Top 10 Scary Possession Stories

Hello everyone whats gucci! Hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Possession stories are great in my opinion, not great for the person being possessed but great for people on the outside

I mean i personally love documentaries about them, films about them scare the hell out of me but all in all it is a good time So lets talk about it This is the Top 10 Scary Possession Stories Starting us off with number 10 is Michael Taylor This one is a bit gruesome so prepare yourselves people

Now Michael Taylor became known after the Ossett murder case He lived in Ossett and him and his wife Christine both belonged to a Christian Fellowship Group Slowly but surely Michael started displaying erratic and socially distant behaviour In one meeting at the church Christine accused him of cheating on her with the leader of the group Marie Robinson to which he reacted by verbally attacking her and Marie His behaviour declined further and he admitted that he felt evil within him and then it was decided he had to be seen by priests

Well go figure Id be damned if no one thought he had to be looked at after that Damned lol pun intended His exorcism took all night and they managed to pull 40 demons from his body but several still stayed inside him After a long tiring night they sent him home hoping for the best but he then proceeded to violently murder Christine by tearing her eyes and tongue out and almost tearing her face off completely and then strangling the family poodle to death

He was arrested after being found wandering the streets naked and covered in blood In his trial he pleaded insanity and was sent to Broadmoor for a while but upon his release he got arrested again for touching a teen indecently So all in all, Michaels life hasnt been ideal Coming in at number 9 is Son of Sam aka David Berkowitz And funnily enough i listened to like an hour long serial killer podcast about him so im well versed in Mr Berkowitz

Anyway David was one of Americas most notorious serial killers Between 1976-77 he killed 6 women and wounding 7 others in failed murder attempts His moniker came from his neighbours dog Sam which he loathed more than anything He claimed the dog was possessed by a 6000 yr old man called Sam, who told him to kill people David was adopted a few days after being born and his adoptive mother told him his mother had died during childbirth which wasnt true but that caused him to hate himself immensely

When he found out that wasnt true in his teens he started loathing women and hence his victims were all girls He shot all his victims, trying to go for the headshot but not always succeeding He pleaded not guilty because of insanity and possession but they rejected that and said he was fully competent 2 weeks after his 25 to life sentence he tried to jump out of a 7th floor window and was restrained but kept shouting Stacy was a whore, id kill her again Id kill them all again

He then went on to retract his statement saying he was possessed but in his later prison diaries he wrote about how he was scared Sam would evolve into a human or demon in a more complete state Hes gone back and forth on his possession story so till this day no one is truly sure At number 8 we have “Julia” Now Julias case is quite recent it only happened in 2008 and i say thats recent even though that was like 11 years ago but it seems like 2 years ago Anyway Dr Richard Gallagher is a self proclaimed man of science but he became the go to guy for exorcists in the US

He saw it with his own eyes countless times people suddenly speaking perfect latin, sacred objects flying off shelves all of it So one day he was called to help a woman dubbed Julia She was a charming normal woman but was also the Queen of a satanic cult, and one day she went to a priest claiming she was being attacked by a demon Objects would fly off shelves around her, she knew things about Richard there was no way she couldve known and even when he was on the phone to a priest they both heard her demonic trance voices Which was impossible because she was thousands of miles away and nowhere near a phone whatsoever

They ended up finally exorcising her during which she started speaking in tongues, exhibiting superhuman strength, levitating and changing the temperature of the room Filling our number 7 slot is Angry Mode This one is truly something and it was shared by reddit user possessedtw So this Moroccan guy is a 6’2 ft dude who does aikido and is just an all round unit Him and his dad and brothers are the same build and his aunt is a 5’4 smallish woman

His aunt would go into what they called angry mode where shed get incredibly angry randomly saying nonsensical words and none of them would be able to get her down it took all 4 of them to pin her down because it seemed like her strength multiplied by 10 Her angry modes got worse and worse and his husband ended up contacting an exorcist who told him to put a drop of her blood in a glass of water and leave it somewhere in the apartment while she sleeps So they did that but the next day the glass was empty apparently because the aunt drank it In a more desperate attempt the family travelled to Morocco to meet a man who performs exorcisms He told them to buy a sheep for sacrifice and bring its guts to him

So the family did that and he put them in a bowl The family stayed in the room and it begins Shes lying down in the middle, the family is holding hands surrounding her and the man starts talking in arabic faster and faster His aunt starts twitching at this point and writhing in pain and then all of a sudden the lights went out Then the exorcist screamed, then his aunt did and then silence

When someone finally turned a lamp on both the exorcist and the aunt had passed out and the sheep guts were now black He finally wakes up and says the demon is now possessing the sheep and that they have to get rid of the guts After that point the aunt never had any angry mode outbursts again Now at number 6 is the Housekeeper So this family had a live in maid who one day started screaming religious obscenities while her body contorted into unnatural shapes

Already this is going great Sadly the only person in the house that had to deal with all this was the family's young teenage daughter So when she found the maid she initially thought omg this woman is having a seizure The girl tried to get her in the car so they could go to the hospital but she was continually contorting and on the verge of hurting herself so she abandoned that plan She managed to get some neighbours and security guards to help her and they pinned her down on a mattress for 2 3 hours until she finally stopped screaming

