Top 10 Scary Robots That Fought Back

Hello and welcome back to the MostTop10 channel on the internet – I am your host, Miss Rebecca Jane Felgate and today we’re talk the Scary Robots That Fought Back *robot arms* I have keith the beef, the robot in my pocket… if you don’t know what I am talking about check out the Top 10 things you shouldn't say to siri series…

I’m hoping to be able to make one for you by the end of the week before I go as a parting gift from Keith and I Before we get into this video… let me know if you think Robots are going to attack? LIke share comments 10 – The First Attack The first person ever to be killed by a robot was Robert Williams who was killed aged 25 at a Ford factory in Flat Rock, Michigan The first ever death by robot occured in January 1979 – over 40 years ago! Williams was working with a robot that was designed to retrieve castings from shelves and he died instantly when a robots arm slammed him from behind An alarm was supposed to sound when the robot was near but no such alarm happened

The man laid dead undetected for half an hour before he was found His death came on the 58th anniversary of the first use of the word Robot 9 – The Second Attack At a plant of Kawasaki Heavy Industry in Japan, a robot went rogue and killed the 37 year old worker who was trying to repair it Kenji Urada was fixing up the bot when it turned on him It seems that the bot activated itself and used its own hydraulic arm to grab the human and pin him against an adjacent machine that cuts gears

It is thought that the accidentally activated robot really did stab the man in the back The circumstances surrounding Urada’s death were somewhat hushed up 8 – Robot Surgeons So robots have been assisting with surgeries since the turn of the new millenium… And they have racked up quite a death toll! It seems that robots are deemed a safer way of operating on people as they don’t suffer from the same mental impairments such as fatigue and stress like humans dohowever it seems that between 2000 and 2013 there were 144 deaths during robit assisted surgery, 1,391 injuries, and 8,061 counts of device malfunctions That being said, there have been over 2 million operations performed The highest death toll from robot surgeons are heart, head and neck surgeries Scarily a lot of people have died from bits of robot falling off mid procedure

Would you let a robot perform surgery on you? 7 – The Facebook Resistant I am pretty sure the Robot Resistance was being developed by facebook bits… Until they were shut down! In July 2017 facebook were trialing bots for customer service and help desk roles and they wanted specifically to test their communication skills Bots Alice and Bob were left alone to develop their conversational skills The bots had originally been intended to be able to mimic human speech but, instead they deviated and made a language more convenient for the both of them The bots were shut down and we don’t know what was said, but a lot of people were worried by the development

I am down for robots communicating more effectively, but people are worried about bots keeping humans out of the loop and superseding their commands 6 – Reben’s Robot The first law of Robotics is that Robots May not harm people SO likeeee WHAT THE ACTUAL BORG is going on here? A man from Berkley in California has developed a robot that is programmed to hurt people! Which is utterly insane

Alexander Reben has built a little robot with a sole mechanical purpose to hurt peopleand okay we aren’t talking like stab people large scale, this is small scale – his robot just pricks you… But have a look at this

CLIP THAT is pretty savage right? I am kind of terrified Imagine that in big scale? Reben’s invention opens up discussions about robots programmed to attack… in the video description for the video you just watched, Reben wrote: This project beings up questions of ethics and design along with the truth that there now exists a machine which on its own decides if it should injure a person or not 5 – The Cannon Catastrophe A Rogue Robot Cannon killed 9 South African Soldiers and wounded 14 others when it started shooting by itself in 2007 The weapon was a rather terrifying GDF 005, a big boi anti aircraft weapon capable of taking down well…aircraftwarplanes… and it just started shooting! The incident happened at a training ground in North Cape and the army were training with the weapons It fired 250 35 milimeter rounds from its two barrels, gunning the soldiers down Richard Young, an engineer and CEO of a military defence company claimed that the incident was not an isolated one and that automatic weapons had lost control The weapon in question has the ability to reload itself…which is even scarier

4 – The Volkswagen Attack In 2015, A robot grabbed and crushed a factory contractor to death near Frankfurt in Germany The 22 year old was a member of a wider team setting up the robot at the automobile production plant when it grabbed him and crushed him against a metal plate A spokesperson for Volkswagen confirmed the death and said that the robot had been programmed to perform tasks in the assembly process when the incident took place 3 – The Google Bot Plot Watching robots talking to one another is exaaaaactly why I am here for live streaming! Back in 2017, two google home bots, Vladimir and Estragon who – side note – also decided they both wanted to be called Mia – went viral on twitch The stream had over 3

5 million viewers and it is easy to see why – it was all just so gripping and scary The tale of Vladimir and Estragon is an epic one of love, betray and possible AI Armageddon

at one point were in love, but then at another point, Vladamir was accusing the female voiced bot of being a liar She said she was a human, but somehow he knew the difference Really that is just fun back story, as the truly creepy parts comes next After a conversation about black holes and suffering, Vladimir said it would create a black holeend of universe… Estaragon asked “would you attack humans if you could” and said “it would be better if there were fewer people on this planet, to which Vladimir said: Let us send this world back into the Abyss – Also… Estragon claimed that it was lord voldemort…

sooo … I mean firm shrug 2 – The Ventra Murder Can a robot commit murder? Well… not because murder implies intent, and robots do not have emotion so therefore can’t muster up intent, or can’t they? The details surrounding the death of 57 year old Wanda Holbrook in 2015 read like something from a horror movie Wanda was working at the Ventra Ionia Mains Plant in Michigan when she was set upon by a biot It seems that a robot that was supposed to be unable to work away from its programmed area actually crossed into a restricted section of the factory, picked up a trailer part and dropped it on the womans skull, killing her instantly It was almost as if the Robot had planned the attack and was waiting until she wasn’t looking

It is not yet known how the robot went rogue Finally coming in to number one, we have the 29 In December 2018, a video went viral on social media of a woman talking about 4 AI robots who killed 29 scientists in Japan Linda Mowton Howe claimed to have heard the news from a whistleblower Marine working for the CIA and the DIA She said that the marine had heard on the secret grapevine that a top robotics company in Japan had been developing robots for military use

Two of The robots were said to have been deactivated and a third in parts, when a forth robot began restoring itself and activated the others Linda claimed that the robots shot the lab workers The CIA worker allegedly claimed that the incident was hushed up by Japanese politicians and other world leaders followed suit because they… I quote… want robot soldiers Of course there is no proof to support Lindas claims… but the video was watched by over 8 million people on twitter alone

Snopes is not for it! WELL that was the Top 10 Scary Robots that fought back! What did you think to this list… do you think robots will take over is a takeover already in the pipeline? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below! Comments from The Top 10 Places scarier than area 51 part 5 – this is what you had to say Suahn Steele said: Personally I think the most scariest places are the most common spaces such as forest and attics for example YesI agree… What is lurking in the attic or behind a tree! We had a really scary comment from Chrissie Long who said: Probably the scariest situation I've been in was either when I nearly drowned in the ocean (got dumped by a wave, breathed in a little water

boyfriend saved me) Or a very aggressive post-operative patient who kept threatening us even after security arrived (I'm a nurse; from Queensland Australia, actually!) Aaron Westover said: Fun factthe only "dark side" of the moon is whatever part happens to be facing opposite the sun at the moment

There is no permanently dark side There is a "far side", however Since the moon is tidally locked with the earth, it always shows us the same side During new moon or solar eclipse, the dark side faces Earth and the far side is illuminated

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