Top 10 Scary SCP That Could End The World – Part 4

You guys are SCP FIENDS! FIENDS – you bloody love an SCP! YOU are the ones who wont let me be! None the less welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the interenet…I am your host, a lady in red wearing what I would like to describe as a power belt… My name is Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking the Top 10 Scary SCP that Could END the world part 4

One of these nearly made me physically sick! Hipppp hip hurrah Before we get into this list why don’t you tell me…if you were an SCP what would you do I guess I would wear red… But if you were exposed to me, the only colour you would see for the rest of your life would be red So there! LIKE SHARE Lets start and end this list with massy flesh creatures shall we…

Get ready! SCP 2059 – The flesh Wall SCP 2059 is basically my worst nightmare… It seems like it started its life underwater, but can live and absorb anywhere The SCP is an autonomous and sentient mass of flesh, organs and bones, but is notably lacking in keratinous material like hair and nails The so-called wall of flesh absorbs everything it touches, and right now is comprised of a blue whale, a giant squid, 2 dolphins, 300 rodents, 30 living humans, one dead human in advance state of decomposition and several household pets and livestock The flesh wall is contained but if it wasn’t it would absorb everything it touched, meaning that the whole planet, animals and humans alike, could become part of the sentient flesh

008 SCP 008 is an extreme biological hazard that seems like it is primed and prepped to be used in biological warfare The SCP is locked in the foundation and is described as a complex prion It is 100 percent infectious and 100% lethal of untreated, It is transmitted through human contact, exposed mucous membranes and bodily fluids, but it isn’t airborne Symptoms are flu-like and involve a high fever later followed by quick onset severe dementia 12 hours after the dementia presents, those contaminated will fall into a coma and appear to develop Gangrene

Harrowingly, patients don’t die – yet – they become twisted oozing beings with mental retardations They will bite, grab and claw at other humans Eventually though, the illness will devour them and they will die While SCP 008 is contained in the foundation, it I believed that it could be replicated, and is also possessed by the Russian government The only good news is that there is a cure – SCP 500 – a diminishing supply of red pills

There seem to just be 47 left…soo… If the whole world was infected by 008…we would still be screwed! SCP 938 938 is an electrical entity of Keter class It is stored in the foundation in a non electrical room insulated with PVC It seems that the storage facility holding the SCP seeps blood, which doesn’t sound great does it The SCP is predatory and when it gets loose it acts like an electrical storm, travelling through power grids and into homes

Once a home is infected with the SCP it will use household electrical appliances to electrocute people Not only that, even if people avoid touching electronics, simply being near 938 has been reported to send people mad with paranoia If this SCP got out, it could cause apocalyptic storms and infect all of our buildings and cars… and…just out of curiosity, what is the longest you have gone without touching anything electrical…mm…exactly SCP 839 – The Candy Worms DO NOT EAT THESE JELLY WORMS! DO NOT! SCP 839 are flavoured sugar worms that, when ingested, burrow into a persons body and replace one their vital organs

For example the BLUE colour worm, SCP 839-2) is blue raspberry flavour (not a real thing) and burrows to replace a kidney, resulting in blue urine and eventual kidney failure SCP 839 – 7 is Orange flavour and burrows to the Liver, which then works to turn a persons blood to acid SCP 839-4 is pink and replaces a livings thing brain and then…well sadly, the data has been expunged

How could this end the world? Well it seems that the jelly worms can bread They can’t harm you unless you eat them, but I guess there could be a scenario in which people are force fed sweet fruity worms and we all die of acid blood… but maybe that is a stretch! SCP 037 SCP 037 is a small-scale dwarf star found in the 1900s in the Beaufort Sea near the north pole The star is just 5cm in diameter but is extremely hot and causes a great deal of electromagnetic interference It seems that the SCP is undergoing transformation into a Red Giant, which is confusing as usually the red giant stage happens before the dwarf stage… But this is an SCP and who knows what the actual frog is happening

It seems that this SCP needs to be kept deep underground so that its blistering heat doesn’t effect its surroundings Plans are underway to get SCP 037 off our planet before it becomes a red giant and eventual Stellar Nova… as this seems likely to…well… melt stuff…in a serious way If we can’t get her gone well…

then its been nice knowing you SCP 048 – some FACTS for you in this mid list spot… there is no SCP 048 as this designation is said to be cursed For now the number has been retired due to a spate of unfortunate incidents with previous SCPs given this number – they have either died or been lost… And…well nobody wants an SCP to be LOST! Additionally it seems that foundation employees assigned to 048 have a 50 % higher death rate than those assigned to other SCPs On one occasion, it seems an SCP 048 was lost shortly before its case worked had his arm suspiciously amputated

