Top 10 Scary SCP 3000 Facts That Will Keep You Up At Night

Ok what the heck is a SCP 3000 Well for those of you who have a very curious mind, the scp foundation is a fictional organization that is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations and objects that violate natural laws

There is a SCP foundation wiki for all the different types of SCPs and wiki helps you out with what to do if you come across an SCP there are special containment procedures So what is SCP 3000 well your about to find out What's happening you guys, I am your host for this one Landon Do Not Sing and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video Lets just jumped into the deep end with this one, this is the top 10 scary SCP 3000 facts that will keep you up at night Starting of at like we always do with number 10

Well let’s talk about type the SCP 3000 is Its classified under Class 8 congitohazards entity which may cause severe mental alterations for those who look at it Cognitohazards are hazards that are brought on by sight and are physical For example if you look directly into the sun, in which I highly don’t recommend because you could easily go blind, but if you look at the sun to long that is a cognitohazard So just imagine that the government is hiding away something like that

Some people do believe that the SCP foundation is a real thing, and these SCP’s could be found in area 51 or other hidden secret government hideouts Moving into number 9 Let’s talk about how long this thing is Well SCP – 3000 looks like a massive eel and its actually impossible to determine the full length of it but it is hypothesized to be between 600 and 900 kilometers The head of the SCP measures roughly 2

5 metres in diameter and sections of the body are as large as 10 meters in diameter Just putting this into perspective here The massive Megalodon measures in at about 18 meters So this is pretty much the size of the head of this creature Pretty sure 1 SCP 3000 measures up to over 1 million megalodons

Alright number 8, SCP 3000 likes to feed on anything and yes this includes humans The SCP 3000 is said to be found in the Bay of Bengal Bengals population is over 90 million people so that is a lot of people who should be fearing the massive eel like creature that likes to keep in the deep parts of the bay Lucky for us thought this creature is being contained by big ships with guns to keep regular people out of the bay of Bengal Submarines are also in place to keep an eye on the creature

At number 7, The people that work for this secret agency have to be careful monitoring this beast of a creature because when it eats people it secrets compound that is released into the water that causes Amnesia So looking at this creature can give you massive headaches and if your really close to it it can alter your memories and dream and even whip them out completely Imagine forgetting who you are, or why you are guarding this massive creature Al the memories you ever had in your life could be whipped out which is devastating A lot of researchers will also suffer from identity loss and memory loss

Number 6 The SCP 3000 has ability of telepathy So if you get close to it, you may never be able to escape from it because the SCP 3000 knows your every move Also this thing can teleport so one second they are visible and than bam, gone This just sounds like the scariest creature ever

Just Imagine if coyotes or wild wolves are able to control our minds or even teleport, there would for sure be a lot more reported human deaths Number 5 Its digestive system SCP 3000 is carnivorous, so that means that this thing loves to eat flesh and meat Typically, this SCP is a really lazy creature and doesn’t move around too much but it is able to move quickly in order to catch a prey despite its long size

That means that no one is safe But what makes things even more terrifying is the fact that SCP 3000 doesn’t really need any food to maintain its biological functions So yeah, he can basically survive for long periods of time without eating and the end result of its digestive processes is currently unknown Number 4 Powers and abilities

SCP 3000 is capable of destroying the entire race No seriously It has a lot of powerful abilities that make this creature absolutely terrifying SCP 3000 has superhuman physical strength, mind manipulation, dream manipulation, resistance to being captured, mind control, secretes poison, its immortal, does not require food to survive and the list goes on and on Actually, SCP 3000 secretes a constant cloud of liquid that causes visibility around it to appear completely dark

So that means that you could be right next to it and you wouldn’t even know until it was too late Number 3 Individuals believed to have contacted the SCP 3000 are to be contained, quarantined and processed at site 151 Individuals affected by the SCP are to be held in internment indefinitely, because right now there are no known cures and there may never be This could mean for the rest of that individual's life, this could mean a life sentence

This could also be the reason why many researchers don’t want to re-search more into this classified creature because the risks are just way too high for the reward Moving into number 2 Because this creature lives in the deep waters in the Bay Of bengal we might not be talking about just one of these creatures There could be hundreds, or thousands of these powerful beings Keep in mind that humans have only explored about 5% of our oceans

So even though SCP creatures might just be fictitious, there could be creatures like this one roaming the depths of the ocean that we have no clue about Hopefully, technology advances and someday we will be able to explore 100% of the oceans But until that day, we should assume that there are scary, carnivorous creatures that are lurking at the bottom of the ocean, waiting to sink their teeth into us

Finally at number 1 this creature might be immortal Destroying this creature is impossible and can live on forever So SCP 3000 might have been around since the beginning of time, and they will be on earth till the end of time If this is true, that means that SCP-3000 is capable of living through some pretty harsh conditions I just really hope that this thing has stopped evolving because I’m scared that if SCP 3000 gets even bigger or smarter, we might have an SCP apocalypse on our hands

And in that case, the world might come to an end as we know it Well there you guys have it

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