Top 10 Scary Rick And Morty Theories

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena If you havent seen Rick and Morty, I dont know what youve been doing with your time it is my favourite show and I would say by far one of the best shows on TV, its over top, gross, hilarious and incredibly inventive and original

I mean If you havent watched the show I doubt you would be checking out this list but if for whatever reason you havent seen any of it I will have to warn you that there will be a ton of spoilers on todays list of Top 10 Scary Rick and Morty Theories As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also stick around for end of the list because Im going to be reading comments from the top 10 sunken ships video and go to most amazing top ten on facebook and instagram, there is so much more content over there and its a great way to get to know myself and the other hosts a little bit better And without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 Nothing matters For those of you who havent watched Rick and Morty a major part of the show is about how there are infinite universes, all with variations of our reality all with sometimes slight, sometimes massive differences This makes the main character Rick Sanchez reiforece to everyone he meets that nothing matters

But this mulit-verse theory is based on real science, so that could mean that there could be a universe with you in it doing everything the exact same but its just one second off Everything that youve ever thought you did that was unique or exclusive was actually repeated on an infinite spectrum That love or sadness or irrelevant because no matter what you do the exact opposite is happening in another universe, even if you try to be a good person theres alternate version of you doing the bad That you existence and everyone elses is pointless because nothing is special in life and the earth could just be an atom thats part of a pigs ass from a larger dimension Hey but dont get upset at least we have tacos

9 C-132 Morty is Evil Morty In the show there is a super genius level Morty who is very evil and is hell bent on all the ricks in the multiverse but what if the main Morty or Morty C-132 is just a version of evil Morty who hasnt reached his full potential If you dont want the show Im gonna warn you now, this all might get very confusing The main character Morty also known as Morty C-132 is the only other Morty in the show who seems to showcase the same level of independence Sure hes a sinviling, whiney, spineless, cowardly now but each adventure with Rick brings him a little closer to being his own man and a lot closer to having a raging hatred for every Rick who ever was There could be a chance that in a future episode we could see Morty C-132 team up with Evil Morty or even take the place of the supervillian

Maybe Ricks lack of empathy to his grandson/sidekick is breeding his own demise 8 Clone Beth In season 3 episode 9 of rick and morty, Beth has an existential crisis, she wants to move on and be her own person but that would mean she needs to leave her family behind However Rick gives her a choice, she could leave her family and he would make a perfect clone of her so no one would ever know she was gone Now the theory is that Rick has already done this before this problem ever came up so he could have a version of his daughter to adventure with The idea is that whether Beth decided to stay or leave he wanted a version of her who was more like him, a version that would keep the Sanchez legacy going far after he passed So no matter what Beth’s choice was he cloned her

For the good of science and sci-fi hijinx Its not a long shot to think that Rick would go behind someones back and clone them for his own personal gain I mean the guy has done way worse He made a universe and then enslaved a planet to power his car battery 7 The Legion of Anti-Rick So throughout the show there have been a few villains that have popped up and are now floating around the universe with a seething hatred for Rick Theres Zeep Xanflorp from the car battery episode we just mentioned who hates Rick for creating his people just to be slaves, theres Nebula whos the leader of the Rick and Morty version of the Avengers known as the Vindicators

Rick in a blackout state set up a series of traps that killed all of the Vindicators while also revealing all of their flaws just to prove a point, Nebula was the only one to survive There is also Evil Morty and even the devil has a grudge against Rick Maybe separately these characters cant take down the alcoholic wonder but together could come up with a master plan to finally kill Rick Sanchez I dont really think Rick would care because he seems to perfectly content with death, so if this super villain team gets formed they will need to find another way to do harm soulest scientist 6 Rick doesnt love Morty Something that pops up again and again in Rick and Morty is, that even though Rick is the biggest dirtbag in the universe he still has some love in his heart for his dear old grandson

