Top 10 Scary Secrets Tekashi 6ix9ine Has Revealed

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video So hopefully a lot of you are rap fans cus then youll really enjoy this video and if youre not a rap fan youll probably enjoy this video even more

So if youre not caught up on the tea, Daniel Hernandez aka Tekashi 69 has been in jail for the past year and faces charges for racketeering, selling drugs, weapons possession, attempted murder, and being part of the gang Nine Trey Gangsters He pled guilty this year and has since been going on a snitching spree basically outing really big name in the industry as being part of the gang like Cardi B for example Man gives 0 shits and is just out here tryna save his ass so with that being said, These are the Top 10 Scary Secrets Tekashi 6ix9ine Has Revealed PS this whole list is meant to be a bit of shits and giggles Starting us off with number 10 is Pluto

And yes im talking about the planet thats not the name of a random new drug that 69 was selling to all the cool kids So as wel know Pluto was discovered as a planet back in 1930 way before tekashi was born and as we’ve been told now, Pluto is no longer considered a planet It was degraded to a dwarf planet in 2006 after the International Astronomical Union formally defined the word planet I dont know how that word hadnt been formally defined before that but sure okay we’ll go with it Yknow we reclassified it before it had even gone around the sun once, we didnt even let the little guy complete one orbit we didnt even give it a CHANCE

Well thankfully all that can be left in the past because as of last week in court 69 revealed that along with being a prolific rapper, drug dealer and assisting murderer, hes also a decorated scientist And with that qualification, he declared that Pluto is in fact a real planet not a dwarf planet based on his calculations and ended his statement with Viva La Pluto bitches Which is all the evidence i personally need Coming in at number 9 is Martha Stewart Like as if it couldnt get any worse am i right? If you go back in history we know that Tekashi was born in New York City back in 96, wow hes only a year older than me and his life is so much worse than mine right now

Not gonna lie feeling pumped Either way if we then look at Martha, she grew up constantly visiting her grandparents in New York and thats actually how the two met Stewart lives in New York currently just to add smoke to the fire and Tekashi dropped yet another bombshell He shared that when he joined the gang they were all so busy doing illegal shit they didnt have a lot of time to make meals, eat well and so forth And when youre racketeering you definitely need a lot of energy for that so he approached his good friend Martha

Martha, an excellent cook, former model, television personality and convicted felon was appalled that a group of young men were not feeding themselves well and so she became the gangs resident cook and honorary member At number 8 we have Kulture Now i know you guys know who Cardi B is, how can you not? If you dont shes a huge rapper in the industry right now, tekashi identified her as being part of the gang and shes also been in a relationship with rapper Offset from the group Migos for a while now More on that later The two had a daughter recently called Kulture and have been on and off since

Now many people point to Offset admitting to cheating on her as the reason behind their tumultuous relationship but Tekashi has added something to the mix In court he revealed that Kulture is not Offsets child but is in fact his making him now the father of 2 This became obvious when Kulture was born with multicoloured hair obviously inheriting that from Tekashi and Offset was barred entry from the delivery room as the nurses quickly put baby safe hair dye on the child Paternity tests have yet to confirm whether hes lying or not but you heard it straight from the horses mouth you guys Filling our number 7 slot are Hips

This is for all my OGs who already know whats coming up right now Back in Feb of 2006 our queen and saviour Shakira released the song Hips Dont Lie, a masterpiece of a song i will most likely play at my wedding or funeral or both Either way as the title claims, shakira talks about her hips in the song and how they apparently dont lie A big statement to make i know but Shakiras quite a reliable source so i think the world believed her However, Tekashi broke the internet last week when he disputed the Columbian bombshell by saying after living my life and ending up where i am, i can say with full honesty and integrity that hips do in fact lie

Authorities have been trying to locate Shakira since the statement was made to bring her in for questioning but the singer and mother of 2 has apparently fled to Peru for now If anyone watching knows the whereabouts of Shakira please contact authorities immediately I personally cant believe she would lie to us like that, like i trusted you Now at number 6 are DeepFakes Now for the uninitiated, deepfake is a technique for human image synthesis by AI

They superimpose and combine pictures and videos already out there and generate more content that looks very realistic Deepfakes can make it look like you were cheating on your husband with his sister if someone wanted to With that being said Tekashi shared with us that every single allegation against him is false and that all evidence and camera footage they have of him partaking in illegal activities were all deepfakes Now we’re pretty sure this is a lie since deepfakes were in their infancy when the allegations came out and obviously he wants the whole thing to just go away but alas it is not that easy However he then went ahead and swore on his grills that he was telling the truth and you cant really get between a man and his grills

