Top 10 Scary Reflections Caught In Mirrors

Hey Everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10, Im your host Che Durena Whats one of the oldest horror movie tropes

We got girl who cant stop tripping while running through the woods, The two sexy ones who go off to have sex and then get murdered But theres also The creepy face in the mirror And unlike the other two, this one actually happens in real life So Ive put together a list of the Top 10 Scary Reflections Caught in Mirrors As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also stick around for the top 3 because weve got some that are so freaky And without waiting any longer lets get into it 10 Ghost baby Your a super sweet little bundle of joy and youre probably looking into a mirror for the first time in your life What a wonderful little cute experience that your parents would want to get on tape I bet they didnt expect to see this little horrific twist

When this video was first released out to the public people were freaking out They were saying the baby was possessed, that there was a demonic spirit living in the mirror trying to take the babies soul Youtube comments and reddit threads arent usually filled with the most rational people But as creepy as this video is it is a fake, Wamp Wamp If you check out the clip, right before the baby turns their face you can see a small glitchy movement in the mirror

This is from some sloppy editing from whoever was trying to pull a fast one on the internet And as we all should know by now, you cant out smart the internet, the figured out the ending to westworld in like 2 episodes 9 Bust a move Im sure when you step foot in a dance studio you want all your reflections to be perfect so you can a ruthless judgement of yourself at all angles This next video was caught on the security camera of a dance studio with just one girl in there She might have not been as alone as she thought she was

This is like shes linked to some sort of spirit whos trapped in the glass Its a little hard to tell with this one if anything has been doctored or not because the quality is pretty low, but this one definity made me feel uneasy I dont like the idea of anything watching me while I think Im alone I dont need someone listening in on the fake arguments I have in the shower Those are just for me and the imaginary people Im too afraid to actually confront

8 Make me pretty The last place I would want a ghost creeping is in my mirror while Im getting ready to go out Thats when I need to be focused on which batman t shirt Im gonna were This creepy mirror ghost comes way a japan We see a little girl at her makeup station, getting herself ready to take on the world, trying to look fabulous so she can show the world what shes made of And then this happens As the girl turns her reflection keeps looking at her and it also seems like this creepy kid locked away in the phantom zone has giant black eyes

Im sure giant black eyes are a standard over there in the spooky dimension but over here in the good old earth normal, their considered down right terrifying But take this one with a grain of salt, the video was taken from a japanese show so the person you submitted the footage to the show might have tampered with it or the editors at the show themselves might have done it If you guys can find anything debunking this creep kid caught on camera please leave a link in the comments so I can sleep tonight 7 Let me take a selfie Im not talking about that chainsmokers song that gets stuck in your head every time you heard it, you know the one I may or may not listen to as a guilty pleasure Im talking about the time a couple tried to take a nice romantic selfie, the two of them smiling into the camera looking like they just fell in love and havent learned those little things that irritate you about your partner, like how they chew or breath

But if you look into the reflection you see something not as lovey dovey Shes got two faces Shes looking into the camera and shes also looking into the window What does this mean I dont know, probably that they should break up

If I was dating a girl and a photo of us came out like this I would be like, naw I’m good, I dont need an evil spirit sleeping in the same bed as me every night I think I would rather take the life of a lonly bachlore then sacking up with a lady that has a demon popping out of the back of her head 6 Vampires need shoes too Just because your an immortal being doesnt mean you dont keep up with the latest trends I mean If I was going to be alive for thousands of years one of my biggest fears would be looking out of date Well this video captures what might be Vampire in a flip flop store

Lets take a look at this You can see in the mirror that the girl sitting down has a reflection so we know that the mirror isnt displaying an error message Then we see the guy walk through and he has no reflection, nothing Again this could just be a cleaver camera trick Im a host here at most amazing top 10 not an editor so I have no idea how hard or how easy this little stunt would be to pull off Also it is day time in the video so Im sure if he as a vampire he would have gotten fried

However deep in my heart I do hope its a vampire, and I hope he’s thousands of years old Because hes in a flip flop shop and that would mean that flip flops might be the comfiest shoe that has ever been 5 Floating face It so hard to take a good selfie, it can sometimes take hours to get the lighting just right and your angels perfect You make sure your not making weird face and it need to be hot without being to sexual but still modest and then you gotta know what fliter to use which changes depending on what time of year it is Then you finally get the perfect shot after the painstaking time and theres a floating head in the background

Are you serious, I spend all this time trying to look cute and now some ghost is going to take all the glory This one sends a shiver down my spine Because it looks like a ghost but it also looks like a masked serial killer Evey time I look at this picture I think about that scene from strangers with the dude just creeping in the background Now this just might be an old halloween mask hanging up in closet or it might be the last selfie this girl ever posted ooooohhhhh

Ill let you guys decide 4 Little girl ghost Heres another situation of some people just trying to look good and its interrupted by a spector Here a picture of a bunch of girls getting ready in the bathroom mirror and then in between them is something very unsettling Once again I would have to say i think this one is edited, but that doesnt mean its super creepy I mean she looks scared and lost, and what should ghost even be afraid of? Bigger scarier ghosts? Im not sure how the food chain works in the afterlife I think the thing that freaks me out the most about this picture is her terrified expression

If this picture is real and ghost are real, then is this a glimps into how this poor girl died Is she so afraid because shes stuck in a loop of looking at her murderer moving toward her I dont know call some ghost hunter guys to come figure it out 3 Creep Mirror girl What is it about the combination of little girls and mirrors that just creeps the hell out of me I think it might be the mental scaring I got from watching all the ring movies when I was a kid

Well lets take a look at this The girl in the mirror should really work on her skin care routine Her skin is cracked, she should really see a dermatologist or something 2 Peekaboo Your hanging out with your siblings and then someone decides to snap a photo Little did you know it would be one of the most unsettling images youve seen all day

This one has a date and time stamp on it, we can see that the photo was taken on September 24th 1988 at 3pm Now this could have just been added to make the picture seem more real but the estetic seems to match the time period In the background you can see another person, perhaps the main figures sister, opening some sort of creepy hatch which just adds to the mystery The part that gets me the most about this picture is the girls reflection Not that its potentially a spirit caught on camera but that its staring right into the camera

The creepy emotionless look that feels like its looking right into your soul It almost like shes trying to warn them about whats in that back hatch they just opened up I would love some more back story on this picture 1 Unexpected guest You know my parents always talk about how hard it is to get everyone together for a nice family dinner They should really talk to the family in this picture

It seems there so good at it they got their dead grandmother to join them at the table This one does look super convincing, It really has me feeling like there long lost grandma came to eat with them one last time so she could tell them that she loves them and also so she could chastise them for eating takeout for dinner You think someone comes back from the dead to visit you, you would put a little more work into the dinner Well everyone thats our list I hope everyone enjoyed everything you saw on this list today

I you have any questions comments concerns please go into the comment section and let loose As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Until next time I’ve been your host Che Durena and Ill see you next time

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