Top 10 Scary Sleep Paralysis Demons

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena Youve probably heard of sleep paralysis, because it just sounds like the most fun

If you dont know what Im talking about its when you get stuck in a paralized state, sort of half awake and half sleeping And usually when people are stuck like this they will extremely stressed and have horrific hallucinations If your just learning about this, well now you know that even sleeping is dangerous You could be aiming for a nice power nap and it could turn into visions of a gargoyle kissing your forehead And because our minds are so powerful there any of us can whip up some pretty unique sleep paralysis hallucinations and that is why Im bringing you todays list of top 10 scary Sleep Paralysis Demons

I dont even think we need scary in the title, Were not going to do a list of top 10 agreeable sleep paralysis demons As always make sure you like comment and subscribe Also make sure you stick around for the whole video because I want you guys to hit up the comments and let me know if there are any Demons on this list that you have encountered in your own sleep paralysis, lets try and make this list even creepier And guys remember to check out most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook for more content, But before we get into the video I want to give a huge shout out to our sponsor Raid Shadow Legends Raid Shadow Legends is an amazing game packed full epic fantasy characters and settings

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This will give you 50, 000 silver and an epic champion to get to started So I can't wait to see you there Honestly guys need to jump in, the reward system is amazing, and it feels amazing unlocking new characters while playing with your friends Now that I have introduced you to our amazing sponsor, let's get into this list 10 The hooded figure Ok so were going to kick off this list with a classic, the hooded figure

I think whenever you see a hooded figure, whether its with sleep paralysis or when your walking down the street its always terrifying You have no idea whats under the hood, man They could pull it up and reveal disfigured face full of maggots or it could just be some regular lady who likes to wear hoods at the worst times But this encounter with a hooded being comes from redditor curly bacon and he said he said he would wake up in his room, unable to move and this tall entity shrouded in black would be posted up in the corner of his room Every Time he saw this thing he could not see its face because it was covered in its classic cloak but he could feel that it was looking at him and he also felt that this thing was evil

I mean that makes sense, if your a good guy I dont think you appear in peoples rooms at night and stare at them while their petrified, youd be too busy teaching blind kids to read 9 Red Eyes Alright guys this one comes from the reddit user black feathers, now he says that this happened to him while he was living in his dead grandfathers home One day he went to take a nice little afternoon cat nap with some music on Before he knew it he was stuck and the music started to twist into crying voices Then a closet he was facing started to open up, and what was in it? Well a new Equinox home gym complete with workout gear

Just kidding it was a shadowy figure with glowing red eyes that started to whisper the word hell He then woke up and ran out of this house 8 The Gremlin Alright at number 8 we have another one from the reddit user curly bacon I really feel sorry for this dude Like I love sleeping, its in my top five favourit things with eating, youtube fight videos, memes and when dogs ears get flipped inside out, its stupid cute

But when curly bacon over here sleeps hes like wow I wonder which one of my sleep paralysis demons is going to come visit me tonight, Im so popular And the Gremlin sounds horrible, he says he will see this thing in the corners of his room and sometimes on the ceiling, oh great this thing is athletic, and it will always be whispering to itself in some wear language On the most uncomfortable occasion he said he woke up from sleep paralysis the gremlin crawled up to his back and stuck its long snake like tongue in his ear A demonic wet willy 7 Black creatures Dark floating figures, things wearing black hoods, black creatures

I think there is definitely a theme here, I wonder if you just got a little night light to brighten up your room if the sleep paralysis would go away or if the figures would just look a lot more cheerful It would be either that or you could actually see their demonic faces making it 10 times more terrifying Well This guy would have encounters with a black creature in his room that he said would shapeshift, it would sometimes take the forms of people he knew in a way to try and trick him Once he said it was the form of his brother on the other side of his door trying to ask for help He knew this wasnt his actually brother because his brother doesnt live with him

6 The Cuddler Now even though Ive given this one a nice cute name it not the kind of cuddling you want This one was written by reddit user Bumpstart Broomstick and he talked about when he would get sleep paralysis he would be visited by a figure that he couldnt see but he could feel climb into bed with and then start to cuddle him This thing felt like it had the boney arms of a skeleton and would get so close that he could feel it breathing on his neck I bet you change out those bone arms for some nice squishy skin covered ones and this ones not that bad I could use a surprised cuddle every now and again

But the worst part about this is when this boney creature leaned in and whispered, not yet, your not read What the hell dose that mean 5 Justin Beiber Yo whaaaat, Justin Beiber is sneaking into your sleep state and ruining your life I think you could sue him for that and make a killing Well this was written by a huge Justin Beiber fan named D

Jansma When she was a young girl around the age of 12 she had a big old justin beiber poster in her room She would go to sleep facing the poster so it would be the last thing she saw at night and the first thing she would see in the morning Yo I think you should chill a bit, I understand being a fan but your kinda getting into psycho territory Well one night this backfired because she woke up in sleep paralysis and instead of seeing her beautiful bieber she saw a decomposing man in the poster staring back at her

Once she woke up for real she quickly took the poster down so it never happened again Hmmmmm fake fan 4 Chomp Chomp And swinging in at the number 4 spot we have a story that has one of my favourite reddit usernames ever Lebowski Achiever 12 The dude Abides

He said he wouldnt get sleep paralysis often but one time when he did, he saw a black figure walked into his room stand over him and bend down so it was only 6 inches away from his face It then moved over to his ribs and started biting down It was extremely painful but he couldnt move Eventually he let out a massive scream and the black figure exploded into a puff of smoke Thats how you kill these things you just yell at them

I thought the only thing that could be destroyed by yelling was a marriage where people refuse to communicate 3 Take you away So what do these sleep paralysis demons want, well in the case of reddit user Jelly Bean Skittle, fun name for a terrifying story, it seems like they wanted to take her away She suffered a head injury and after this her sleep paralysis worsened She would wake up unable to move and feel the presence of something in the room with her, she would then feel as if something was trying to drag her off her bed and toward a mirror in her room Maybe whatever this creature was, was trying to take her to some sort of world through the mirror

2 Multiple Dark beings In this one we have not one, not two but four, five, sometimes even 6 demons floating around the room Its a nice little demoic party, such a great time And these guys meant business The person who wrote this story said they would have to scream themselves awake That would be fun to sleep besides

This demons would even get in super closes and whisper nursery rhymes in her ear At least if its coming from a demon you know its probably an original, I dont think dark floaty figures were raised on rush little baby And on one occasion the demons started stabbing her in the stomach, these guys have no chill After this she woke up with a ruthless pain in her abdomen She was obviously terrified so she went straight to the hospital and it turns out her appendix exploded

Creeeepy, did the demons cause this, were they trying to warn her or is it the more logical answer that this was all a crazy hallucination and her appendix exploded on its own, it just played into the hallucination 1 Masked man Alright and topping off our this we have some that will make you want to wet your pajamas tonight when your sleeping alone with all the lights on in your home HoobShanker on reddit wrote that one night it was in an awful case of sleep paralysis and a masked figure with long demonic nails walked into his room carrying a sack The figure opened up the sack and proceeded to pull out each one of this reddit users loved ones and slit their throats one by one He then walked to the edge of the bed and started to stroke him with the blood covered claws until he woke up

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