Top 10 Scary Shipwrecks That Are Haunted

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Okay now if youve been watching my individual videos for a while now then you know ive mentioned on several occasions that I have a severe phobia of sharks and the ocean in general

So i will never go on a cruise or ship so for me this video isn't even scary cus i was like miss me dat shit You wont find me near any of dat But without further ado, these are the Top 10 Scary Shipwrecks That Are Haunted Starting us off with number 10 is The SS Andrea (an-drey-a) Doria also known as the Mount Everest of scuba diving so you bet your ass I was gonna start with this one So the Doria was an Italian ocean liner which has the capacity of holding around 1200 passengers and 500 crewmen

Italy was trying to rebuild their reputation after world war 2 so the Doria was an icon of national pride It was their biggest, fastest and safest vessel at the time and it went on its maiden voyage in January of 1953 In July of 1956its final voyage took place and it was such a 1 in a million chance it sank the way it did It went from place to place and was finally making its way from Naples to New York but at that time the MS Stockholm was making its way from New York to Sweden

The Doria had been travelling in heavy fog for hours now so they were going slow, they had their precautionary measures in place it was all good When the MS Stockholm entered the fog they sort of had no idea what was happening nor could they see any other ship in the fog They knew they were both there cus of the radar but they miscommunicated each others courses and started steering towards each other They collided horribly and the ship sank 180 feet below the water Thankfully all the survivors were saved and only 46 died in the crash itself

Divers that go down there have seen odd movements from the corner of their eye inside the shipwreck when there arent any fish around Theyve felt the sensation of being touched on the shoulder and being pulled a certain direction despite no sudden current change And i mean not to mention because its so deep so many divers die trying to even reach the vessel Coming in at number 9 is The SS Mohegan (mo-ee-gan) So this vessel only survived till her second voyage before sinking off the coast of the Lizard Peninsula near Cornwall

It was October 1898 and the ship was making its way from London to New York when it suspiciously veered wildly off course and went towards the Cornish coastline It crashed into the highly dangerous rocks of The Manacles killing 106 people in the process But the most sus part of it all was that one rescuer on the job claimed he saw a mystery man leaving the ship on a lifeboat and making his way inland and that mystery person turned out to be the captain of the ship Biggest snake of 1898 confirmed It was speculated that there was just no way such an experienced captain would veer that much off course and crash on rocks that were nowhere near his planned route

Apparently he had purposefully sunk the vessel for insurance gain and if thats true i hope killing 106 people was worth it you snake Divers that go explore the spooky relic have reported feeling a very weird sensation when touching the steamer almost like an electric shock or current going through them One group of divers even said they were guided by something some presence or something to a skeleton that was hidden inside the ship At number 8 we have The RMS Rhone Now this one is royally screwed

It was a UK Royal Mail Ship before it sank and its now one of the most popular Caribbean wreck dive sites that people explore On the day it sank, the San Narciso hurricane hit so the master of the ship decided to move everyone off his ship called the Conway which was to stay at the harbour and onto the Rhone which was to go into open water As the Rhone was going the tail end of the storm hit them, and passengers were tied to their bunks to prevent injuries which became problematic later as you can imagine Captain Woolley was thrown straight overboard never to be seen again The anchor was cut off and still remains wrapped around the same coral head a century and a half later

145 people were aboard an only 25 survived Despite a horrible sinkage, the dive site is actually quite safe and roomy and kind of pretty, like the hull is filled with marine life and coral so its not super creepy However divers who have gone down there have heard screams underwater i'm assuming of the people that were tied up and unable to escape as the ship was sinking right under them Divers also feel like theyre being touched by things that arent there and i mean you can attribute that to water currents and what not but if youre hearing screams, ghosts are definitely around Filling our number 7 slot are Fujikawa Maru and Hoki Maru

Cus the only thing better than 1 haunted shipwreck is 2 These two ships were part of a 60 vessel unit that was basically Japan's stronghold in that part of the Pacific They were sunk by US forces in 1944 during World War 2 and now both wrecks are at the bottom of Truk (trook) Lagoon There's just something eerie about what water damage and decay looks like, and i feel like everything is just creepier underwater anyway But either way divers that have the balls to go down there and explore the wreck, have 2 things to worry about, Sharks and the fact there's still live on the shipwrecks

Which one is scarier you tell me Divers have reported hearing the sound of machinery going and when the show Destination Truth was down there filming the wreckages they picked up recordings of engines turning over and working when hello that is not possible Now at number 6 is the USAT Liberty So this vessel was a US Army cargo ship that got torpedoed by a Japanese submarine back in January of 1942 and obviously did not survive It was towed and beached somewhere along the coast of Bali and it stayed there until the eruption of Mount Agung (ah-goong) in 1963

The eruption pushed the Liberty back out to sea where it lays on a sandslope 100 feet underwater Divers that go there have never reported seeing people down there or hearing sounds, but most of them have seen a rapidly approaching object that looks like its coming at you coming at you and then disappears Many believe its the apparition of the torpedo that caused the vessels downfall way back when And this is cool to me since i never really hear about people seeing the ghosts of inanimate objects, like people and animals yes but a torpedo? Thats a first for me Coming in at number 5 is The SS Kamloops

