Top 10 Scary San Antonio Urban Legends

Hey most amazing top 10 family Im your host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10 I love San Antonio man, if I wasnt for the San Antonio Spurs trading Kawi Lenoard to the raptors then Toronto wouldnt be sitting on a nice fancy championship right now

There will forever be love between San Antonio and Toronto for that trade But beyond that trade San Antonio has some great urban legends and that is why Im bringing you todays list of top 10 scary San Antonios Urban legends As always I would love it if you could like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell also stick around for the whole video because Im going to be doing some more pet shoutouts that you love so much And if you want some more most amazing content go check us out on instagram and facebook, we are starting to do facebook exclusive content If any of you at home want to grab some most amazing merch check out the link in the description below and use the offer code MA10 for 5 dollars off

And without taking any longer lets count down this list 10 The Alamo Remember the Alamo baby! This was the sight of one of the greatest battles in american history, its a place where many soldiers on both the american and mexican side lost their lives and some of these ghosts still haunt the monument People who walk through the building feel all of the classic ghost happenings They hear people crying out in pain, shouting, feel cold spots and even see men in uniform walking throughout the building It should be no surprise that their souls have never left the sight Its thought that hundreds of men were buried here for all the battles

You make a mass grave and that is a sure fire way to get some spooky people hanging out until the end of time But the legends go even deeper than that A small mexican force was sent to destroy the Alamo back in 1836 The contingent of men made the choice to turn and run, but why would they do this, if the mission was successful it would have been a major blow to the americans The Mexican soldiers said that the Alamo was defined by ghost holding swords that were engulfed in flame

Ghost troops, you can always count on them 9 The cursed ruins How many times does a building have to crumble to the ground before people say the land is cursed and just leave it to be controlled by the dark forces that live there Well in San Antonio it sounds like 2 The Hot Well Hotel and Spa ruins are the site of what used to be one of the swankiest places in all of texas At the turn of the 20th century many celebrities would use this place as a rest stop as they came in to travel through america

But then one day the entire thing burned to the ground But like any place that rakes in tons of cash, they rebuilt it It was even more beautiful than the original Then I bet you can guess what happened next, the thing burned to the ground a second time The owners didnt need to do the old 3 times a charm trick with this bad boy and they came to the realization that the lands had some really bad mojo going on with them

Nothing has been built there since Everyone is afraid that whatever is erected in place of these ruins will meet the same grisly fate 8 South Town This is sort of the tourist area of San Antonio, there are a bunch of bars and restaurants to get people to stop and spend money and that could be why this area has attracted a few ghosts Strange sightings and ghostly figures popping up in photographs are a regular occurrence Patrons of many of the restaurants in the area say they have the constant feeling of being watched or that someone is standing right behind them when they are eating But its not just random ghost encounters that have made this place supernatural

There is one ghost that pops up again and again, theres the ghost of a young boy who claims to lost or sick and when people go to help him he vanishes He has been named Little Eddie, the legends says that he was a young boy living in the area who died from polio many years ago 7 The Huebner Onion Homestead Big old buildings tend to have big old ghost in them, its just one of those unwritten rules, like never double dip in a public dip and peeing the pool is fine just dont be weird about it The building is very creepy and if your a fan of the eerie you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didnt go check this place out, but while your walking around you might be followed by an unseen party member The original owner, Joseph Hubener, has decided that he does not want to leave but that he would rather stay for a very long time

His ghost has been seen stumbling through the building and some people have felt him grab them by the arm Its said that he died in the Homestead by his own doing, he didnt try to kill himself, he just got too drunk and drank some kerosene which he thought was booze, this of course tour up his insides and taught all future homeowners to never leave kerosene in the liquor cabinet 6 The robber baron caves Once youve had your fill over everything above ground you should check to see what San Antonio has to offer below the surface The Robber Baron Caves use to be a secret network of tunnels that would be used to transfer liquor throughout texas when provision was in full swing Theres even a hidden speakeasy that was tucked away inside of the caves Being a hotspot for mobster activity there were a bunch of people who were murdered down there in cold blood