But what if this is all a ruse? Rick is the smartest man who has ever lived and he needs Morty to come with him on his adventures, so he might know that in order to get the little guy to go against his best judgement and come along on these horrible adventures a little manipulation is necessary It seems like every time Rick is in trouble or Morty is about to put his foot down its Mortys soft spot that gets the better of him and pulls him back into the trash I wouldnt be surprised if all the heartfelt comments coming from Rick are just a ploy so he can get what he wants 5 Ricks Suicide Now this one isnt that much of a long shot, weve already seen Rick try to kill himself at the end of episode 3 of season two after he gets his heart broken by unity Rick also very rarely finds happiness throughout the show and anytime there is a brief moment of joy its usually immediately crushed for comic releaf

So we might see the whole series end with Rick having enough and putting himself in the grave If this was to happen I wouldn't be surprised if rick did it in some glorious way that wipes him and all the other Ricks out of existence Maybe he thinks life would be better for everyone if he never existed 4 Baby Cronenberg So in that scene we just talked about were Rick seems like he comes so close to pulling the trigger on himself he first kills a little crying creature What is this small monstrosity, well some people thing that it could be a baby Cornenberg taken from the planet that Rick completely transforms into horrible monsters

Rick could have taken it in the hopes of finally curing the disease that he spread all over that version of earth Like a little side project he had been working on, not because he felt bad, but because if he ever got turned into a Cronenberg monster he would the keys to turn himself back to a normal person This could be why he killed this creature right before his attempted suicide, no point for this little guy to stay in stasis if Rick was going to off himself In his last act maybe he want to do something kind by sparing this abomination a horrible existence 3 Unity is Beths mom Throughout the three seasons that the show has had so far there has only been only entity that has even been able to crack the icy shell that is surrounding Rick Sanchez heart

And that has been Unity And with us having very little info on who Beths mother is it could very well be the multi-minded being that was the one who gave birth to her Unity can take control of almost any sentient being and I cant imagine Rick would want to raise a child with anyone who wasnt on his level intellectually This could be why Unity seemed to care more about Summer and Morty then Rick ever did, her compassion could have come from that fact that those are actually her grandchildren Im not sure if a hive mind cares about offspring, well have to wait until were all forcefully hooked up to an artificial intelligence by our robot overlords to find out

2 Jessica isnt as she seems We all know Jessica as the sultry redhead head who gives Morty wet dreams but what if shes not just some hot chick put in place to highlight Mortys sexual inadequacies Theres a lot of theories on this one Some people think she might be a undercover agent for the Galactic Federation like Tammy popped Bird Person at their wedding Others think she might be a hidden rival super genius who wants Ricks secrets Shes using Mortys overpowered sex drive as a way to work her self into Ricks live and steal what hes got

Or maybe this is all wrong and shes just there for the boobs and butt 1 Magic School Bus Crossover This one is probably the most far out there theory Some people think that Beths long lost mother is Miss Frizzle from the Magic school bus This of course is the biggest long shot in history, I could put 20 points against Steph Curry before this theory would be realized I mean the Magic School bus is a kids show that is about real science and is nowhere close to having any sort of real profanity

Where Rick and Morty is of the most over top shows that will try to offended you and your whole family line in one sitting But on the other hand if anyone was going to have to power to seduce Ol’ Ricky Sanchez it might be the lady who has school but that rivals the power of his portal gun And maybe the reason that Morty is so in love with Jessica is because he takes after his grandfather and they both get googly over smoking hot redheads And out of all the theories I want this one to be true the most, the idea of Rick banging miss Frizzle would give a bunch of millennials PTSD Now Im gonna hit up the comment section from the sunken ships video Retro Sableye wrote Gordon lightfoot is an amazing artist and his song about the Edmund Fitzgerald is one of the most haunting songs Ive ever heard

I still think hes lame, next Lee Tatum wrote Damn dude take a history class No thanks Lee, Ill remain ignorant Creative gamer wrote Wreck of edmund fitzgreald intensifies I love meme references and this one was great! Well everyone that is our list and I want to say thank you so much for tuning in today and checking out the show If you have any theories that you felt should have been on the list make sure you right them in the comment section, Also make sure hit the like button subscribe and hit the little notification bell And make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, weve got loads of more content over there that you can check out and its a great way to get to myself and the other host a little bit better Until next time Ive been Che Durena and I now need to binge watch Rick and Morty again in case you guys want a part two

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