Top 10 Scary Secrets McDonald’s Doesn’t Want You To Know

Hey everyone, welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena Even though we know its bad we still choose to consume it uncontrollably

Of course Im talking about mcdonalds but I could be talking about booze or drugs or trash reality TV McDonalds represents themselves as this happy family friend restaurant with colorful mascots and toys to give out to kids But really they are slaughtering millions of animals, one of the world's biggest polluters and secretly putting a bunch of chemicals in your food So today were going to pull back the curtain on the clown faced criminals with todays list of Top 10 Scary Secrets McDonalds Dosent want you to know As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other host just a little bit better And you better stick around for the whole video because the top 10 are so disturbing you might never eat McDonnies again Well you will but at least youll feel gross about it And without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 No ribs in the McRib Everytime it come back millions of people storm their nears mcdonalds ready to do anything to get just one taste of the limited time product

I mean maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration, Im making the McRib sound like Beyonces nudes leaked But all temepation aside there is zero ribs in the McRib Its a mixture of different pieces of pork pressed in to a rib shape So there is probably way more pig butthole and noses in there than there is pig rib I mean you should know this the second you bite into it

Ive squished play doh that has more density to it The McRib is basically what comes out of an easy bake oven just produced on an industrial scale Most people want their meat organic but mcdonalds only serves it blended 9 McDonalds vs the Rainforest How do you get that much meat into that many stores all across the world, well you need to have thousands of beef farms, well how do you get thousands of beef farms, well you need tons of land, well how do you get tons of land Well you cut down the rainforest

In 1994 McDonalds took two members of london greenpeace to court for making claims that McDonalds was cutting down the rainforest But after everything was settled in 1996 it turns out that some of the claims that the greenpeace members were making were true Its actually a pretty famous case nicknamed Mc Lible So next time your enjoying a mcrib remember that youre eating a pigs butthole and an orangutan lost its home 8 Poop in your soda Its summer time so that mean mcdonalds is going to be hitting you with those dollar drinks

So cool and refreshing, I mean the worst part about it is just the extremely high levels of high fructose corn syrup But wait theres more, theres a chance that theres a little poop in your drink A study done in the UK back in 2017 found that 3 in 10 ice cubes coming from mcdonalds had fecal contamination That means that 30 percent of the ice in your drink has a little poo poo in it Yall got stinky poop breath not from poor dental hygiene but because ya drinkings someones butt juice

If it makes you feel any better, the study tested some other fast food chains and theirs was even wrose, KFC and Burger king were closer to 60 percent frozen poop cubes Yuuuum I hope your all getting that extra large tube of poisonous sugar garnished with a strangers chocolate starfish, bon appetit 7 The Heist This ones like a secret heist movie or something We all know about Monopoly at Mcdonalds, its one of the biggest games there and they get people super hype up on winning prizes while they give themselves pre-diabetes But there was a little scam happening behind the scenes that most of you probably dont know about

To get the world about Monopoly at McDonalds across the land, the burger giant was using a marketing firm known as Simon Marketing inc Head of security at Simon Marketing Inc was a man by the name of Jerome Jacobeson He had access to all the winning pieces, he would take them, send them to his friends and family and after they collected their money they would give jacobson a cut What ended up happening is someone ratted Jacobson out to the FBI and the whole operation came crumbling down Dude why would someone snitch, your stealing from McDonalds, there the bad guys, you would basically robinhood 6 Underpaid employees I mean this isnt surprising, I dont think anyone working at a fast food chain is rolling in dough

But McDonalds employees working full time barley make a living wage And Mcdonalds is the worlds largest employer right after walmart, you think with that many McDs running around they would be able to get their employees enough to really feel like their loving it Not only this but there jobs are getting replaced constantly by machines Now when you go to McDonalds you have the automated cashier you can order from and this is looking to replace all of the jobs there I mean when I think about it, its kind of a good thing, who wants to work at McDonalds

If all these jobs are taken by robots then all the people who used to work there can become poor struggling artist like the rest of us Quit flipping burgers and start your youtube channel that cost you money to run, yaaaay 5 Bleached burgers How does McDonnies crank out so many burgers Well for a time they were using what was known among the public as pink slime They would take beef trimmings, which is all the leftover parts of beef, the guts and butts for lack of a better term

They would then soak them in chemicals that are used in things like cleaning products And then they would whip it into a playdough like substance and press it into patties Could you imagine your mom making a home cooked meal and shes like, Hold on, I just gotta put a little bleach in it for ya, I know my baby loves the bleach McDonalds has since stopped using the Pink slime to make there burgers but there was a time when you would walk into a Mcdonalds and you would endup eating a bleached pigs butthole and then drink some poo water And honestly after saying all this stuff Im still going to go get it next time Im drunk at 2 am

4 Massive waste McDonalds is a massive food chain so that means the naturally produce an insane amount of waste Everytime you go there youre getting a paper cup, something your burger is wrapped in, a plastic straw Rest in peace all the turtles They produce enough garbage was to fill up the empire state building every day And not only that theyre also throwing out a ton of food

Its estimated that there are 100 burgers thrown out every minute from McDonalds and thats not even including the chicken products, fish products or the fries I mean weve established that this stuff is basically poison so it should go in the trash but with all the people running around hungry Im sure they would prefer some mcdonalds rather than nothing Also we could just stop Mcdonalds from getting the opportunity to turn our food into garbage if we all stop eating there, but we all know that isnt going to happen I would love to get proven wrong but as I get deeper into this list my Mcdonalds cravings only intensify, what is wrong with me 3 Animal cruelty If reincarnation exists I hope to whatever god is in charge of that, that I dont come back to earth as a chicken

Especially not one who has to be raised to feed someone at McDonalds I want to come back as one of those purse dogs, in a really fancy purse, looking down at all the dogs who are forced to walk everywhere and everytime I bark I want you guys to know I would be saying, Sucks to suck But being a Mcdonalds chicken is far from glamorous An investigation done by PETA exposed that McDonalds was using hormones on their chickens to make them grow faster These hormones would cause organ failure among many other horrible things

After the chickens were ready for harvest they would be hung upside down on a conveyor belt, they would have their throats slit and then their feathers burned off Some of the chickens were still alive when they went into the oven to be defeathered 2 McDonalds is the Largest Toy Distributor in the world Bigger then Nintendo, bigger than walmart, bigger than Jeff Bezos and his amazon invasion that will soon take over the world Well all pledge allegiance to the all powerful Jeff Bezos Well McDonalds has them all beat, they crank out toys to kids more than anyone ever

Why is this scary? Because this means they have a larger influence over kids than any other company From an early age all of us are indoctrinated with the idea that we should be guzzling down Ronald McDonalds goods every time we feel a rumble in our tummy This is a typical brainwashing tactic, get em while their young If I ever have a lady showed up at my door carrying a baby that shes claiming is mine Im going to never take him to McDonalds until Im too tired to make dinner which would probably be 48 hours 1 Chicken head So we know that McDonalds is one of the worst things you can put in your body besides a line of fentanyl laced cocaine but at least they hide it

Well one time something slipped through the cracks and one unlucky customer got a look at what was really in her food McDonalds was trying to branch out and try a new line of chicken strip style nuggets called might wings and when Kathern Orgeta purchased one of these she found a deep fried, breaded, chicken head in the box Ewwwwww, imagine that mummified chicken face staring back at you as a reminder of why should start cooking at home again So next time you get a pack of nuggets remember there might be some ground up face in there Well everyone that is our list, thank you all so much for tuning in

Like always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook Until next time ive been Che Durena and I gotta uber eats me a 10 piece my cravings are going wild

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