Top 10 Scary Secrets Big Companies Don’t Want you to Know

Hello everyone and welcome back to most amazing top 10, Im your host Che Durena Everyone watching this video probably has some sort of brand loyalty

Stuff like only wear certain designer clothes or some people refuse to use and computer products that arent apple even though they do things like a release a one thousand dollar stand for you monitor You could literally get two playstation 4 god of war bundles and then have some change left over to go to five guys But today were going to shine a light on the darker side of the brand you hold so near and dear to your heart So put your wallet away for todays list of top 10 scary secrets big companies dont want you to know As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also check out most amazing top 10 on facebook and instagram, theres loads of extra content there and its a great way to get to know the most amazing top 190 host a little better And without taking any longer lets get into it 10 Nintendo Sex Hotels Wait what? This cant be true, I mean nintendo is all about child friendly good times I mean they made their mascot a hard working family man with a nine to five plumbing job They publish all the Pokemon games and pikachu is one of the most wholesome creatures Ive ever seen He looks like if the cutest rat in the world got mixed with a spring morning

Well I hate to burst your bubble kids but this is true Back in the 1960 nintendo was a new company and video games werent even a thing yet, so they decided to try their hand in a stickier industry At that time nintendos president was Hiroshi Yamauchi and he had the company build a few love hotels in Tokyos red light districts These hotels basically a place you could take a prostitute, I guess when your in this situation its nice to go somewhere neutral where everyones comfortable But dont worry guys you dont have to feel weird about buying the breath of the wild sequel

Nintendo is no longer working in the world of love hotels, although love hotels are still very popular in japan Im sure if they got back into the market some people would check it out, they could have a mario kart theme room where you bang in a go kart while a guy in an ape costume throws banana peels at you 9 Dupont Chemicals Wow, heres a classic one A giant company starts using a chemical they know is bad so they can make more money, it happens so often its almost hack Like if your a major company maybe try and be original and build a death ray or start experimenting on innocent people, you know, something interesting Well Dupont was once the worlds largest producer of the non-stick material teflon, Im sure nintendo could find a way to make it stick together, badum-chi

Well in the 1950 they purchased a chemical called Perflurooctanic acid, this stuff help the speed of production and there for made dupont more money What Dupont neglected to tell the public is that this chemical is extremely toxic It causes cancer in animals, it was causing birth defects in their employees and the company was thought to have contaminated the water supply of twelve thousand people It wasnt until 2015 that Dupont was ordered to remove the hard to pronounce toxic money maker from their products and there are currently over 3000 court case waiting to be processed against Dupont 8 Listerine Swindled all of us Just incase you were wondering bad breath comes from putting grabage in your body and not from lack of listerine and I’ve got the proof

Listerine has been around since 1880 Back then it didnt have an edge, you could use it to disinfect but the products creater Jordan Week Lambert wanted to get this stuff moving So he made up a sickness, he invtened hallitosis, out of thin air Got it published in the news paper that it was a real thing and then dumb middle class people started buying in boat loads because they thought if they didnt they would be the stinky friend Now its a house hold product

It literally does nothing, just eat healthy, floss and brush your goddamn teeth 7 Ikea used slaves Just make it stop, I think we should do a top 10 list of companies that are actually nice and dont try to ruin everyones lives That way we could have an idea of what products are safe to buy I feel like if I keep digging long enough I’m going to find out that my local farmers market kills kittens for fun Well IKEA used slaves guys, like a really long time ago right, nope, in the 1970s

These slaves were mostly Germans captured by the Russians while they were trying to escape east berlin and protesters of the berlin wall IKEA made some deals with the russian government about taking this slave labour as long as they stayed hush hush about where it was coming from Well now none of you can afford to buy furniture, Your welcome 6 Volks Wagan’s Nazi offilation Sooooo, this is a stain on there company even bigger then when they had that whole scandal were they were deliberately making cars that pollute more In 1938 it was hitler who made the push to make an affordable economical car, which ended up being what is now known and the worlds most sold car, the Volkswagen bug