Coming in at number 5 is Climate Change Now this has been a top topic for a very long time, climate scientists, and every type of scientist has proven time and time again that climate change is real, its a thing, we are going to die and the whole spiel However, President Trump claimed climate change was not in fact real and that China had made up the whole thing People have been going back and forth on this debate ever since, one side has the scientific backup and the other side grabs them by the pussy so really both very convincing arguments After being involved in the science and the politics of it all, 69 revealed in court that after everything he learnt in jail and from his phd in climatology, he can confirm with 110% certainty that climate change is in fact real and that we are all going to die but he claims thats okay because the ice on his wrist is so much that he alone can cool the warming effects of climate change

And to explain that song, if someones wrist is icy or iced out that means the person is wearing some expensive ass diamond watch or jewelry or something that is just icy At number 4 is Migos So if youre not that into rap thats fine because I am here as your resident rap coach Now Migos is a rap group consisting of 3 members, Quavo, Offset and Takeoff And you may have heard of them individually too since they do go out and do their own music except takeoff cus hes the most irrelevant one

Now the three men have a very close bond, Quavo and offset are cousins and takeoff is Quavos nephew Migos are quite big you guys have probably heard their songs Hannah Montana and Versace which are some of their most mainstream ones Either way, one of the many secrets Tekashi revealed in court and this is probably a huge bombshell for the rap community and that is that he is in fact the fourth secret member of Migos 69 claims hes been writing the groups raps and producing their beats behind the scenes but was never given any credit because he wasnt family He said he has now had enough and implicated all 3 in court saying the boys always said blood is thicker than water but its a good thing i only drink tequila

Im not quite sure how that makes any sense whatsoever but that was his official statement Filling our number 3 slot is Area 51 So as we’re all aware the raid on Area 51 happened a few days ago and we’re all still reeling from how much of an epic fail that was But as an avid alien activist and other planetary researcher and scientist, Tekashi has voiced his support for his alien brethren throughout his career Tweeting things like Airbnbing on planet Karteep with my boi Zoik

living life smokin blunts I mean i hope they had fun and i wonder what alien weed is like Either way when the rapper heard about the upcoming raid, he was actually the first person to tip off all the aliens in Area 51, which is how they were all able to get to safety or off our planet A statement from their representatives included the aliens being very grateful for having Tekashi 69 as an ally and hoping he will become president of the world and saying ‘if we do ever destroy planet earth, we will most likely spare him’ Now at number 2 is The Chief Keef Situation

So this is the part of the video we discuss the whole conspiracy to commit murder part of his arrest Back in June of last year fellow gang member Kooda B attempted to kill rapper Chief Keef He tried to shoot him outside the W Hotel in Manhattan but missed Another attempt was undertaken by Denard Drama Butler a month later but he missed also and managed to shoot a bystander nearby injuring him First of all, these guys need to have better aim because what the hell

Hello? Secondly Tekashi actually admitted in court that after an online fued with Chief Keef he offered 20,000 dollars to Kooda B to do the shooting After confiscating the rappers phone, investigators found out that the online fued consisted of Tekashi sending a bunch of memes to Keef and Keef leaving him on read on every single one and sending only one reply Bro i dont know you stop sending me shit And that was the straw that broke the camels back Which i get, i mean if someone said that to me after i sent them all these memes id go off too

And finally at number 1 is The Truth So i know 69 has been snitching on a bunch of people in court saying theyre in the gang yknow hes outed rappers like Jim Jones, Cardi B, his ex manager Shotti and so on And from that a bunch of memes have been created pointing at random people saying theyre part of the gang too like Disney actress Skai Jackson But do not buy into the fake news guys, if you want the truth then I shall deliver 69 has yet to reveal in this court and i thought it was better to reveal it here myself rather than have it spinned any which way during the trial

I am in fact the leader of Nine Trey Gangsters I’ll give you guys a minute to let that sink in i know its a lot to take in, i know i look all innocent and small in my videos and instagram but in reality im just a whole lotta gang shit I didnt want you guys to find out this way, gangs only have one rule and thats to not snitch Its kinda like fight club like tekashi literally had one job and he couldnt even do that

Well, yknow what they say, any publicity is good publicity so there we go And thats it for todays video guys! I honestly hope you guys really enjoyed this one because i had a shit ton of fun writing it and hopefully you guys had a good laugh As always i am your host and the resident leader of Nine Trey Gangsters Ayman Hasan and ill catch you next time unless im in jail Byeee

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