Top 10 Scary Satan Encounters – Part 2

Whats up people hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Satans a bit of a mixed bag really

Some believe hes a red creature with horns and a tail, others believe he takes human form and walks amongst us Regardless of whichever side you fall on, one things for sure and thats that no one wants to meet him Doesnt matter if he takes human form, demigod form or centipede form But there are people out there who claim to have met or interacted with him, so lets find out what the hell happened when they did This is the Top 10 Scary Satan Encounters – Part Two

Starting us off with number 10 is The Hand This ones from Stephen Wagner who said his dad told him this story Backi in 1942 in Juarez Mexico his dad was around 20 years od and went to a circus that was visiting town His younger brother came along and they didnt really go to see the acts, they were more interested in the freakshows Disappointed after seeing the performers they were about to leave with 2 girls when they ran into a short stubby man

The stranger introduced himself as the greatest illusionist in the world When asked if he was part of hte circus the man said the owner turned him down because his act was so frightening the owner said he was satan himself Once they had their attention they invited them back to his trailer n order to show them the act Once inside the stranger put a glove on his right hand, started running his left over his right whilst wiggling his fingers He then started chanting bizzare words and when he took the glove off everyones jaws dropped

The strangers hand was completely skeletal He turned it let them see the back it was completely real His brother went closer to take a look and the man grabbed his head and said he was really about to show them something At this point everyone shat themselves and made a run for it The stranger came out onto his porch laughing and on the floor nearby was a bed of long nails pointing up which he jumped onto

Blood started coming out of his feet but he was still laughing From that day onwards Stephens father and brother knew they had met satan Coming in at number 9 is Father Urbain Grandier (your-ban grandee) Father Urbain was a Roman Catholic priest that lived in the Loudun (loo-da) part of France He was under major scrutiny and received a lot of criticism for ignoring his celibacy vow

If anything he was known for having sexual relations with many women and as someone who had an “elevated sense of lustful depravity” By 1632 he was accused of sending the demon Asmodai to enchant a group of Ursuline (ursilin) nuns into committing evil acts and becoming his sex slaves As yknow priests do After numerous nuns made accusations of seduction against him he was arrested Then acquitted and then rearrested

During his second arrest he was tortured by judges after which they revealed a contract they found in his bedroom which indicated he had signed a deal with Satan and a man other demons They saw it as evidence of him making a diabolical pact and convicted him of witchcraft and sentenced him to death He was burnt at the stake At number 8 we have A Better Life This ones from redditor Kodas_Gaming who said he had a rough upbringing

His father abandoned his family and his mother was a heroin addict He used to see her getting beat to a pulp after which shed take out her frustrations on him CPS ended up taking him and his brother away but a few years later his mum was clean and back with their dad and they regained custody They lived in a small house in Central Texas and according to the user the house had a terrifying aura Anytime he was home he felt like he was being watched, especially in the bathroom and he would have regular nightmares

At this point in his life his mum was working herself to death because their dad was a lazy slob who did nothing She got so depressed she tried to take her own life and desperate to help the user started praying to god everyday But nothing changed He realised for something to change perhaps he could call on the demonic entity that engulfed his house He researched satanic rituals fr ages and finally found the one he needed

While his family were out he got on his knees, wax coming down the candles hed lit, and cut his hand and started drawing symbols on the ground in his blood Obviously while crying the whole time because who wouldnt cry after doing that He recited the words and made the deal Right after he did a cold breeze swept through the house and everything went black Unphased because he expected something to happen, he went to bed that night and had the worst nightmare ever

He saw himself in the bathroom in the mirror with corpse grey skin, bloody tears and his eyes were crimson too There was a noose around his neck as well During the dream he thought this cant be me and then the reflection started laughing saying it is now, you made the deal He woke up in the bathtub covered in scratches and scars and it kept happening 1 month later he started seeing things, hearing things, his nail beds began to recede and bleed, his canines became sharper

