Top 10 Scary Robots That Lost Control – Part 4

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video We do not learn

I think thats the biggest message i would take away from working at most amazing top 10 if i left anytime soon like humans just dont learn Robots are screwing us over left right and centre and we’re there like yaaaa upgrade those robots, make more of them? Robot soldiers? Hell yeah add that shit to the shopping bag Like no people no no thats all i have to say These are the Top 10 Scary Robots That Lost Control – Part 4

Starting us off with number 10 is The Arm This sounds like an absolute nightmare I truly feel for the employee in this one So back in May of 2007, a person working at Lenco Inc was in the middle of repairing a robotic arm The arm was created to basically remove CD cases from an injection molding machine As they were repairing it the robot started lashing out violently and circling its arm around and around assaulting and hitting the employee multiple times

And mind you these bots are strong even if their work doesnt need them to be The employee suffered severe blunt force trauma to his head and ribs and was quickly taken to the hospital Sadly he died from his injuries 2 weeks later Imagine how unsuspecting they mustve been just innocently trying to do their job, fix the arm, think about what theyre gonna have for dinner later, but robot Mike Tyson over here had other plans Coming in at number 9 is The Alvey (alvee) Machine

So back in April of 2000, an Alvey machine went rogue at Colorado's Blueshift Industrial factory Now if you dont know what an alvey machine is dont worry neither did i, its basically a robot that is used in the distribution of any packaged products and it has 4 parts The computer, the carousel, the inserter and extruder car and then a network of conveyor belts The factory does boxed beef right so the computer would get an instruction to fill an order, the inserter and extruder cars robot arm would get seek the selected carousel slot, get the beef, and then release the beef onto the conveyor belt That is what the robots process is

I should be Top 10 Nerd for that honestly But either way a worker there had been hired to install platforms in the factor that made access to machinery safer Oh the irony At this point the robot wasnt off, it wasnt locked out it was functioning and on The employee wasnt wearing any protection and as he was connecting a platform to the path of the inserter and extruder car, the car hit the worker

He fell a whopping 10 feet and got caught in the path of the arm and then was pushed under the car That obviously crushed the employees head and killed him instantly At number 8 we have The Asphyxiation Like these are major key words whenever im watching Forensic Files and people are getting killed 24/7 Either way back in December of 2001 it was actually on New Years Eve how unlucky is that

I mean the whole event is unfortunate, the fact it happened on New Years eve is probably the least of the persons concerns but whatever At Junior Wheel Inc, an employee was cleaning up at the end of the day before clocking out As he was cleaning, he made his way into a robot cell and the robot was very much ready for action The machinery immediately booted up, grabbed him by the neck, then pinned him under a wheel rim and asphyxiated him Where did it even get the thought or motivation to do that though? Like the dude just walked in, didnt touch the robot, didnt press anything but it just woke up and was like time for blood

Like what No Filling our number 7 slot is the K5 Back in July of 2016, Knightscope Inc developed a crime fighting robot that they believed could intimidate criminals The bot was 5 foot 3 inches and weighed a whopping 300 pounds, and youd think it resembled a mini terminator but it mostly resembled R2 D2 from Star wars but with more cameras and flashing lights

The bot has over 30 sensors that helps it gather real time data and trigger immediate alerts if need be So a few of these K5s were docked in a mall in Palo Alto and were patrolling the mall A 16 month old boy ran towards the bot and it swerved out of the way since it was on patrol The child then ran backwards and the k5 hit him on the head and he fell onto the ground And as if it couldnt get worse, the robot then ran over his right foot which then became swollen

As you can imagine the kid was crying uncontrollably and all the K5s were docked until the investigation into the matter was completed But still what the hell if anything that kid had it coming, the robot swerved the first time but it came back at it And okay the hit on the head was uncalled for but i doubt it even purposely tried to run his foot over it was probably moving away and ran over his foot in the process Now at number 6 is the Power Cut Or rather the lack thereof

