Top 10 Scary Skinwalker Stories

Hello everyone whats happening whats gucci! Hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Okay so a bit of backstory for anyone that might not know, a skin walker is a type of witch in Navajo culture that has the power to possess, transform or disguise themselves as animals

A lot of the stories told to Navajo kids about skinwalkers are quite dramatic they usually end up in either the skinwalker dying or the Navajo Theyre meant to represent the complete opposite of Navajo (nava-hoe) cultural values So with that in mind, this is the Top 10 Scary Skinwalker Stories Starting us off with number 10 are the Ash Bullets This ones from a native Navajo who was coming back from the Navajo Nation Fair with his family and grandmother

The conversation somehow got onto Skinwalkers but his grandma shut it down pretty quickly That night as he was just in bed he heard something moving outside Thinking it was a stray dog or something he didnt think much of it but then he heard the loudest distorted scream, shat himself and then ran downstairs and woke up his grandma They looked outside the window and saw this coyote thing limping towards the door, dragging his right leg as he did It started scratching at the door and moaning and all his parents could do was shout words in Navajo at it telling its it wasnt welcome there

At this point everyone in the house was awake and panicked but his granddad knew exactly what to do He went and got a handgun from a drawer, and a bag of ashes idk where he got the bag of ashes from but he did and he coated the bullets in it and loaded the gun He went to the door shouting Navajo and then opened the door and fired twice but the thing escaped unscathed His grandad turned around and said thats the fastest one ive ever seen So hes a pro veteran at this clearly

It was about 4am by the time everyone calmed down and the family went to a medicine man the next day to be blessed against the skinwalker Coming in at number 9 is The Chase So this ones from a cop called JG Bucklin, he recalled how he was once working the night shift at a hotel in New Mexico

He was patrolling the hotel in his car when he decided to take a nap, a bit after 2am something hit the bottom of his car so hard it actually swayed Mind you this was a 1978 Thunderbird so it was a big heavy car its not easy to make it move JG woke up and drove forward and saw there was a dog sort of thing sitting where his car had been But as he started looking at it he felt like he was drowning in this dark energy and that this thing was pure evil The face of the dog had human features mostly the eyes, it didnt have a snout nose that bit also looked more human and it wasnt black tipped like a dogs

Sizewise it was slightly bigger than an adult German Shepard which are pretty big anyway With this in mind JG decided to hit the dog with his car but it ran off the property but then back on so he started driving after it It made its way into a third parking lot and then into a weedy area and at this point JG was chasing it on foot with his gun It came up and threw him aside like he was made of air and ran away He ran into the weedy area on 4 legs and exited on two

The dog was now a nude man that was screaming as it left and after that encounter JG had a lot of bad luck, health problems etc after this so he actually went toe a shaman to get cleansed At number 8 we have The Lookalikes This ones from redditor jibbyjam1 who was in New Mexico exploring some old Spanish ruins with friends While they were at one of the sites at night they suddenly heard an angry ear piercing blood curdling scream which prompted them to want to get the hell out of there They went back to their camp and a while later the user went for a piss about 300m from the camp and this is where things got weird

He remembered seeing 2 dust devils coming towards him but when he turned around it was just two of his friends who were motioning him to follow them Which he did almost like he was being sucked into it He followed his friends for like 10/15 minutes but as he was snapping back to reality he realised they werent his friends at all His friends had bright red hair, and these two peoples faces were identical to his friends’ but they both had cat eyes and were brunette He stopped in his tracks and they turned to look at him as if they were gonna kill him on the spot

He ran in full sprint back to the camp where his friends hadnt even realised he was gone, great friends btw, he told them what happened and they packed the hell up and drove back to Albuquerque Filling our number 7 slot is The Delivery Trip This ones from reddit user Neptune420 whos dad ran a small delivery service in Farmington New Mexico One day they got a delivery for Window Rock Arizona on the Navajo reservation and the dad decided to take his Navajo friend Travis and his girlfriend with him as they wanted to see some family there So they took two separate trucks and had walkie talkies with them so they could communicate between vehicles

The trip and delivery go fine they have a great day there but on their way back was when things took a turn for the worst Theyre driving towards a hill and as they crest it the dad sees what he thinks is a giant dog sitting on its haunches in the middle of the road facing away from them He walkies his friend Travis in the other car asking if he sees the dog to which Travis replied That is not a dog! Speed up right now and hit it! Hysterically he went on and said hit it Jj you have to hit it please please hit that thing rght now’ So the dad speeds up and as they get closer they see the dogs matted hair seems to have dried blood all over it and just before they hit it it turned around to reveal that it had a face

The face was a hybrid between a bear and human but it looked distorted and in pain and as soon as they hit it it screamed like it was drowning and then ran into the field nearby They saw a cop a little while later and Travis made them pull over was completely on edge when he told the officer that they just saw a skinwalker a few miles back and it had been following us The officer who was Navajo himself turned white stammered something unintelligible and then got in his car and left But what i took away from this story is the fact the dad no questions asked just hit this thing Like he didnt even question Travis like oh why should i hit that dog? He was just 0-100 fast and furious real quick

Now at number 6 is the Walking Coyote This ones from redditor Endulos who said during the early 80s her sister was on the way back from a friends at night when her car broke down Thankfully she broke down in front of a family friends house so she went in and called her dad and he came to get her They were driving back at about 10pm and were passing a heavily wooded area when out of nowhere they hear an incredibly loud inhuman scream The users dad hit the brakes just in tim to see a 6 ft tall coyote with a black and white striped tail walking on just 2 legs