He started full on hallucinating and having visions of the past, of native people being slaughtered And what did he get out of this? Other than his mum getting a higher paying job not much So moral of the story, know what youre getting before you ask the devil for help Filling our number 7 slot is Joseph Smith Now Joseph was a mormon prophet in the early 1800s who claimed he encountered satan before he saw Christ for the first time

We have both big shots in one story how bout that The story goes that despite never doing this before, one day he decided he was going to pray to god out loud He went into the woods on a sunny day and knelt down read to pray But at soon as he did he said he felt he was seized by a power that engulfed him entirely He said it was so powerful he tried to speak but felt like his tongue was bound

A thick darkness surrounded him and he thought for sure he was going to die And i mean fair enough for being realistic He was ready to sink into this despair that was around him but in one final hope he used all his strength to call on God to get him out of Satans hold Then all of a sudden he saw a huge pillar of light over his head which came down on him As the light rested on him he saw 2 personages (person-idge) in the air above him

Now at number 6 is Madame Lalaurie Delphine Lalaurie has been mentioned many times on this channel but just a quick recap she was a big Creole socialite in New Orleans To the public that is Inside her house she tortured and killed the majority of her slaves in a way you cant even imagine In 1834 a house fire took over her mansion and thats when she got exposed because authorities found bodies upon bodies of bound or mutilated slaves

Ones stomach had been cut open and his intestines were wrapped around his neck A bucket was also found with various organs from various slaves A bucket, thats how much mass killing the woman was doing Anyway with some stroke of luck she managed to escape New Orleans and go to France but many people believe she didnt just escape due to luck She invented a religion involving voodoo and black magic and on top of that people vehemently believed she made a pact with the devil in order to be able to still be wealthy, still be free and escape, whilst committing these horrendous acts

I mean for me it was either the devil pact or she paid a lot of important people to let her go Coming in at number 5 is The Satanic Cult This ones from Brad who said back in 2005 him and his friends spent one summer teepeeing a lot of houses In the town they grew up in there were always rumours of a Satanic Cult that operated around a 10 minute drive away So one day they decided to go check it out and teepee it

Ballsy move The 5 friends went there the day of a full moon which i guess is a part of every scary story They bypassed the fence and ended up in a garden closure and heard an eerie high pitched sound Ignoring it they continued to explore, found an old locked church and decided to leave When they got to their car their key which was working perfectly 10 minutes prior just stopped working

The car alarm started going off and then it magically unlocked They piled in and drove off and mid drive the lights in the car went off The driver didnt press anything to cause it it just happened Panicked they rushed home and when Brad got to his front porch he found 3 identical black cats Keep in mind he lives a good 25 miles away from the cult

He took the cats as a bad omen and decided to take the cats a few miles out of town and leave them there and the whole drive he was being followed by two black cars despite taking small dirt roads Now idk if people were just messing with him or the satanic cult was there and saw him and everything as their doing At number 4 is Giuseppe Tartini Now from the name doesnt he just sound like a briliant Italian musician of some kind? His name just has the ring to it yknow Anyway Tartini was an Italian composer and violinist during the Baroque period

He was very influential in Italy but what he was also known for was his inferiority complex and uncontrollable temper I can just see that equalling to a lot of smashed violins Anyway the story goes that one day Tartini heard Francesco Veracini playing the violin better than him and he was fuming and also dissatisfied with his own skills The event made him spiral into depression for months, in that time he worked in solitude and practiced 12 hours a day During this period its said he had a dream in which the devil appeared and he met him

He appeared at the foot of his bed and played a sonata on the violin like he invented the damn activity He offered him success in all his musical dreams in exchanged for his soul Did he accept? Well it was never confirmed But when he woke up the next day he wrote down as much of the sonata as he could but no matter how many times he played it, it just wasnt as good as the devils version The sonata in question is called the Devils Trill Sonata, his most well known piece and iis quite hard to play even by todays standards