So back in June of 2007 at a factory located north of Stockholm Sweden, a worker was carrying out some maintenance on a defective robot that was meant to lift big rocks As he was approaching the robot he thought he had just cut the robots power supply off but he hadnt The robot came to life and grabbed his head into a literal chokehold Thankfully the man defended himself and got away but not before breaking 4 ribs and being this close to death Now honestly, I feel like there are many parties at fault with this one

The worker for not double checking he had actually cut off the power supply, the robot for just being defective and back on its bullshit and the company for not having proper safety procedures Coming in at number 5 is The Backhanded Hit So back in December of 2012, a 38 year old employee at working at Sodecia (so-da-see-a) Sterling Heights was working inside a robot work cell with the gates closed around him While he was working he got hit in the head from behind by a transfer robot and upon hearing that youd think he was probably knocked out or something but no no That one hit crushed his neck and chest and killed him

Why are all these employees just throwing out safety precautions like hello? I get how they probably think oh we’ve done this a billion times nothing has ever happened before, nothing will happen now, but that cockiness is how people die folks Remember dat At number 4 is The Dad Joke Now this one is quite creepy and i dont think this is a bot losing control i think its a bot being extremely aware, more aware than its programmed to be Either way this one was shared by redditor ProllyNotYou, who said their dad died back in October of 2016

A week after he died, the user and their mum were in their living room not even talking or saying anything and out of nowhere Alexa says “How do you make a Kleenex dance? You put a little boogie in it!" Since no one was talking there was definitely no prompt for Alexa to even speak and they even looked it up later and found no record of a prompt And keep in mind their dad had obviously interacted with Alexa and was obsessed with talking to her So the user believes Alexa somehow knew their dad had died and was making a dad jokes just to make them feel better Or the dad just possessed Alexa in that moment for a last parting dad joke to leave them with

Either way the fact Alexa said it out of nowhere at the time she did is just very very creepy Filling our number 3 slot is Clarice This ones from reddit user BlackwoodBear79 and they shared that about 2 years ago they got their mother in law Alexa for christmas Now the mother in law was a chronic insomniac and went to bed after 3am everyday If thats being a chronic insomniac then i am too, im pretty sure all throughout high school and university i used to sleep at that time or later and then nap after class

No one gave me a damn Alexa for it Anyway one night she was up quite quite late and was watching TV trying to flal asleep when all of a sudden Alexa just goes Good night Clarice Which is all well and good and cute if anything, except the mother in laws name wasnt Clarice So where the hell did that come from you demon possessed robot?! Now at number 2 is The Torso Killer And i swear theres an actual serial killer thats called something like that too i swear

I heard it on that serial killers podcast you guys, fact check me please Either way back in July of 2009 an employee was operating a robotic palletizer at Golden State Foods Inc the company basically processes and packages food for a bunch of fast food restaurants So this employee entered caged robotic palletizer cell while the robot was very much still running The equipment wasnt deenergized and to be honest i dont know why she went in there to begin with, she had no reason to

As the robot was trying to pick up boxes on the roller conveyor belt, the womans torso was completely crushed by the arms of the robot and she died there and then And keep in mind the arms of the robot arent just like robot arms the arms of it is basically a huge clamp Kind of like the clamp in those toy claw machines at arcades except instead of grabbing a prize, this arm grabbed a womans torso And finally at number 1 is Never Off Now this ones from reddit user loyo79 who said her and her husband were watching TV one night and out of nowhere they both heard someone talking in their office

Now number 1 there was no one else in the house and number 2 the office was across the house so they figured perhaps someone broke in through a door on that side They both made their way to the office and found that Alexa was playing the audio of the game of Thrones episode the couple were watching earlier The user got extremely freaked out and decided to turn Alexa off but she had no idea how to so she asked Alexa how to turn herself off Can you imagine the disrespect LOL either way she replied to their question by saying Sarah i am always on

And that that point they unplugged her and boxed her up in the garage which is honestly very understandable And thats it for todays video guys! I feel like half of these are genuinely murder but there are just no laws around robots killing humans and theres no point even since they have no feelings and going to jail will not be a punishment for them Is it just me? Am i the only one that thinks half of these the robot just killed for no reason? Literally no reason Just for the lols Either way lemme know what you guys thought of these stories in the comments and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you in the next one


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