So this one was actually a Canadian lake freighter that went on its first trip in 1924 In late November of 1927 it was carrying a bunch of cargo like paper making machinery, shoes, piping, tar paper etc, it was going through Lake Superior and sadly in that period storms were horrific If you live in Canada then I don't even need to tell you how bad the winter is, and in water its even worse Covered in ice the Kamloops was last seen going towards the shore of Isle Royale on December 6th Search parties for the ship started a week after but to no avail, the 22 people aboard were never seen again

Someone even found a message in a bottle a year later from Alice Bettridge She initially survived the sinking and the note said I am the last one left alive, freezing and starving to death on Isle Royale in Lake Superior I just want mom and dad to know my fate How haunting is that, like imagine being Alice trying not to die trying not to freeze all alone hoping for someone, anyone The vessel wasnt located till 1977 when it was discovered 270 ft below water near Isle Royale

The whole thing was intact because of the ice cold water and theres even a conserved body of a sailor inside the wreckage till this day They call him Whitey or Grandpa and when divers go down there, they feel this happy aura around his body that they cant explain Grandpa also has the habit of moving around on his own despite being jammed under debris Some divers have claimed hes under a ladder, others say hes under a door, how does he randomly move under debris like the water cant move him like that At number 4 is The Ethel Shipwreck

And if you guys havent heard of the youtube channel Amys Crypt definitely check it out, she investigated the shipwreck at night and i was genuinely shitting myself watching it On the second of January 1904, the Ethel was on its way from South Africa when it hit a reef off the coast of South Australia The wreck was not as big of a tragedy as youd think, when it struck the reef a young 19 year old boy volunteered to swim to shore with a lifeline but he was swept away and killed asap rocky Thankfully by the next morning the Ethel drifted to shore and everyone was safe Suspiciously enough the vessel that reported the Ethels wreckage was called The Ferret and that ship went down the same way in the exact location the Ethel did but 16 years later

There are 26 shipwrecks along this coast and it looks like a ship graveyard Theres just a bunch of ship skeletons and yes they look like skeletons so i was like wow Amy went to the wreckage at night and used a device that transforms frequencies we cant hear into ones we can She asked if there was someone around them that was aboard the Ethel and a clear ‘him’ was heard on the device, members of her crew felt like they were being touched by the spirits around them and I wouldn't be surprised, judging by how many ships died there Filling our number 3 slot is The Salem Express

Now this was originally a French passenger ship that sank in the Red Sea it was basically a roll-on roll off car and person ferry that operated between Egypt and Saudi Arabia On the 17th of December 1991 the vessel was on its way back from carrying hundreds of Egyptian pilgrims when it hid the Hyndman (HI-nd) Reefs The ship was hit really badly, its bow completely blew open and was underwater within minutes Around 470 people died which was controversial since around 700 people were aboard the ship and if that was the case where did the rest of these people go? Teams went to the wreck to recover the bodies under there but had to eventually stop since it was getting too dangerous to go into the wreck since its openings were sealed with plates

And if you get stuck under there Youre screwed The thing is like a frozen relic in time, there are still cars down there, luggage, TVs, childrens toys and clothes Its just eerie Its located under 30 meters of water and divers that have gone there have reported hearing children laughing and the sounds of car engines revving

Some have even claimed theyve seen the tyres of the cars move even though theyve been jammed and rusted for decades Now at number 2 is the St Peter Now this schooner (scooner) was delivering a shipment of coal from New York to Ohio back in October of 1898 I feel like 1898 was a bad year for ships and stuff, i feel like ive seen that year pop up in this video a few times now

Either way the St Peter encountered a horrible storm on Lake Ontario, which again happened previously on this list You cant underestimate Canadian winter you guys what are you doing The storm destroyed the vessel and the crew actually survived for 12 hours after the wreck during 70 mile per hour winds and 20 foot waves Theyre the real MVPs right there, my heart goes out to the unimaginable things they had to go through in those 12 hours

By the end of it when rescuers finally got there there was only 1 survivor and that was the boats captain who was clinging to the Peters mast Apparently his wife Martha was clinging onto it too but drowned mere minutes before her husband was rescued Its said her spirit haunts the wreckage and divers like to go around the October period because its said Marthas ghost is most likely to be seen around her death anniversary No matter what time of the year divers go they always experience horrible conditions around the area of the boat And finally at number 1 is The SS Emperor

Always gotta save the best for last Now the SS Emperor was a Canadian freighter that sank off the shore of Isle Royale in Lake Superior back in 1947 The Great Lakes are honestly taking down everyone like no mercy, no one is safe On the 3rd of June 1947 the vessel left Thunder Bay with nearly 105 tons of iron ore

By midnight the captain gave the ship to the first mate who was extremely fatigued That caused him to not realise the ship was going the wrong way and by 4am the freighter crashed on Canoe Rocks near Isle Royale The whole thing literally sank within 30 minutes and 12 crewmen died including the first mate and captain Rescuers got there quickly and rescued everyone else aboard but bodies were missing and have still not been found The wreckage nowadays has a very sinister reputation, apparently divers have seen the dead crew still working away at the ship with its ruined equipment

Instead of having eyes they have dark pools of nothing and have been heard whispering the word die repeatedly And thats it for todays video guys! I dont know who in their right mind would want to go and explore a haunted shipwreck god knows how many feet underwater Im not tryna be that deep underwater, im not tryna get drowned by some salty spirit who died in one of the Great Lakes and im certainly not tryna get eaten by sharks I dont care if theyre not found in the areas of these shipwrecks they will still eat me Anyway lemme know what you thought below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you in the next one! Byee

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