Top 10 Scary Signs You Are Being Watched

Okay so you are on the subway and you feel someone’s eyes on you, so you scan and look around and you see someone put their head down fast, but you swear they were looking at you There’s a bit of intuition in knowing when someone is watching you, like in Twilight when Bella knew Edward kept staring at her

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Through it Let’s jump into the top 10 Scary Signs You Are Being Watched 10 The little indicator light next to your camera is on Yes this is about your computer camera but stay with me On your computer, there is a light that tells you when your computer’s camera is on And sure, a hacker can easily disable that indication light on your computer, but that just means you could be compromised even if that light is not on on your computer too

Top tech people like the Zuck protect their cameras so I encourage you do too I like the little slidey ones 9 Your phone is slowed down So, phones don’t have indicator lights, but there are some ways you can tell someone is tapped into your phone Two indicators are that your phone has slowed down or it’s overheating in unnatural situations Like ya, my phone may overheat a little if I’m playing a bunch of games on 8 ball pool back to back and my hands are getting clammy, but that’s a whole different world to opening your phone up after not holding it a while and it’s warm as if it’s been sending information to another source

This leads me to number 8, the screen turning on and off randomly If the screen turns on and off randomly, know that there is a possibility that someone else has access to your information or data in your phone There is activity on the phone not being done through you And I can’t have that happen I need to beat Chris in a game of 8 Ball pool and my gaming cannot be compromised by hackers 7 Someone has more information about you than you’ve let on Maybe your facebook profile says you like McDonalds, but recently you started liking Chipotle more, but you only told that to your friend Jessica

Then Edward suddenly knows you like chipotle but he doesn’t even talk to Jessica! And yes I am using Twilight characters for my names because let’s be real, Edward was like nine levels of creepy at the beginning and he watched Bella while she slept Onto Number 6 You bump into the same person all of the time Seeing your gym buddies all the time at the gym is the normal amount of bumping into someone, but if it’s someone you know that you bump into all over town for seemingly no reason, start to keep a record of that because you may have a stalker Police will take reports more seriously if you have evidence so create a folder for yourself Example, I keep a spreadsheet file about the guy that’s been spotted stalking the house I live in Or for Bella, Edward is suddenly there with his car to rescue her when a bunch of guys are being creepy with her

Knight on a white horse or creeper waiting in the wings? Okay I’ll stop with the twilight metaphors but you get that Edward started off lowkey stalking her 5 Telescope in their window This is mainly for city scenarios Now this one isn’t a for sure, but if someone has a telescope, or even binoculars, by or on their windowsill, and the telescope is pointing downwards instead of at the sky, then there is reason for some suspicion Maybe you're not the one being watched, this time, but this person invested enough time and money to peer into your home just so they could look over your shoulder and watch you play 8 ball pool I get it, you want to know my techniques, how often I practice online, but that’s for me to know, and for you to mind your own business

4 You find someone drilling a hole in your wall “by accident” Did the tenant next door to you “accidentally” drill a perfect hole in the drywall of your living room? 1 Give them a chance for explanation and 2 Give them a look of disdain 3 Explain to them that they shouldn’t judge you for marathoning Twilight the night before your existentialism exam and that it’s not for them to judge you for losing 7 rounds of 8 ball pool in a row

Maybe you meant to lose Maybe it’s helping you pose the question of what the ultimate goal for a person is And then tell them to fill the hole because not cool, not cool 3 Someone is liking ALL of your posts Another way someone could be keeping tabs on you is by lurking you online There’s a degree of acceptance of screening a date in society, but if someone if liking all of your posts and it’s not one of your friends playing a joke, then be a little wary

People put a lot of personal information online so protect yourself with your privacy settings so people can’t keep tabs on you is a good idea Just imagine if edward bella and jacob had snapchat That feud would have been even more massive if bella geotagged her location Think about it And okay I’ll put twilight to rest! 2 Hearing something at your door but no knocking So in this instance, it’s about hearing or seeing someone by your door

If someone is lurking by your front door, or around your property, without indicating to you that they are there, be on the lookout Tell your neighbours to watch out for them It’s common for people to case a joint, or watch a house or person for a while before a breaking and entry Because, guys, I know you want my new win streak to be broken on 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip, but resorting to a b and e? Tsk tsk, that’s too far 1 You can feel it There is a psychological feeling that you can tell when someone is watching you, or just in general giving you the eye, or so we think

My mother calls it the hairy eyeball But in 1898 E B Titchener called it the Feeling of being Stared at In a journal article published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Titchener explored why so many people think they are being stared at at any given time

His research came down to this: people see when they face forward and are vulnerable to whatever our back is to This can cause a tight or tingling sensation on the nape of our necks like eyes are watching us, even when they are not It’s a sense like this that keeps us aware and on the lookout for danger, which is alright, but if you think that everyone is staring at you in class because you scratched the back of your hand, that may be your mind playing a trick Or, you may catch someone looking at you because that movement caught their eye, and maybe you made eye contact But the reality is that many others also looked at you because of that small movement

In general, I think it’s safe to say you need to catch someone’s eye more than once to ascertain if they are really watching you or just glancing around So now you get why Bella got up so quick when she felt someone's eyes on her while she was asleep! She was a little on edge because she kept catching Edward staring at school and then BAM, Eddie is being a creepy vampire in her room You really thought I was done with this metaphor?! No? Ok fine I’m done now So, in all seriousness, if you feel like someone is stalking you or following you, stay in a public area and call someone you know to let them know your location Get a walking buddy, and stay safe

And if you have anxiety about being watched, look into it and see if there is help available for you My name is Abbey, This has been Top 10 Scary Signs You Are Being Watched and Please support mostamazingtop10 by downloading the game 8 ball pool via our link in the description have some fun playing the game!

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