Top 10 Scary Robots From Parallel Universes

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video So ive done enough videos on fictional and real robots to know most of the time theyre slightly problematic

Lets be real I know we want to automate the world and make it efficient and give consciousness to AI and its like hate to break it to you but sometimes the grass just isnt greener on the other side And with that being said lets just jump into it, these are the Top 10 Scary Robots From Parallel Universes Starting us off with number 10 are Agents Now The Matrix does count as a parallel universe since it is a parallel universe where humans have taken over

Now in the movie Agents are one of the types of programs you can be in the matrix and they are honestly lethal They are fearless, impossibly fast, incredibly strong, they can dodge incoming bullets with lightning fast reflexes As Morpheus said Every single man or woman who has stood their ground, everyone who has fought an Agent, has died So essentially theyre all edward cullen in a suit But in this case none of us are Bella Swan

the only weakness they have is being wired to not do anything that isnt built into their programming So i mean they could totally fly or walk through a wall or on water but thankfully their hard wiring wont let them They literally dont die even if theyre close to dying or in a precarious situation they can just assume the body of any human thats hardwired into the matrix Hence again like Morpheus said theyre everyone and no one And im not tryna be here for that

Keep them in that universe not mine Coming in at number 9 is Colossus Now Colossus is a robot from the movie The Forbin Project, and the funny thing about the movie is is that its really not that far from our own universe As you guys probably know theres always been some healthy competition between the US and Russia in terms of developing nuclear weapons These days a lot of countries around the world have them too and its one of those things where its like ok we have nukes you cant mess with us

So in the movie Colossus was an AI that was created to automate the US’ nuclear defenses and to be the perfect defense system And i feel like in our day and age thats very much something governments would be interested in but it truly is a careful what you wish for situation Colossus is a lot smarter than humans and the world and when people dont do what it wants it starts launching missiles on it own accord as a sort of nuclear blackmail It sort of seeks world domination towards the end, wanting to nuke both the US and the USSR “so that you will learn by experience that I do not tolerate interference” It becomes a dictator of sorts claiming itll raise mankind to new heights but only under its own absolute rule and that in time we’ll come to respect and love it

So not only does Colossus take over humanity, it freakin boasts about it too And for that reason, i really do hope our universe never creates something like it At number 8 we have Hunter-Killers Pt I So i feel like with the Terminator youre mostly just focusing on the terminator himself because who wouldnt focus on Arnold Schwarzenegger but what made people scared about machines rising up against us were the hunter-killers Hunter killers were AI autonomous war robots

Autonomous meaning they can literally do whatever the hell they want Now the reason there are two parts to this one is because there are two types of hunter killers, the first being non humanoid ones They dont look like humans, obviously and were only developed for combat These heartless mofos are out here rolling over piles of human bones just looking for humans to kill Like that is their mission

Thats their job To kill us And im sure in some parallel universe where the earth is overpopulated and being ruled by some crazy dictator these hunter killers are out there exterminating us Filling our number 7 slot are Hunter-Killers Pt II Just when you thought we were done

We aint So we’ve covered the non humanoid versions so we obviously must discuss the humanoid version Because whats scarier than a robot that wants to kill humans? A robot that looks human that wants to kill humans These hunter killers look like a human endoskeleton with actual living tissue over their skeletons If you think them looking like humans will make this version easier to kill, well youd be quite wrong

They can survive most weapons and even take direct hits from grenade launchers Their CPUs are some of the most powerful microprocessors ever built, they have so much data on human physiology and anatomy that it elevates them into an even more efficient human killer And thus making us royally screwed Thank you for coming to my TED talk if youre living in one of these parallel overpopulated earth universes then i really am praying for you Now at number 6 is the Flying Death Sphere

From the 1979 sci fi fantasy horror film Phantasm (fan-tazim) In the movie theres a flying orb robot that literally kills you in the most gruesome way possible It flies after you and proper chases you, its only aim being to kill you It does that by lodging itself into the targets head with a pair of blades, then drilling through between the eyebrows into the brain The orb has a hole at the back of it which shoots out the blood and grey matter its expelling from drilling into the brain

