Top 10 Scary SCP Conspiracy Theories

Hey everyone! Nice to have you back for some more countdowns on Most Amazing top 10, I’m your host Che Durena I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with the SCP foundation

It stands for secure, contain, protect and it’s a conspiracy theory gold mine It’s basically an organization that may or may not be affiliated with the government and is in charge of documenting and containing supernatural and extraterrestrial items, artifacts and beings It’s kinda like pokemon but creepier There is info about these things all over the internet and most of them are in numbered files So today we're going to count down the top 10 scariest SCP conspiracy theories

Like always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also, make sure you stick around for our top 2 because I saved some that are super strange So without taking any longer let’s get into it But first, let’s give a big shout out to our sponsor Summertime is right around the corner so it’s time to invest in some high-quality sunglasses

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It’s also a carnivore so it will try and eat you and your whole family Hopefully doesn’t like the taste of humans and just massacres someone's livestock instead It’s said to be very solitary so you don’t need to worry about it trying to hang out all the time So far just sounds like a really big bird but I also read that it has the ability to manipulate time and space This creature has the time stone and the space stone

How it uses these powers is by looking into the future How did the SPC capture a giant owl that can peer into the unknown future? I have no idea that’s not for me to find out, I just give you guys the super strange unbelievable information with nothing to back it up because that’s more fun for me 9 SCP 2373 I feel like I should start naming these things, they all just have numbers Maybe that’s what we’ll do in the comments for this video Everyone make up pokemon names for all the weird creatures

Anyways SCP 2373 is a creepy monster that is just arms, a torso, and a head It is kept in a locked room behind two doors and is constantly in a dormant state I guess this one's kind of like the Snorlax of the SCPs Now, this thing will stay in a dormant state as long as one person doesn’t look at it If two people enter the room where this creature is contained and look at it nothing happens but if one sole person enters the room and looks at the SCP it will stare back at them with unbroken eye contact, then teleport behind them, continue to stare at them and then teleport back to were it just was and return to a dormant state

It is unknown how the SCP teleports, I feel like that should be obvious It just sounds like he wants to show off but maybe gets stage fright if there are too many people 8 SCP 2468 Now we're going to get into some really creepy ones So this SCP typically takes the form a little girl Why? I already told you I’m not here to answer whys

By the end of this video, you’re going to have way more questions than you came in with But from what I’ve been able to research and by research I mean skim through poorly designed conspiracy theory websites Is It takes the form of a little girl to hunt This SCP requires 55 kilograms of raw meat a day in order to sustain its self It can also teleport randomly, so it can’t be locked up, but the SCP have been able to get at least one into a docile state by just constantly feeding it

However, the ones that aren’t satiated will teleport somewhere where they can grab someones attention They’ll be in the form of a little girl and go into the fetal position and start crying out for help When someone approaches them that person will start levitating and disappear Most people never come back around 90-95 percent never come back But the ones that do come back are always missing 55 kilograms of muscle tissue

Like the best weight loss plan ever 7 SCP 2213 This SCP is the most terrifying of them all, it’s a door! Clip 2 Some of you are probably like what the hell Che, you just gave us a creepy teleporting little girl and now a door, super lame Well I did lie, this isn’t the scariest one, I mean we're only on number 7 but this one is still super creepy This isn’t so much a door as it is a gateway Every time this door is left unlocked approximately every 2 minutes a 6-foot tall reptilian creature will walk through the door

They are scaly, they have extremely good hearing, they feel no pain and have no internal organs When do door is locked you can hear the creatures on the other side trying to work their way through The creatures who come through are also not very bright, they seem to have extremely low IQ They are most likely the initial troops scouting out the area for a possible invasion 6 SCP 2301 For our next one, we got a hostile shapeshifter

This guy can take the form of anything but typically transforms into creatures from Japanese and medieval lore So think of like demon-ninjas or goblins Now the only way you can kill this SCP is mimicking the time period it’s representing So if this monster turns into some sort of medieval troll then you need to put on plate armor and start swinging a sword at it If you don’t do this properly it will transform into something even more powerful and you’ll have to try again

Everything needs to be perfect in order for this weirdo to cooperate This must be what it’s like shooting a movie with Edward Norton 5 SCP 096 This next one is kind of the akward teenage boy of the SCPs It’s 23 meters tall, has pale skin, eyes with no pigmentation and arms that disproportionately long compared to the rest of its body

It’s kept in a 5 meter, by 5 meters, by 5-meter cubic cell that has is monitored with pressure sensitive plates and motion lasers so they can know the SCP is always in the cell There are no cameras used to monitor 096 If anyone makes eye contact this thing or looks at it through a camera it starts to lose its mind It will cover it's face, start screaming and then try to kill whoever the person was who looked at it It’s considered extremely dangerous because if it were to escape then it could lead to a chain reaction of people looking at it, it kills them and then more people looking at it

So on and so forth Like I said this thing is the is just a weird teenager Leave him in his room and he won't bother anyone 4 SCP 173 Now we got something that is almost indestructible SCP 173 is a solid rap name but also the most violent SCP we’ve had on the list so far

Its body is made up of both concrete and rebar, It’s extremely durable and has killed many members of the SCP If for whatever reason people need to enter its cell it must be in groups of three At least two people must be in direct eye contact with 173 at all times As long as someone is looking at 173 then it remains still but as soon as eye contact is broken then it will move extremely fast, some even say it can teleport and then snap the person's neck of whos in the room with it 173 is definitely a terrible host, anyone who comes to visit ends up super dead

3 SCP 874 If you like creepy doll then this one is for sure going to be your favorite SCP 874 is a living manikin, it moves in stiff rigid motions, has plastic skin and hair as well as clothes made out of polyester If 874 is ever damaged it will leak a black plastic substance, it’s thought that the creature might be trying to mimic a human right down to the blood It requires no food and will have threes different personality patterns it will go through depending on the age and sex of the person it is in contact with Any contact with the SPC must be supervised by another person, if anyone interacts with the SCP alone it will attack them and remove their organs

A creepy bleeding manican who rips out your organs I wonder if they sell them on Amazon 2 SCP 1981 Do you guys remember BETA max, well if you don’t it was it was the competitor for VHS back in the day? It was like BlueRay vs HD before everyone had a color tv Well, 1981 is a Betamax tape, it’s old and spooooooky Well, its a Betamax tape with a Ronald Regan speech on it

Still seems pretty normal What makes this an SCP is as you're watching the tape lacerations and cuts will start to appear on Regan's face and what started as his evil empires speech turns into a speech that no one has ever heard from Ronald Regan What makes this even creepier is every time you rewind the tape and play it, he’ll give a different speech from the last viewing All of them have to do with torture, dismemberment and things that are just generally pretty brutal There are only 7 recorded viewings of this tape

1 SCP 280 This is by far the most dangerous one on the list SCP 280 doesn’t really have a physical body Think of a floating shadow that has two arms and hands with long spiny fingers and two large white eyes It has no legs so it just floats around It is kept in a containment cell that is kept pitch black at all times

If anyone ever needs to enter the cell then they must be equipped with a high powered flashlight and a strobe You go in and rave with the monster, not really the strobes are for your protection If 280 starts attacking someone then your suppose to shine the high powered flashlight on it, no physical action can be taken because you can't touch it If SCP 280 is released it will find somewhere dark, wait for humans, kill them and then continue to wait for more humans It’s basically a Call of Duty camper

Alright everyone that’s our list Make sure you write in the comments what your favorite SCP was and which ones you think should be added to the list Like always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell I’ve been your host Che Durena and until next time Im going to be going down a rabbit hole of SCP videos until the government comes and erases my memory

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