Who knew the cutest car in the world would have been spearheaded buy a guy who would be remembered as the worst human in history But wait theres more! During the war, the newly founded volkswagen didnt make cars but they made weapons for the Nazis, oh my god Now thats gotta be all of it right? No wait, theres even more! Also during the war Volks Wagan was taking slave labor from the nazi concentration camps, 80 percent of the work being done in the factories during this time was done by slave labor I think Im going to get a toyota 5 IBM and the Holocost Another major company has ties to the nazi? Well things cant be true! If you dont believe me theres a book about it

In 2001 a book was released by Historian Edwin Black titled IBM and the holocaust It went into detail about how certain IBM systems were used to help Nazi german Mainly the IBM Hollerith machine, this machine was used a punch card system to track the large numbers of jewish people moving threw german This would make them much easier to capture, then once they were captured, you know those horrible number tattoos concentration camp survivors would get? Well those were their serial numbers from the hollerith machine, and put on jewish prisoners so they could more easily coordinate how to kill them And you could say that IBM had no idea this was going on but the president of IBM met with hitler

IBM basically make a fieling system so Nazi germany could more easily kill jewish people 4 Nike uses sweatshops Just when you think it cant get any worse By the end of this video your not going to be able to buy anything without feeling a deep sense of regret Like after you eat a burrito with ghost chilli sauce on it and you remember it has to come out the other end Well lets add Nike to the list of giant horrible companies

They’ve been using sweatshops to make all their products since its inception Even worse people were calling them out for this and they were denying it until it was publicly unveiled in 1992 and then on top of that they were paying their employees as little as 14 cents a day I know some people with enough nike products to pay for 3 generations lifetime salary This is horrible! And if that wasnt enough, Nike got their slogan for a murderer lasts words while he was on the electric chair 3 Nestle Powdered milk Ok buckle up folks because Im about to ruin chocolate for you, this is one of the worst things ive ever read about

Back 1970s the world health organization blew the doors off of Nestle, showing that they had been poisoning and manipulating impoverished mothers in Asia, Africa and central america What they would do is send out people dressed as nurses to give out free samples of powdered milk to breastfeeding or pregnant mothers The people dressed as nurses would trick the mothers into thinking that the powdered milk had some sort of health benefits and then the powdered milk would cause the mothers to stop lactating Nestle then stopped giving out free powdered milk forcing poor mothers trying to keep their babies alive to buy this crap Nestle powdered milk, most of which couldnt afford it Also mortality rates among nestle powdered milk fed babies is 5 times higher

2 Monsanto does more than just GMO Everyone watching probably knows about monsanto because they manufacture GMO crops but were not even going to get into that Lets start how monsanto created Agent Orange which is what the US military used in the Vietnam war to destroy the vegetation and ended up giving millions of people terrible diseases and devastating the country for years after They’ve also made seeds that dont produce more seeds So you know how a watermelon has seeds in it Well monsanto wants to stop that so every year you have to buy more seeds

Sounds like how you start a famine Also theyre protected by the government so they can never be liable for any harm they cause to people or the environment Cool beans 1 Chiquita is crazy If you dont know Chiquita there a fruit company, I want say this again because Im about to state the wildest crap a fruit company has ever done In 1928 they were still known as the united fruit company and over 3000 of their workers were killed because they were illegally taking bananas from columbian land, but the workers didnt know that this was illegal

They just went in and got massacred, it was called the banana massacre Then in the 60s they worked with the CIA to get in dictator in power in guatemala, to start a civil war so they could buy up guatemalan land This civil war lasted 36 years! Again, this is a fruit company! They sell mangoes and their working with the CIA There was even a united fruit company president who killed himself because he could deal with the guilt And as recent as 2004 the now Chiquita was fined 25 million dollars for tax evasion, no Im just kidding it wasnt tax evasion, they were funding terrorist groups in Columbia

This is fruit god dammit, chill out please! Omg Im so happy that list is over, it took a toll on my soul just to research all this stuff From now on Im going to only shop at thrift stories Well I already do that, but I’m going to continue to do that! Thank you all so much for watching, as always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell, Also make sure you check out most amazing top 10 on facebook and instagram Theres a bunch more content over there and its a great way to get to know the most amazing top 10 hosts a little better Until next time Ive been Che Durena and Im gonna go cry in a corner for my lunch break

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