Top 10 Scary Premonitions That Came True

Have you ever had a terrible gut feeling? And not just from some bad food that you ate But an intuitive feeling that something bad was going to happen

Because there are some people that have had visions or dreams about terrible events that are going to happen, that then become a reality scary right? Hello everyone, welcome back to most amazing top ten and welcome to another video with me, your host, lindsay ivan I hope you are all ready to get a little freaked out because Today I will be counting down the top 10 scariest premonitions that came true And trust me, some are very freaky Now what is a premonition? No it's not just the 2007 movie surrounding sandra bullock

But it's a feeling or vision that something is about to happen Now the individuals that shared these stories, are not psychics or clairvoyants, or even mediums, but they still accurately predicted pretty big life events Let's start off in our tenth spot For this premonition, it practically saved this young teens life This man states that he once experienced a dream that he got into a car crash

He thought nothing of it until months later he was going to get into his ex’s car when he was overcome with a bad feeling And not just because he was hanging out with his ex again He brushed this feeling aside, and he still got into the car Now he claims that he was never one to wear his seat belt, but something that day told him to put it on Side note, please always buckle up before you drive, safety first everyone

Anyways, his ex was driving and they ended up getting t-boned by another car He didn't make the connection to his dream, until he was sitting on the curb waiting for the ambulance to arrive He realized that the cars were in the same position, he was sitting in the same position, with his knees close to his chest, and head in his hands, AND it happened in the exact same spot as in his dream It gets even creepier when he says that his outfit was the exact same one that he wore in the dream Wow

I'm glad that he trusted his gut on that one Let's move onto number 9 In 2013, this woman had a dream that she was suffering from a stroke In this dream she was struggling to tell her husband what was happening, and for him to call for help Two years later, this scary premonition came true

She states that she woke up on the couch, with the left side of her face fully paralyzed Just as her dream predicted, she tried to tell her husband that she was having a stroke, but he couldn’t understand her However, thankfully her husband called 911, and she was taken to the hospital That truly is scary Next we have number 8 This next individual shared the story of a premonition that her grandmother had

She states that her grandmother once had the same dream reoccur three nights in a row In this dream, she was constantly being warned by a woman to move her two daughters out of their rooms After she experienced this dream for the third time she told her daughters and moved them out of their room That night, the roof over their beds collapsed, and a huge beam dropped right across their beds If she didn’t listen to this warning, her daughters could have been crushed by this beam

This woman thinks that the woman that was warning her was actually her mother-in-law that had passed away All these stories are literally showing us that we need to listen to our intuition If something doesn’t feel right then trust your instinct, everything happens for a reason! Moving on to number 7 This next premonition surrounds the death of her friend’s grandmother, and is even supported by witnesses So if you aren’t a believer by now, well, this should change your mind

So this one girl had a dream when she was in grade 5 about her friend’s grandmother's funeral She described it in perfect detail, saying how her grandmother was holding foxglove flowers, that there were gold stars on the turquoise church’s ceiling, and she even recalled a conversation that happened between two women in the church’s stairwell Now the friend did not believe her, since this girl had never even met her grandmother, and because her grandmother was still in perfect health A few months later, her friend called her and told her that the funeral unfolded exactly how she described it Every detail was accurate

That’s crazy! There’s no explanation for this, how could the friend have known what church the funeral was going to be in, or what the conversation between the two women was going to be about Let’s move onto number 6 Here is a story from an individual who actually predicted a death This woman states that when she was younger, her sister had a dream about a boy in her neighbourhood that was murdered She had never seen this boy before, and didn't know his name

Therefore, they didn't think it was a real person, and just regarded it as a nightmare However, two days later she saw a picture of this boy on the news Exactly how she envisioned him Apparently he was stabbed and passed away as a result Both her and her sister were mortified when they learned what happened