The familys daughter was also hysterically crying at this point after all shed seen so things werent going well When the parents finally came home honestly where the hell were they, they refused to call any priest but called the paramedics instead She only calmed down when she was given a sedative This happened many more times and the family spoke to the womans relatives who said whenever she would have a possessed episode they would hog tie her to a bed till she calmed down Coming in at number 5 is the Boarding School

This ones from redditor ibroughtthummus who said one of her teachers used to work a boarding school and one day they were having a movie night A girl asked to use the bathroom and after a while the teacher got worried and went to check on her She found her huddled in the corner of the shower, foaming at the mouth with bloodshot eyes She started hissing at the teacher and saying incoherent things in a very deep voice The teacher freaked out and called some other teachers over to try and help the situation

They took her to her dorm after a while and saw i love satan written all over her bunk bed The girl ended leaving the school after the incident and no one really knows what happened to her Or at least i certainly dont and neither did the reddit thread so At number 4 is the Nun and no im not talking about Valak but it would be pretty scary if i was Maricica (maris-ica) Irina Cornici was a nun who started hearing voices at the age of 23 years

She thought it was the devil talking to her telling her she was sinful but other nuns refused to believe it and she was treated for schizophrenia However she relapsed and so a monk and 4 nuns tried something else, an exorcism She was bound to a cross, gagged with a towel and left in a dank room for 3 whole days with no food or water Thats proper torture thats not even an exorcism Sadly this doesnt end well and Maricica ended up dying due to dehydration and suffocation

She was meant to go a nearby village 10 days later but never did Daniel the monk who led the exorcism said he restrained her because she became violent and refused to drink the holy water Whereas the psychiatrist who treated her said this was all a symptom of schizophrenia and that she was most likely having her first episode But also doesnt add up because they thought that originally and she relapsed Either way i guess we’ll never really figure out what the true cause was but Daniel and the 4 nuns were charged with aggravated murder and could face 25 years to life

Filling our number 3 slot is Gina So back in 1990 Reverend James LeBar performed many exorcisms one of which were on a florida teen called Gina Her exorcism was televised by the ABC Network in 1991 Can we just Is that even humane? Gina was hospitalised for displaying psychotic behaviour and she went from that to tabloid fodder

Was she even capable of consent? During the exorcism which 29 million people tuned into, Gina is strapped to a chair while she barked at the priests and spoke in gibberish at them She was possessed by demonic spirits, one was called Zion and the other Minga The priest pressed a cross to her face saying you want pain ill give you pain and then read the Roman Catholic Rite of Exorcism After she was sent home she was rehospitalised and given antipsychotic drugs within a few days Her psychiatrist claimed the exorcism was a serious risk to her health and that she may just be delusional

Either way i feel like something that puts you in that vulnerable of a space and at a time you dont have control over what youre doing should not be televised Now at number 2 is Gottleibin (gotleebin) Dittus Now this one is quite old if you couldnt tell from the name In 1842 villagers in a German village noticed that weird things were happening in the home of 28 year old Gottleibin, she kept telling everyone her house was haunted And they wouldve done well believing her but at that time they just didnt

Im sorry you were surrounded by snakes Gottleibin its not your fault Soon afterthat she started slipping in and out of trances A religious pastor quickly stepped in and offered to an exorcism and thats when shit really hit the fan She became extremely violent to the point she needed physical restraints, and the man exorcised her for 2 whole years Can you imagine getting tortured physically and mentally everyday for 2 years? I mean some people go through life feeling like that but anyway

During those years she used to vomit blood, glass, nails you name it Finally after it was all over she told everyone that the ‘demons were gone and Jesus is the victor’ And finally at number 1 is George Lukins Around the late 1700s in a village 20 miles from Bristol England, residents were terrified of a man named George Lucas Having him normal his whole life, his behaviour just did a full 180

He started spontaneously barking like a dog or snarling like an animal, he would sing or chant in a foreign language that this illiterate man could not have known at all, hed sing hymns backwards, and speak in a man and womans voice, and if he didnt do any of that he would just shout obscenities or profanities for no reason whatsoever What made it worse was that when he was having one of these episodes he would convulse and start walking on all fours and fall everywhere as if he was being thrown about by invisible hands Going from a calm collected man to this wasnt normal These episodes were unpredictable and lasted his whole life causing his family to put him in a mental hospital But it got worse he started lashing out at people and break items that were far beyond his strength and speak in voices that werent his

He then started telling people he was possessed by 7 separate demons and that he needed 7 different priests to exorcise him when it finally happened there were hundreds of poeple outside the church waiting to see what would happen He first sang in an eerie high pitched voice and then a deep voice that told the priests theyd fail His voice went from man to woman, there was barking, growling, all of it, he even sang a hymn called to the Devil After 2 intense hours and being pinned down George himself said the evil presences were gone

And thats it for todays video! This was a long one so kudos to you for sticking to the end if you did, i love how i started this video saying these stories were good but now i feel like that was just really not the right word to use Let me know in the comments below which story scared you the most and if you have any of your own! As always im your host ayman hasan and ill see you next time Byee

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