Top 10 Scary Signs Of Climate Change

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena Now what are some of your biggest fears, are you worried youll never live up to your parents expectations? Or are you worried that you might die alone and never find anyone to love

Or are you worried that were all about to die in the massive climate event that is about to wipe out an unknown amount of the population It looks like the earth heating up is actually going to be pretty rough for most of us Unless your a denier and you think this is all fake and you want nothing to do with it If youre a denier why would you click on this video, Im obviously talking about climate change affecting the world on todays list of top 10 scary signs of climate change As always guys I would love it if you could like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also stick around for the whole list because there are some points on here you are going to want to know about, for your own sake And if you want more most amazing top 10 content before all the water levels rise then go check us out on instagram and facebook, because there is so much to check out over there for you guys And without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 the polar ice caps are melting Remember back in the day when the climate change was just called global warming and even then people said it wasnt happening Even though the polar ice caps were melting everyday

I put this as number 10 because it has been one of the longest standing, easitest to identify points of climate change The world is getting hotter so the ice on top of the world is melting You dont need a science degree to figure this one out When things get hot the ice goes bye bye The math on this is very simple

Oh and I dont know if you guys know this about the polar ice caps but there ancient viruses in there that we know nothing about, viruses that we have no immunity too When the ice melts they will be released into the water supply and spread like that beast in the thing So lets play a fun game of HOW DO YOU WANT TO DIE IN THE CLIMATE CHANGE APOCALYPSE, would you like to be eaten by cannibals? Have your body ravaged by an infectious disease, starve to death or killed in a natural disaster, Come back in after this short commercial break and well have the answer for you 9 Forest Fires If youve been watching the news youve seen an uptick in forest fires mainly on the west coast of canada and america Well this is from a lack of rainfall, due to climate change and deforestation Because people keep chopping down trees and vegetation this causes a decrease in whats called evotransporation, this is when vegetation releases vapour which makes clouds which cause rain

Evotransportion contributes to about 10-15 percent of the worlds rainfall, so chop down a bunch of trees that makes less rain, which dries out the land and makes it easier for forest fires to start This is what you would call a vicious cycle Everyone please go plant a tree right now 8 Smoke pollution Ok so were going to roll right off the last point into this one When I originally heard about climate change aka global warming, I was like who cares, I like it hot anyway

Or we can just move more north, everything will be fine But what I didnt think about is how the world is going to be falling apart at the seams The planet isnt just going to be getting hotter, every aspect of life is going to change A big one being air quality In our last point we talked about the increase in furious forest fires, great movie title

Well all these massive fires cause smoke which even if you live hundreds of miles away, will work its way down to your area So as the climate change crisis continues to spiral out of control it not just going to get a few degrees hotter but the air we breath will become so polluted you wont be able to leave your home without doing serious damage to your lungs I was just hoping for an extra month of summer but how weve got poison in the air ways 7 Acidity levels in the oceans are rising So as carbon gets released into the atmosphere it will work its way into many different aspects of our lives A big one being the ocean, the ocean is one of the largest carbon sinks on the planet

Meaning it sucks up carbon like Squidward sucks up crabby patties And as we release enough carbon into the atmosphere to, well, kill us all There is an increase in the amount of carbon that is getting sucked into the ocean, which gets turned into Carbonic acid and makes the acid levels in the ocean go up What does this mean? If the acid levels get too high then you can say goodbye to eating any sort of fish again because theyre all going to be dead Turns out swimming around in a pool of acid is about as pleasant as huffing one of your dogs farts

6 Rising sea levels What causes sea levels to rise? Well most of you at home are going to call out the melting of the polar ice caps and melting icebergs This is half true, the land locked ice will cause sea levels to rise and they melt and enter the water, but any ice that is already floating on the ocean wont Like an iceberg thats floating around is already displaying an equal amount of water to how large it is So when it melts you wont see an increase in water levels, like when the ice in your cup melts it doesn raise the amount of water in the glass But what there is a hidden cause to rising sea levels and this heat