We are now at our half way mark with number 5 Some of these people need to join the police force and help solve some cases This next individual had a dream that she was kidnapped by two men in a store Just like most of the other people mentioned, she brushed it aside, as it was only a dream to her A couple of months later, she encountered the exact 2 men from her dream in the grocery store

Her mom told her that she probably has just seen them around town before, and that it's nothing to worry about Boy was she proven wrong That was until several days later they were on the news for kidnapping a girl Moving onto number 4 Now these keep getting more creepy, as the detail in these dreams become more accurate Especially for this next one

A mother states that when her daughter was 16 years old she would have a recurring nightmare Her nightmare was about a man that would take advantage of young children Her daughter had never seen this man before but described him as in his late 30’s to early 40’s unkempt, with a slender build, and with long stringy hair Again, the mother thought nothing of this dream, just thought it was a terrible nightmare However, one day she was out with her daughter and son, picking him up from a friend's house, when the same man from her daughters nightmares walked out of a house a few doors down

Her daughter went into sheer panic and began crying and screaming The mother asked around the neighbourhood to find out more details on this man Apparently he was new to the neighbourhood, as he just moved in a few months prior The neighbours also stated that they rarely see him outside of his house A few days later this same man, by the name of Harry Robbs was on the news for child abuse and sexual contact with minors

At number three we have a premonition surrounding Reeva Steenkamp Reeva steenkamp was a south african model, who sadly passed away at the age of 29, after being killed by her boyfriend, who claimed it was an accident, after mistaking her for an intruder Well Reeva’s parents are convinced that her daughter predicted her own death When Reeva was 14 years old she made a painting that depicted how she would die The painting is of an angel standing at the bottom of a ladder to heaven Nearby there is a man pointing a gun at this angel

The parents believe that the angel represents reeva, and the man represents her boyfriends They are convinced that her daughter predicted the way she was going to pass away Now we have number 2 On February 1 of 2013 the space shuttle columbia, upon its return to earth exploded No one knew this tragedy was going to happen… except for one man

Well on february 1 at 2:35 am in the morning, an individual had a premonition that this was going to happen In his dream he states that he was standing in a field, looking up at the sky watching something barrel down leaving a trail of smoke in the sky He said that pieces were breaking off of a spacecraft and he heard someone say “ do not touch any pieces of the space craft that may crash to earth due to potential radiation contamination The next morning he heard the same voice from his dream It was a woman reporting on the space shuttle columbia, and the sad events that occured

And in our number 1 spot we have a premonition from Abraham Lincoln himself! In 1847 -1865, lincoln’s friend and bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon, wrote a biography of him in his honour In this biography, ward wrote about a premonition that Lincoln had 3 days before his death, that he shared with Ward Apparently Lincoln had a dream where he felt deathly still, and all he could hear was the sounds of people weeping When he wandered downstairs in his dream he came across a corpse surrounded by soldiers and tons of visitors He then asked the guards who was dead and he said the president, he was killed by an assassin

3 days later, abraham lincoln was killed by John WIlkes booth So not only did abe have a sick beard but in fact predicted his own death Thats all for todays videos What do you think about these stories? Have you ever experienced a premonition? I mean I have but they haven’t been anything terrifying, more like I dream about having nachos for dinner and boom the next day my mom was cooking them But let me know if you experienced anything like this

Now lets end off by reading some comments from the Video: top 10 obscure hans christian anderson stories: Peach commented “ hans christian anderson was one of my ancestors” Wow thats actually pretty cool, i mean i dont think im related to anyone famous Comment down below if you have anyone famous that you are related to Kimdiggity commented that karen joke got me I laughed out loud! I like this girl Shes a keeper guys Haha im glad someone got the joke! And aw thanks for your kind words

And lastly Denis Eken said WHO ARE YOU… Im lindsay Hi, nice to meet you, im a new host here, who are you? Alright everyone I hope you liked this video, as always give this video a big thumbs up, comment down below, and subscribe to most amazing top ten for more amazing videos

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