The ghost of old timey gangster can be seen walking through them at night and some people have even said theyve heard the swing of a lantern but when they go to see whos there, theres no one 5 The Ghost of suicide oak In the Alamo heights there used to stand a tree that had a sinister story attached to it On one dark night a girl walked to the corner of Patterson avenue and torcido drive, she was broken hearted and felt that she had nowhere to turn So she climb up an oak tree, tied a noose around her neck and jumped off Her body stayed there hanging, still swinging in the morning when people found her

But that wasnt the end of her story, her spirit was now attached to the oak tree and passer bys would see her ghostly figure hanging from the tree and they passed Since then the oak has been torn down but its said that her ghost still haunts the area 4 The Terrel Castle A castle with a deep dark past full of hatred, sickness and infidelity This is what you guys come to this channel for The Terrel Castle as been a long standing monument in San Antonio for over a century, it was originally constructed in 1894 There have been some beautiful moments in this fortress but those moments are outweighed by bleek

The original owner of the castle, Edwin Holland Terrell, had a brutal case of syphilis Which is a horrible disease, it starts as an STI but as it works its way into your body it will infect your spine, eyes and brain After the suffering was too much he shot himself, the only problem was he botched it, his aim was a little off and he lay suffering in the castle for 10 days waiting to die Years later during World war 2 the castle was used as housing for soldiers getting ready to fight in the worlds largest war A soldier found his wife in bed with another man and swiftly killed them both

The ghost of all these people are said to still walk the halls tormenting anyone who choose to spend time there Also fun fact about this place, its now used for weddings I guess they dont include the ghost of a cheating wife in the brochure 3 The Devil wears white It dosent matter who you are, everyone needs a good night out every once and awhile Even the devil himself baby This is the most 70s urban legend I have ever heard of, and I hear a lot of them working on this channel

One night in 1975 The El Camaroncito nightclub had a visitor that took everyone by surprise A man walked in decked out in the finest white suit anyone had ever seen, this guy was dress so sharp he mad james bond look like Adam Sandler Not only that but he went straight to the dance floor and just started throwing it down, people were in awe of this guy could tear it up, every lady in there want to go home in the man white who could dance fiendishly good Then as the night wound down some of the patrons noticed something, his feet were a little weird, more that he didnt have feet at all but two goats like hooves Everyone freaked out and all the ladies who wanted to take this man home were like, Hes cute, but hes not that cute

The right before things were about to get heated he disappeared in a burst of flames I like how the devil kinda follow cinderella rules, when the clock strikes midnight youll turn back into a beast 2 Milam Square Although this place looks a beautiful date spot with a nice little gazebo, I think a kiss under a moonlight gazebo is every suburban kids vision of what love is before they have their heart ripped out of their chest and find out love is something disney made up in the 50s But even though this landmark irradiates cuteness its actually super grim The entire place is guild on top of a massive burial ground, there are hundreds of Spanish and Native american bodies buried under that lovely little gazebo

And the legends say that the grim reaper will come to visit this spot To see the souls and try and ease their unrest So if you ever wanted a selfie with the man in black who has that skeletor complexion then this is the place to go 1 Woman Hollering Creek This creek in San Antonio is said to be haunted by the famous ghost la Llorona, or the weeping woman It would only be fitting that she haunts a place called woman hollering creek

If you dont know La Llorona, shes pretty popular, they made a movie about her in 2019 But the legend says that she is a woman who had her children taken from her, in some versions she had to kill them to save them from being tortured by bandits Now her ghost is forever angry and screaming for her lost children If you are spotted by La Llorona she might come to you and try and steal your children for herself So if you love your kids dont go to this creek and if you dont love your kids then maybe go to a therapist, you have some demons you need to wrestle

Alright that is our list and as promised Im going to do some more pet shoutouts, Remember if you want me to shoutout your pet you can message me on instagram I pick new pets everyday so if you dont get picked one day you can message back another day and if takes me a while to get back to you Im very sorry I got a lot of these to do And without taking any longer, lets shout outs some pets First we got Chases cat Leopy This is one of the best pictures we have had on this channel, its gorgeous and this cat is gorgeous Nichole sent in Delilah Thats a very festive cat right there, I love it Then we got Simba Look at that little prince glowing in the sunlight Madison sent in Goldie She looks like a very chill dog, I love it Next we got Jonas dogs Dex Why does this dog look like he makes more money than me And to close out we have a most amazing fans dog Jessie That dog is lounging like, Who is she??

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