Thankfully i dont think the sister or dad were its true targets because it disappeared quickly after that but then they heard the same scream again only 10 times louder this time This time the dad didnt brake, he accelerated out of that situation ASAP Coming in at number 5 is The Running Man This ones from Brent Swancer and funnily enough it also took place near Window Rock Arizona He was driving on the highway at night when he saw what seemed to be a large coyote sitting in the middle of the road

He slowed down so he wouldnt hit it unlike that other users dad and he found that the coyote wasnt scared of the car at all He didnt even move a muscle when Brent honked at him so he decided to just save himself the trouble and drive around him As he drove away his dad turned to him and went would you look at that and he was referring to the coyote who was now chasing behind the car He then matched the speed of the car running right alongside it and then out of nowhere the coyote becomes a naked running man Still keeping pace with the car mind you

The man started slapping the car while having the creepiest grin on his face At this point theyre going like 50 miles per hour but hes still there To end his pursuit the man let out a loud wail and then swerved away Either way Brent and his dad were terrified, and i wouldve been too but for some reason i really cant shake the image that this naked man looked like the guy who plays Aqua Man idk why At number 4 is The Party

This ones from redditor Trey_Lightning who said that anytime his mum would take him to her hometown on the reservation shed always tell him a skinwalker story This particular one was told to him by his aunt Back in the day his aunt and her friends used to party a lot and one day they got in a van, drove out to the boondocks and just drank A bit after sunset everyone was laughing and in good spirits when they heard what sounded like rocks being thrown at the van The sound stopped but then an even bigger sound followed and they quickly realised someone or something had jumped onto the roof of the van

They lock all the doors and his aunt is in the drivers seat trying to start the engine but obviously it doesnt start Like in every horror movie ever Such timely engine failure i swear But anyway the thing on the roof is still banging on on the van and then his aunt sees a hang with long nails reach over the roof and start scratching the windshield Then it jumps off and walks up to her window and just stares at her

And his poor little aunt at this point is just praying for her life but then after a few minutes of panicking screaming and staring the thing leaves them and the van finally starts miraculously bang on time and they leave Filling our number 3 slot is The White Powder This one comes from an anonymous Navajo woman living in Shiprock New Mexico She said during one of her visits home she heard her dogs relentlessly barking at something outside and then she heard a loud thud above her on the roof Her sisters got quite scared but her parents assured her it was just a cat or dog and to just go to sleep

Parents need to stop telling us its just a cat or dog cus clearly as we’ve seen, it is not But anyway the dogs were continually barking and running back and forth and then she heard a metal pole hit one of the dogs and she knew it was a pole because her sister had put it on the roof the day before She tried to get up but fell into a deep sleep and the last thing she heard were human footsteps on the roof The next day there was nothing suspicious on the roof or around but her cousin did complain about her head hurting and the next day she straight up died Just like that

They brought a medicine man to conduct a ceremony and he said that two of you know what happened He went on to say it was a man in bear skin on the roof on the house, he was using a hummingbird as a lookout and helper and he blew white powder on the womans cousin which is why she died but he was also the reason everyone in the house fell into a deep sleep that night The ceremony went on, and the woman later found out the powder used is crushed human bone taken from graveyards As if this story wasnt screwed up enough Now at number 2 is The Herd

This ones also from redditor Navajo Joe which is quite fitting i guess, but when he was a kid him and his uncle were on their way back from chopping and gathering firewood They were going slow on this dirtroad and Joe just had this feeling he was being watched and he was about to look at out his window when his uncle shouted dont He then heard 3 taps on his window as his heart literally felt like it had stopped beating His uncle started praying and going faster and he thought all was okay but then the truck dipped from the bed At this point his uncle just kept saying look at me dont turn away just look at me and he heard the tapping again

Joe was now crying as the truck dipped for the 2nd and 3rd time Finally his uncle gave a sigh of relief and said theyd both need prayers in the morning so the evil will forget our faces When they got home, Joe went home but called his uncle a while later because he had had a nightmare His uncle said he didnt see any faces just eyes like they were just lights on the road Joe asked him why he didnt just slam on the breaks when it was in the back and his uncle replied saying because it wasnt alone

When i read that the first time it legit gave me shivers And finally at number 1 is The Thing This ones also from Joe and he lived on the reservation when this story took place He was home with his 2 brothers and dogs one night when they started making a lot of noise outside They ignored it dissmissing it, and eventually the dogs slept

In the middle of the night Joe and his brother woke up because the barking started again He went outside and saw that one of the dogs was losing it near the truck When he looked there there was a really tall man there looking at the dog and then kicking it When it looked up it had a pure white face, a pure black smile and red burning eyes It came to him and towered over him and all Joe could see was a deep red

Things are not going well at this point His brother finally came out of the house not knowing what was going on and at this stage the things hands were inches away from Joes head From what he could recall its skin was black and it smelled like a bloated dead animal, and he was just stood there unable to move or speak The skinwalker let him be and went for his brother which is what finally broke Joe out of this trance and made him really angry He started baring his teeth at it and growling in a way he didnt even know he could do

He kept roaring at it while it smiled back him but his smile faded the angrier Joe got and then he ran away into the night And thats it for todays video guys! Skinwalkers are clearly quite a common thing to encounter as a Navajo these stories sound like the stuff of nightmares not dreams my friends Let me know in the comments below if you yourself have ever encountered a skinwalker i hope not, but do let me know and also lemme know which story scared you the most As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time Byee

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