As the world continues to get hotter water expands Just like most things on this planet, when water heats up it takes up more space, so the more and more the planets temperature increases the higher and higher the water levels are going to climb 5 Disappearing Marine life If your living somewhere and for thousands of years the temperature has been just right, I mean so perfect you could lay a ton of eggs and raise a family But then all of the sudden it starts to get a little too hot, and your thinking to yourself, well thats weird, Ive been here for so long Im used to that temperature now Would you stay in that now uncomfortable environment or would you go in search of a better habitat

Well most marine animals have been choosing the ladder In recent years we have seen a rapid decline in marine life outside of the effects of overfishing What scientist have been observing is the migration of fish to cooler waters When things get too uncomfortable for these little swimmers they go in search of a better living situation And this has a ripple effect, some of the larger predatory fish dont catch on as quickly

This causes them to be swimming around without a food source and then eventually die off I mean if Im the little fish trying to find a new home I happy about this situation Every guppy out there is probably pro global warming 4 Increased levels of methane Its toxic, smells bad and lives in your butt, hes your poop next door neighbour, its methane gas Methane comes off of all sorts of things, it sneaks out of your butt every time you fart, it flows off of factory farms from all the animal waste pumped out of there But a way methane gets into the atmosphere that I bet you didnt even know about is the it comes out of ice

Not all ice, dont worry theres not farts locked away in your ice tray But in some of ice on the polar ice caps and in methane hydrates which are pockets of ice on the ocean floor loaded with methane gas And the beautiful thing about methane is once its in the atmosphere it is more hazardous to the planet then just regular carbon dioxide It speeds up the greenhouse effect way sooner So if you if you want to watch the world burn you better get to farting

3 Chaning weather Well its literally called climate change, this would be at the number one spot if it wasnt so right on the nose And if you havent seen the weather changing then you have blinders on my dude because its been happening everywhere Europe just had a massive heat wave this summer with with france and england reaching record breaking levels 2 years ago in Canada, the city of winnipeg was the coldest its ever been, and this is a city that is known for being way too cold There was a 24 hour period where Winnipeg was colder than the surface of Mars, yeah that planet that is millions of miles further from the sun than we are, it was colder here

And places in central america are seeing heat spikes so high that people are dying in their homes from heat exposure I mean that is the definition of climate change, the weather is changing, the planet is getting hotter, were all going to die Ill see you guys at the ration wars 2 A Decrease in biodiversity Climate change has a massive effect on every ecosystem on the planet When one environment is changed to drastically the animals will leave that area in search of something more stable

Its like when a bunch dude go out clubbing, they get in a fight at one club and are froced to move to another in search of good times and casual sex Like dumb bros animals will move to a new location, come into conflict with the new habitats current inhabitants and then go to war This causes certain species to die off and can introduce invasive species into an area which can wipe out massive amounts of life It will become survival of the fittest on a grand scale And we already see it happening

Every day on the news theres a story about a bear walking into a town in search of food or cougars being spotted on the outskirts of cities Well maybe this is more common for me because I live in canada but trust me its happening a lot 1 The Temperatures are Rising Lets just lay it out there guys, the biggest sign that climate change is happening is the world is getting hotter This isnt up for debate, the science is there and its right in front of our faces Between the years 2010 and 2016 the ten hottest summers ever were recorded

CO2 levels are at an all time high and if we dont change our ways now were going to have a tough time turning back the clock On the bright side, I am going to have a great tan for the end of the world Were going to be murdering each other with hatchets and selling children for beans but at least its gonna be shorts weather Alright everyone that is our list I want to thank everyone at home for tuning in and watching Remember guys if you havent already make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell, please do it now because were running out of time, the inferno is coming

Also if you want more top 10 content make sure you check us out on instagram and facebook Until next time Ive been Che Durena and I think its time to plan an end of the world orgy, whos with me

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