre Now this massacre was perpetrated by the entire population of the small German town of Gardelegen (garda-laygin) Towards the end of World War 2 on April 13th 1945, troops under the Schutzstaffel (shotstafal) organisation led more than a thousand concentration camp prisoners and inmates into a large barn on the Isenschnibbe estate They then proceeded to barricade the doors and set fire to the gasoline soaked straw

Some tried to escape by digging under the barns walls but they were shot by guards when they reemerged The next day the troops tried to get rid of the bodies by incinerating them and they commanded 200 to 300 men from the town to help them too Fortunately the US’ 102nd Infantry Division advanced on them and they couldnt complete their planthey then got the residents of the town to exhume the bodies and give them proper burials Either way the residents of this tiny town were literally just given orders from one side then the other side it was like table tennis

Except both sides had guns so really it was do this or dont live Now at number 2 is the School for Boys The Florida School for Boys was a reform school run by the state and it was located in the small town of Marianna from Jan 1st 1900 to June of 2011 Thats a bloody old school And bloody isnt even entirely wrong

At one point this was the largest juvenile reform institute in the US, but excluding that the school had a terrible reputation It was known for the rape, abuse, torture, beatings and even murder of students by its staff Despite countless appeals, investigations, promises to improve, changing leadership, the allegations continued and so did the abuse It became the norm at one point Former survivors and students made a group called the White House Boys and came out about the abuse they faced

In the 60s there was even a separate room for whipping the white boys and another room for the black boys In another story a boy saw another student trapped in a running laundry dryer and guessed he had been killed They said they used to be whipped so hard their underwear would become embedded in their skin, or theyd lose consciousness There was even a rape room where students as young as 9 were sexually abused by the guards When they finally filed a lawsuit against the state they were dismissed

Most families of victims got an apology and funds for a memorial Thats it And finally at number 1 is The High Priestess of Blood Magdalena Solis was a known serial killer, and a prominent member of a Mexican cult that used to murder people and drink the victims’ blood Hence her menacing moniker

Although she was born in Monterrey, her and her brother moved to the small town of Yerba Buena in the early 60s Now this town was run by the Hernandez brothers, 2 criminals who convinced the town they were exiled Inca gods and if they were worshipped and given tributes the impoverished villagers would get treasure Magdalena was brought in when the locals got impatient with not getting any treasure The brothers used her as the reincarnation of an Inca goddess but then she developed a severe religious delusion and took over the whole sect Rituals became more perverted because she was obsessed with sadomasochism and consuming blood

It became her own little kingdom Residents joined and followed her, they used to kill people because they were scared of her, they would reap her benefits but look the other way when she was doing anything immoral Which was a lot Like she brutally killed a lot of people A kid by mistake happened on one of their rituals and he ran 25km to the nearest police station

After that police stormed the town and she was arrested In the cave where she performed her rituals, police found numerous bodies, dismembered ones etc she was sentenced to 50 years for having both Hernandez brothers killed but no one in the village would testify against her regarding her other murders so there were no charges there And thats it for todays video guys! See small towns really do have their own share of juiciness and scandal Even though things like murder are definitely not juicy i just meant the rest of them

Let me know what you thought in the comments below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time Byee

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