Top 10 Scary Rick And Morty Theories – Part 2

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena So a couple weeks ago I went through some rick and morty theories that made you guys out there question where the next season of the show is going and question whether or not life is matters

I mean really if the mulit-verse is real that means that we should just quit our jobs and put all our time and effort into finding the dimension that has dunk-a-roos with a perfect cookie to icing ratio Well you guys liked it so much that I put together a Top 10 scary rick and morty theories part – 2 video Because in the first video we went through the more logical scary theories about the show, in the sequel Ive pulled out some weird ones to go along with the shows crazy theme Make sure you stick around for the whole list so you can tell me which ones you thougth were the weirdest As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook There is so much more content over there and its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better And without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 Creator Crossover We have two brilliant dudes to thank for the creation of what I would say is one of the best shows ever, Justin Rolliand and Dan Harmond Now with Ricks ability to go to any version of the infinite multiverse we might see the creator implemented into the show

A lot of people all over the internet, and by internet I mean reddit, think that in the next season well have an episode dedicated to Rick meeting his creators I would love to see how that would affect ricks character He obviously dosent believe in god and thinks that nothing matters So how would he react if he found out that everything he ever did was predestined It could be a revelation for the character or maybe he would just kill both of them so he would feel like he has some sort of control over his life again

Or maybe the three of them go on a giant bender where they get wasted all episode 9 Rick is the villain I mean, like duuuuh Everything rick does is selfish, mean and completely void of empathy My kind of guy But for some reason hes still able to get his family to have his back after treating them like lab rats

So in this upcoming season we might see the dynamic shift, maybe rick wont be the hero of any storylines but people will start to see him as a villain I would really like this, what would Rick Sanchez look like if he went A WALL and turned his insanely powerful brain into a weapon against everyone He would shove mega seeds up everyones butthole, no anus would be safe I mean in any other show a guy who gets blackout drunk and diarrheas all over a meeting room would be seen as the bad guy In one episode he even explodes a giant dead homeless man over america and it rains down blood on christmas

I know thats really dark but it only makes me love him more, I should probably start going to therapy 8 Jerry isnt summers father If you watch the show you know that Jerry is quite a spineless little twerp that really only serves the purpose of being a giant punching bag for everyone around him Hes got little dick energy written all over him So maybe Beth was cheating on Jerry, he dosent really seem like the type to please a woman

He seems more like the type to get really sweaty from holding hands It could have been that Beth was seeing someone who was a little adventurous while she was also with jerry, this guy got her pregnant and she chose to stay with Jerry because he was the safer bet Beth new that with Jerry she could have stable life to raise kids If is true then we could have a whole season about Beth trying to find her real dad Also Jerry and Beth would probably get divorced again, and this would be another emotional trauma for Morty to deal with

Its crazy that the centerpiece of a show I love so much is a kid constantly getting PTSD, but hey, I guess thats what makes good television 7 Mr Poopybutthole revenge By far the best named character maybe ever, Mr poopybutthole, is one of the smiths families oldest friends This is established in episode 4 season 2, called Total Rickall In this episode the smiths home is invaded by brain parasite and turn themselves into lovable characters who the family has to kill, Beth mistakes Mr Poopybutthole for one of these parasites and shoot him in the stomach

How dare you Beth Well since then we’ve seen Mr Poopybutthole represented as one of the kindest, most reasonable people in the whole show He didnt even press chargers for beth shooting him in the goddamn stomach But maybe this is all a trick to gain everyones trust, so when the times right he can strike back

Like when your befriend the person whos been stealing your parking spot, so you can get into their home and leave an upper decker I mean no matter what happens in the show I would love to see more Mr Poopybutthole I just want to say Mr Poopybutthole more so Ill take whatever excuse I can get

6 Rick Knows hes in a show Your the smartest guy whos ever existed and you can travel through dimensions at the drop of a hat I guess after you finished having crazy orgies with interdimensional beings then you would probably move on to finding the meaning of life Maybe you would stop and try 5th dimension drugs first, but eventually you would work your way over to the meaning of life And for rick the meaning of life is being the lead character in a serialized show If Rick has used his all powerful mind to figure this out then that could explain why he doesnt care about anything and thinks that everything everyone does is meaningless

Imagine if you found out that you were just living in some sort of Truman Show world and everyone around you was an actor just navigating you down a path for everyones entertainment If this was true for me you guys should all find a better show, I feel like watching me eat kale for lunch and then breaking down and eat 11 krispy kremes would only be funny the first 17 times 5 Rick never left So in the show we all know that rick abandoned his family to go and do who knows what I think he probably was smashing everyones Roy score across the universe Then Rick returns and its not to long after that that the show kicks off

But what if rick never left, what if he lived with the family the whole time and erased their memory and then gave them new memories without him in them He could have done this for many reasons, what if it was an experiment to see if he could try and get Beth and Jerry to get a divorce Or maybe there was some secret information that was too precious to be set loose and the only way that Rick could keep it safe was by erasing the memories of his whole family Or what if rick did something terrible, what if Rick did something so heartbreaking that his family disowned him What if rick was responsible for his wifes death and thats why he had to wipe his families mind and start over

Imagine you could just fix all your problems like that We didnt breakup because Im a bad person, its because your a bad person, but I forgive you 4 Rick has more kids So you spend your days wondering the universe, chances are your going to meet some hot hot poontang and get a little freaky We already know that Rick has Ex girlfriends in the universe from the Unity episode But if your someone like Rick Sanchez your probably remember to put on a condom as often as the ice cream machine is working at McDonalds

So there is a very high chance that Rick has some other babies out there whether he knows about them or not I mean the man is single, super smart and loves to get down This could be a good, maybe in a future episode one of this long lost love children will come into ricks life and help him be closer to his family but more likely whoever this dumpster baby is probably hates rick and is working tirelessly to try and kill him Rick Sanchez isnt great at ending relationships on the best terms 3 Rick will crack time travel One thing that the show is very clear on is that no one travels through time

They only travel through dimensions Even if they go to a place that seems ancient and has giant jelly beans that will try to sexually assault you in the bathroom, thats just because thats how that dimension works This is because once introduce time travel everything gets super sticky and it makes it very hard to have a plot that cant easily be fixed by time travel However Rick as been working on time travel, we know this because he has a box labeled time travel stuff in his garage slash workstation Also time travel would be the last step in making rick the most powerful being in the universe

I dont think rick would do it for the power but I dont think Rick likes having problems he cant figure out 2 Each episode is a different Rick They all look the same, they all talk the same, they all act the same Remember Im talking about a show, please dont take that out of context and put it on some blog somewhere Actually do it if you want I need whatever exposure I can get Back to the point

How would anyone know if every episode has the same Rick or a different one None of us would The shows creators love to mess with the audience so there could be a couple episodes that follow different families or every single one could be a different version of the smiths If this is true the person in charge of continuity would probably snorting adderall just to keep it together 1 Rick has killed other Mortys Rick is reckless and dosent seem to have any sort of emotional attachments to anything

So if he had lost a morty in the past I wouldnt be surprised if he has a clone ready to go and just punched in all the memories of the old morty or if he went to another dimension and stole a new one We all know that morty insurance is a real thing, so its not uncommon for those little brown haired body shields to go down on the battlefield Maybe Rick has lost a couple grandsons along the way Well everyone thats our list thank you all so much for tuning in As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook Until next time ive been che durena and I cant wait for season 4

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