Top 10 Scary Psychic Readings That Were Cursed

Hey Most amazing top 10 family Im your host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10 I have never been to see a psychic and I dont really want to

Either theyre going to be a fake and try and take my money or theyre going to tell me something thats going to happen anyway so whats the point in knowing, or theyre going to tell me something freaky, like what we have on todays list of top 10 scary psychic readings that were cursed As always I would love it if you could like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell also stick around for the whole video because Im going to be doing some more pet shoutouts that you love so much And if you want some more most amazing content go check us out on instagram and facebook, we are starting to do facebook exclusive content If any of you at home want to grab some most amazing merch check out the link in the description below and use the offer code MA10 for 5 dollars off And without taking any longer lets count down this list

10 Dont Drive This prediction came way of famous New York psychic Susan Saxman She had a young man come in to get a reading one day and she kept getting the same vision It was this man behind the wheel of a car, dying in a brutal car accident She told this boy over and over again that he should never drive She even suggested that he forgo even getting a license

This young man was pretty freaked out by the reading It wasnt even 2 months later before susan received a call from the boys mom He was just in an accident off the highway and him and his friend were both killed But get this, the kid who got the reading, he wasnt the one driving Maybe if he had been driving he wouldnt have died

Maybe it was the knowledge of his own future that sealed his fate/ 9 16 million dollar curse This is the part of the psychic business that keeps me far away from it, I think Im just too gullible Well a woman in houston was told by a psychic, Sherry Uwannawich, that her whole family was cursed Sherry told this woman from houston that if she wanted to lift the curse that she would have to give her a bunch of money so she could by all the things she needed lift the curse The houston woman would go to visit Sherry and kept giving her more and more money to lift this so called curse

Sherry claimed this curse came from a witch who cursed the houston womans mother before she died So she kept coming back and giving her more money In total Sherry scammed this lady for 16 million dollars, one of the worst parts about this is that the lady was getting the money from the inheritance that her dead dad left her So Sherry was stealing money from a grieving lady, and taking a dead mans money

Eventually police caught wind of this scam and Sherry Uwannawich was arrested and sentenced to 3 years in prison and she was forced to pay back all the money she conned out of this poor lady from houston 8 The neck ties This was an anonymous statement given by a journalist at the huffington post He was once scheduled to interview a medium, the journalist was never a believer in that sort of thing After the interview they went to get lunch and the medium offered him a reading for free Skeptical and willing to check the legitimacy of the medium he agreed The Medium told him that there was an older woman, she was short and portly and had thick red hair

She kept calling herself Ethle His grandma had passed away a few years ago and everyone called her Ethle because she looked like the actress Ethel Merman He followed up by telling him that there was an older man with Elthle, The older man had a message for the journalist He said Tell Ruthie I love her and that she can get rid of the neck ties The Journalists Dad had recently passed away and Ruthie was the nickname his dad would use for his mom, and as far as he knew his dad was the only one who called her by that name

He was pretty freaked out by this and after the medium left he called his mom to relay the message, he told his mom that his dad said he loved her She started crying over the phone, then he asked her about neckties in the closet His mom said that she had recently given away all of her late husbans belongings to goodwill, except for the neckties Whether you believe in mediums or not this guy is batting 1000 7 You Should have remembered A young woman went to go see a psychic and she had one very clear precise message for her, stay away from the man with the long dark hair

I mean that is kind of vague, theres loads of dudes walking around with long dark hair every day I mean with a straightener and some dollar store hair dye I could become one of those guys over night So it kind of makes sense why this girl forgot all this information You cant just go walking through life being afraid of men when black ponytails, how are you ever going to walk into a reptile shop again Well years later this young woman met a man and the two of them seemed to really be into each other

They started dating but after being in the relationship for a few months he became extremely abusive and of course this man and long dark hair It wasnt until after she was able to get away from him that she remembered the warning the psychic gave her You should really write that kind of stuff down 6 The End BuzzFeed member Bellaaac wrote about a reading her mother got from a psychic It was some pretty straight forward stuff about who she was and who her family was, all of it was pretty basic and didnt leave her feeling too surprised

