Top 10 Scary Signs That Prove Parallel Universes Exist

What if I told you that our universe wasn’t the only one that existed? It’s possible that our world could be surrounded by a ton of parallel universes that are naked to the human eye If this is true, these alternate universes would mirror our universe

So whatever happens in one world will also occur in the alternate universe but in an opposite manner How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video Today we are going to be looking at the possible existence of parallel universes But first, hit that subscribe button so that you never miss another one of our awesome videos and be sure to hit that subscribe button if you are loving our videos Alright, let’s get to it

This is the top 10 scary signs that prove parallel universes exist Number 10 Ripples in space It’s no secret that finding definitive proof that parallel universes exist has been extremely difficult But scientists have been studying gravitational waves or ripples in space that were caused by the motion of massive objects Now they are theorizing that these ripples might be able to prove that parallel universes exist

Gravity is thought to be relatively consistent throughout all dimensions and universes So researchers think that they can use gravitational waves to detect where parallel universes are Basically, they are assuming that when they come across a ripple in space, it’s caused by one universe colliding into another massive universe Deja Vu Deja Vu comes onto our list in at number 9

Another interesting theory that supports the existence of parallel universes is the Deja vu phenomenon If you’ve ever had a deja vu experience, then you know exactly what I’m talking about It feels like you’ve already witnessed or lived through the current situation It’s honestly one of the weirdest feelings in the world and it happens to all of us But although it’s very common, there is little information known about deja vu

Most of us have experienced the feeling like you’ve been in a new place before but we have a difficult time understanding how this is even possible So maybe this feeling could be proof that parallel universes exist or it could just be a glitch in our brain’s memory Either way, I think it would be amazing if parallel universes existed and deja vu occurs because in a parallel universe, a version of you has already lived through this scenario Infinite universes brings us to number 8 Scientists still don’t fully understand time and space

One prominent theory is that space and time is flat and it goes on forever, So that would mean that there is a high chance that many universes are out there But with that in mind, it’s possible that universes could start to repeat themselves because there are only so many ways that particles could be put together So the number of possible particle configurations in multiple universes would be limited to a set number of possibilities before they start to repeat Which basically means that there could be a ton of parallel universes out there with someone who looks exactly like you Our dreams are in at number 7

Some people believe that in a parallel universe, there is a copy of themselves that is capable of making different decisions and seeing places that will later manifest in their dreams It’s no secret that for countless years, people have always wondered what dreams mean Some people are able to see the future in their dreams while others think that their dreams have hidden meanings But what if we took a step further and said that dreams are glimpses of events that are taking place in an alternate reality Sometimes people will have a recurring dream about a place that they’ve never even been to or heard of

So yeah, maybe it's possible that our dreams are showing us what’s going on in a parallel universe and how the copy of ourselves is living in another universe Climbing up this list in at number 6 we have the green-skinned children Let’s travel back to the 12th century when a brother and sister randomly appeared in a small village in England Both of them had green coloured skin, spoke an unknown language, wore strange clothes and refused to eat any food that was offered to them They were taken in and cared for by the village and eventually, the children started to eat their food and their skin became less green

But shortly after, the boy became very sick and he died His sister was able to learn English over time and she told the others that they were from a place where the sun doesn’t shine bright, and it was always night She said that her and her brother were at their home when all of a sudden they heard a loud noise and they were suddenly in a new place that they didn’t recognize The girl grew up and lived her life on Earth but as it turns out, she might’ve been living in an entirely different universe before Black holes could be portals to parallel universes and this takes us to number 5

It’s a common belief that anything that falls into a black hole will be destroyed and lost forever But Stephen Hawking has always had a different opinion He believed in the existence of parallel universes and he thought that they should never be ruled out Hawking suggested that black holes must eventually come to an end and according to his calculations, the black holes will begin to leak matter into space and eventually explode which would release the trapped particles So its possible that if something fell through a black hole, it wouldn’t be destroyed

It could actually end up in an alternative universe Now in at number 4 let’s talk about the Mandela Effect Let me know in the comment section if you’ve ever experienced a time where you were convinced that something exists a certain way but you’ve come to discover that you’ve remembered it all wrong? Let me show you some examples Looney tunes was never spelt with 2 O’s It’s actually spelled TUNES

Yeah that was a hard one for me to get over Oh and curious george has a tail right? No, you would be wrong His tail never existed although we all remember him having a tail Oh and you guys remember the monopoly man and his monocle right? Well you’ve been hit by the Mandela effect again because he never had a monocle I know how you’re feeling

I’m questioning my entire life too but as it turns out, the Mandela effect might be evidence that supports the existence of parallel universes It’s been suggested that people go back and forth between multiple universes so that’s how we can create strange memories of something that we have never seen or heard of before These memories are actually from other universes that have spilled into our current one The Cold Spot theory takes us over to number 3 Scientists have been able to map out the radiation across the universe

For the most part, it is equally distributed and its the same temperature but there is one cold spot that stands out Apparently, this cold spot could exist because of a collision between our universe and another universe So the energy released during this collision would have created a cold spot This could be proof that we exist in a Multiverse and there are billions of other universes out there that could be like ours Stephen Hawking takes the number 2 spot on our list Before his death, Stephen Hawking was seriously contemplating the thought that other universes exist

These alternate universes could be found alongside ours with their own galaxies, stars and planets He wrote a paper before his death with another scientist named Thomas Hertog They believe that if future technology is able to pick up evidence of powerful gravitational waves from the Big Bang then we might be able to prove that alternate universes exist This would mean that the possibility of parallel universes might soon become a reality and if that’s the case, Stephen Hawking has truly changed the way that we view our universe forever Now in at number 1, we have a man who came directly from a parallel universe

Have you guys ever heard about the guy who arrived at the Tokyo International Airport with a passport from a country that doesn’t exist? Well apparently this man told customs that he was in Japan for business and he had legitimate visa stamps, currency from European countries and checks from an unknown bank Oh and he also had a driver’s license from a country called Taured, that doesn’t exist He was sent to a hotel while they investigated him but he was always closely monitored and watched But in the morning, he had completely vanished His room was 15 stories up and security guards were guarding his door at all times

Police tried to search for the man from Taured but they never saw or heard from him again He probably went back to his own parallel universe and maybe one day we will hear about him again Well there you guys have it

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