But the fact he could never play it as well as the devil i mean doesnt that indicate he wasnt successful in everything he wanted to be? Am i the only one identifying this major plot hole? Filling our number 3 slot is Gemma Galgani Gemma was an Italian mystic later saint in Italy during the late 19th century She believed that the devil was waging a personal war against her, she said he loved giving her horrible headaches to the point she couldnt even pray I feel like that was just a bad migraine but moving on She went on to say once she was writing at her desk and the devil came and dragged the her from the table by her hair with such force that her hair came out in clumps

In other attack the devil took the form of a big black dog and put his paws on her shoulders making her body ache all over, in another she was drinking holy water and he twisted her arm so backwards that she fell to the ground in pain She said he even took on the form of people she trusted or knew and once he even took the form of an angel The worst incident though was when he started giving her blows to the head, she ran to her room but found him there with a rope He kept trying to get her to give in to the wickedness and she kept resisting and so he kept striking her with the rope as she was on the ground He then threw her on the bed dragged her from her and violently smashed her head against the ground and she passed out

Imagine all this happening in your room and no ones there to help you Id be terrified But im also curious as to what form the devil took when he attacked her Now at number 2 is Steve This ones from redditor ShabbyBoa whos real name is Steve and who used to be a trucker for 30 years

One night after a drop off he was on his way back home when he stopped at a diner to pee It was completely empty no customers no staff no one He quickly peed and when he came out a grey haired man was sitting at the bar He told Steve he owned the diner and gave him food and a drink When he got up to leave the man said Food is not what you truly desired tonight

Weirded out Steve left and got into his truck About an hour and a half later he had to pee again and saw another small diner He went inside and again it was completely empty save a grey haired man at the bar The same man, who said nice to have you back steve as soon as he walked in Steve got pissed at this point thinking he was being screwed with and demanded to know what the guy wanted

He said he was trying to help him He started asking about Steve and how he used to have a family Steve told him his wife and daughter died in a house fire years ago caused by faulty wiring but the man questioned him saying it wasnt just faulty wiring The faulty wiring was a happy coincidence that just so happened to have happened the same time Steve left a lit cigarette in the house

Steve fought with him more and in the end the man offered him a deal He said he could bring back his wife and daughter in exchanged for his soul after he died Thinking it was bullshit he agreed and left Before he did, he asked the man who he was to which he responded im the devil That night he got home as if he never stopped anywhere at all and when he entered the house he heard his wife say Steve is that you, and the small footsteps of his daughter

But when they came down the stairs their skin was charred black, chunks of it were falling off, their clothes had fused and melted witt their skin, Steve could barely hold in his puke And at that point he realised hed made the biggest mistake ever and that the next 30 years were gonna be hell Literally And finally at number 1 is The Man This ones from V

R Gregg who said she met the devil for the first time when she was 8 she was walking through a forest on her way home when she encountered a black haired man in a shabby suit Except one foot of his was a goat hoof and the other was a rooster claw She could see it when she looked at him directly but peripherally they looked normal She took him for a walk and then he left By the time she was a teenager she just assumed the encounter was maybe a dream or that she just imagined it

But one day she was watching a news story about a man who got away with killing his wife As they showed the judge announcing the not guilty verdict the murderer turned around and smiled at a man behind him who wasnt his lawyer She recognised him right away, black hair, shabby suit, hadnt aged a day Her parents threw her a surprise 16th bday to which no one came to She ran home crying and she knew no one came because her classmate Erin had her party the same day just to spite her

That night she slept thinking about all the horrible ways Erin could be punished The next day at the table her dad looked shaken He told her Erin had been found dead in the park She met the devil the same day in her room and he told her she had wanted it to happen and he executed it for her He offered her a deal but thankfully the one piece of common sense that 90% of people possess it knowing that you should never make a deal with the devil so she didnt

The girl didnt see him again until the funeral of her mother where he told her the doctors lied to her about her mother dying peacefully That it was agony and no one was around to help her She started screaming and her dad ran over to her and made her sit down When she asked him where the black haired man was he said you were standing alone and just started screaming out of nowhere And thats it for todays video guys! That was a lot of satan all in one video i think ive had my fill for the week, or year, or life

Lemme know what you thought in the comments below guys and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time Byee

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