But then the psychic told her that her marriage wouldnt not end in divorce, but the way she told her was strange, as if she knew something more but didnt want to give up the information Her mom made sure to write down what the psychic had told her as a little test to see would actually make its way through to reality A few years later her husband passed away and she thought back on what the psychic had told her She felt like he knew what was coming but didnt have the heart to tell her 5 Both are gone Lets dip back into the Susan Saxman files

One day a man came in to see Susan, he was going through a rather stressful divorce Susan gave the man a reading and she told him that he wasnt going to get divorced, him and his wife were not going to file the papers and that 7 years from now he was going to have sole custody of his kids The man was shocked A week later Susan was visited by the mans wife, the lady was distraught and clearly very upset The man had just died in a plane crash

I dont think its exactly how they thought things would play out but in the end they didnt get divorced That seemed to be the end of the story but then 7 years later the mans wife came back to see her again Once again she was very upset She told Susan that she was right about everything, her husband did have sole custody of her daughter because her daughter had just died from leukemia At least she can have some solace in knowing that her daughter and husband are together now

4 Stay away from the white building A young woman went to go see a psychic, the reading was pretty casual, there was nothing notable happening Then all of the sudden The psychic started trembling, nearly crying She started telling the woman to tell dorthy to stay away from the white building The woman was pretty freaked out by this but she didnt know anyone name Dorthy Almost 15 years later, this womans friend was murdered next to a white apartment building

Her name was Dorthy It took the lady so long to even meet her new friend that she had forgotten all about the prediciton she had heard many years ago 3 Youre Sick Alright this is the last Susan Saxman one for the list, but she has some pretty awesome ones and that is why shes on here so many times Susan wrote about one woman who came to see her and as soon as she walked into the room Susan felt sick to her stomach Its not abnormal for her to feel other peoples pain but this was an extreme case

She felt so ill she had to leave the room and vomit Susan pleaded with the woman to go see a professional, that she was very ill and needed to see someone immediately The woman insisted that she was fine, it wasnt long before Susan was reading her obituary in the newspaper 2 The Atomic Bomb The heavenly dart with stretch its course Death in the speaking: a great achievement The proud nation brought low by the stone in the tree Rumours of a monstrous human, bring purge, then expiation These were the words written by Nostradaumous, maybe the most famous psychic who has ever walked the face of this earth

And its said that these writing were the prediction of the atomic bomb I dont think you can really get more cursed then the prediction of nuclear weapons Could you imagine what that would have been like for a dude in the 1500s to see a massive world crushing explosion and then just be like well good thing Im gonna be dead before that 1 The Rise of Adolf Hitler We got more Nostradamus for you Nostradamus used to write a bunch of poems back in the 15th century and everyone thought he was just a huge nerd but turns out his poems might have been predicting the future and he was also a huge nerd

Probably one of the most frightening predictions he made was the rise of Adolf Hitler Now lots of psychics and fortune tellers, talk about the antichrist or the emergence of a great evil but this one seems strangely accurate "From the depths of the West of Europe, A young child will be born of poor people, He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop; His fame will increase towards the realm of the East"And "Beasts ferocious with hunger will cross the rivers, The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister Into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn, When the child of Germany observes nothing" After reading that you think the guy might have been on to something, too bad psychics just give us problems never any solutions Like Nostrodamus should have seen this horrible future, found hitlers great great great great great great grandfather and then kicked him in the nuts to make sure he could never have kids, therefore stopping hitlers bloodline

Theses psychics are all talkers, none of them are doers Alright that is our list and as promised Im going to do some more pet shoutouts, Remember if you want me to shoutout your pet you can message me on instagram I pick new pets everyday so if you dont get picked one day you can message back another day and if takes me a while to get back to you Im very sorry I got a lot of these to do And without taking any longer, lets shout outs some pets First we have the little guy ace pic1 This little guy is a champ and I love him The we have the rat blue pic2 I think that is the cutest picture of a rat I have ever seen Then Nick sent in a collage of his pets pic3 Look at all these little goodboys hanging out Harley sent in a picture of Max pic4 There is no face in this bad boy but I pet he is cute Nate sent in a picture of his cat pic5 look at those beautiful green eyes, so cute And Finally Dan sent in a picture of buddy and Jax pic6 too little bird buddies that are very cute

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