Nobody wants a cursed SCP Nobody Where do we go from SCP 048… The next logical place… SCP 049, the Plague Doctor Ohhh…noo…this guy is not good not good at all Luckily SCP 049 is contained but likeeee if he…or it… got out, it would be BAD NEWS BEZ It seems SCP 049 looks like a plague doctor…you know, the creepy medieval beak wearing cloaked figures that came to treat people infected with plague

These days plague isn’t really a thing we need to worry about, especially not in the developed world This SCP is capable of communicating but likes to so in Medieval French or English 049 thinks humans are infected with pestilence and wants to cure them How does he do it? Well SCP-049 is capable of causing all biological functions of an organism to cease through direct skin contact After those infected with so called pestilence are killed, 049 then proceeds to conduct autopsies on the victim, bringing them back to life as SCP 049-2s

basically human zombies 049 refers to these brain-dead subjects as being “cured” URM

SCP 1012 – The Secret Chord SCP 1012 is a secret chord consisting of five sound tones, named Frequency A, B C, D and E It is said Frequency A is slightly higher than G sharp, whereas B through D are not audible to human range E is within human hearing range but very seldom used in the chromatic scale – it has been described as sounding like whale song If all five notes are played together in a chord then all subatomic particles within range will disintegrate – and everything touching it will disintegrate, causing a chain reaction of the breakdown of everything

It has been suggested SCP 1012 be used to protect against extraterrestrial threats, but that has been rejected due to the potentially hazardous side effects of testing Great The only thing we can do to protect ourselves should 1012 be unleased is wear noise cancelling headphones SCP 001 – Reality Failure It seems that there are a lot of SCPs labelled as 001 – but absolutely all of them end in catastrophe! This particular version of 001 is known as The Sky or Reality Failure It is characterized by a change in colour of the sky, then by a series of sub anomalies, including a levitating spherical static

Anything that passes through the static is replaced with argon gas, making it look as if it disappeared Faintly observable through the gas is a humanoid with long limbs with prominent facial features – this is referred to as SCP 001-2The foundation notes read: In the event of SCP-001 occurring, all personnel, including D-class, are to be honorably discharged, and may do what they wish with their remaining time All sapient and non-aggressive SCPs are to be released Any further SCPs which can be decommissioned are to be During an SCP-001 event, the global populace will become aware of the fate of the Earth, and of its inevitability

They will also experience heavily decreased levels of violence HOWEVER there is a small chance that, if caught quickly, the world ending could be quelled It seems that entertaining 001-2 by reading it books can restore 001 to a pre -incident point SCP 597 – The Mother Wanna see a lil picture of this one before we talk about it? This was posted on reddit by Sukdolakus and it shows the Mother…aka SCP 597 The Mother presents as a blob of booby flesh…

this mass is replete with teets It is pretty gross The SCP is kept locked away and staff guarding it can only do so for 5 hours, until they need to be replaced with other personnel never before exposed to it Male staff are not allowed near The Mother, but females are also likely to succumb to her trawl

All personal must undergo mental clearance after they have been exposed to 597 It seems anyone around the SCP falls in love with it in a weird obsessive way They want to suckle the teety mass and will so if they get the chance When they have drunk milk from the mother, they will go mad and wll not leave her side…those forced to leave become insane, trying to suckle anything and everything they can get their hands on Some who managed to cling on to the mother die of suffocation

THE SCP possesses a mental pull on all living beings, drawing them to it and reducing them to babies…but…perverse and infatuated babies If this SCP got out, we would all be drawn to it eventually The aim would be to drink its milk until we die… And what with 75 billion people flocking to the Mother, dying seems like a likelihood

I am actually now thoroughly creeped out and I feel a little bit dirty Blergh You don’t want a part 5 do you? Let me know If not like… I don’t know… I am unkeen! Comments from part 3 Jodie Kingsbury Said: SCP 3007: is a dangerous entity, says that if it escapes, a worldwide extinction event would cause humanity to fall SCP 001: Am i a joke to you? Wicked 50ltr said: SCP-6383180 a banana that becomes bigger and bigger and can end the world Muhammad Zelza Said: I'M SO GLAD THAT THIS IS A FICTIONAL THING OMG Aren’t we all Muhammed!

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