And i feel like in a parallel universe for some reason i really think the mafia and government would use this to off people they didnt want outing them or revealing their secrets Honestly id rather be shot or poisoned than this are you kidding me Coming in at number 5 is Roy Batty From the Bladerunner franchise, Roy Batty is the leader of the renegade Nexus 6 replicants and if you dont know what that means its fine its meant to just make him sound scarier if anything Human looking, this robot is genius level intelligent, has superhuman speed and strength, incredible at combat, and even developed emotions Roy can really do it all

But of course, with the good comes the very bad Hes the most dangerous replicant out there, he was used and programmed for military service only and has obviously killed a bunch of people Hes ruthless he kills people graphically making you wonder how the eff can i ever unsee that? And since governments these days are trying to build robot soldiers, i have no doubt they do exist in parallel universes At number 4 are Fembots Theyve made many appearances in cinema, in The Bionic Woman, in Austin Powers like its been groovy baby

LOOOL And if theres any robot on this list that i truly believe already exists in a parallel universe its this one Through time people have always underestimated women, theyve objectified us, theyve sexualised us so why not use that to our advantage against them? Genius In Austin Powers the fembots are gorgeous, theyre dressed in provocative clothing to throw off the target but actually have funs hidden in their boobs that can either shoot you or spray gas They can easily seduce anyone without that person even suspecting whats going on because they do theyre already done for

Fembots are the most appealing yet lethal distraction and as scary as that sounds im lowkey about it Source: https://austinpowersfandomcom/wiki/Fembots Filling our number 3 slot is Hector I know Hector sounds like a British Ivy League boy that wears glasses and is borderline evil

And i wish i could say thats what we should be scared of in parallel universes but im pretty sure there are a bunch of those Hectors in our universe Either way the Hector in question is from the 1980 sci fi movie Saturn 3, earth is overpopulated, we’ve expanded our living networks to different plants in our solar system which i think is totally viable for one of our parallel universes to be honest We are gonna be overpopulated sooner or later anyway Ah pessimism Now the robot Hector was created to replace a specific moon scientist but it was part of their demigod series

Have we not learnt by now to not give robots that much status and power like hello? Never ends well Hector relies on brain tissue extracted from human fetuses and a direct link to the scientists brain Sadly what the experimenters didnt know was that this scientist had homicidal tendencies which got passed on to Hector and therein lies the problem Lookswise Hector is a tall ass humanoid with a tiny snail like head and a muscular body And of course Hector goes on a murder rampage as most homocidal robots would and thats the end of that

Say no more That is a hard no from me Hector Now at number 2 are Police Bots In the 2013 sci fi action movie Elysium (e-lizium) the year is 2154, the earth barely has any healthcare or resources and the rich people live on a huge space habitat orbiting the earth called Elysium There are police bots that basically police and patrol the earth and their one job is to main order

Its like a police state and sadly enough those actually exist There are so many instances of police brutality in the world, in the US especially, during protests around the world we hear about the human police forces hurting people but imagine police bots Like they have no empathy, no accountability, no emotion, all theyre programmed to do is to succeed at their job Take a look at how they interact with Matt Damon the dont even hassle him, in a moment of police brutality they just casually snap his entire arm and they dont give a shit that they did so And thats just 1 robot versus one man

Imagine an army of them patrolling the world world, snapping our arms and legs if we litter I just know its happening in some parallel universe And finally at number 1 is MAR

K 13 Now this robot was in the 1990 movie Hardware which features a post apocalyptic earth and that essentially just looks like a slum Wasteland, sand everywhere for no geographical reason and so on And i feel like a post apocalyptic earth could totally be an existing parallel universe and Mark is something i think governments are already trying to build

Let me just start my intro to mark with a passage from the bible Mark 13:20 which says no flesh shall be spared Mark is an experimental combat model of a robot that can self repair completely and its only weakness is humidity Mine too mark mine too One whiff of that humid air and my hair is straight up hagrid looking Either way because of the bible link this robot was suspected to have been created by the government for a human genocide plot

And honest to god i dont even think thats out of the question Thats probably a huge future government plot that theyre gonna cover up by brushing it off as some new disease outbreak or epidemic when really theyre just gonna get a bunch of MARK13s to off our asses And thats it for todays video guys! Its funny how much we wanna progress in the robotics field and how many robots out there are programmed to kill us Bit of a catch 22 dont you think? Just me Cant be

Either way im feeling quite good about the fact none of these bots are in our universe yet Lemme know what you thought below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you next time Byee

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