Top 10 Scary Poltergeist Theories

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Scary Poltergiest Theories – we are specifically talking about the 1982 and 2015 movies here, but don’t worry if you haven’t seen Poltergeist, this list will still freak you out – maybe it will make you want to watch the movie more, maybe less… maybe it will make you want to stay very very far away from it forevermore

We’ll see! Before we get into this list I want to ask you guys what your favourite scary movie is, and should we make a scary theory list for it? Also while you are down there leave a thumbs up on this video and share it with a friend who needs a good spooking Be sure to check out the links to our most amazing instagrams and of course stick around to the end of the video where I will be reading out some of your comments Poltergeist, lets do this! Okay so I want to start off with perhaps the most enduring legend of them all and something a lot of people will have heard of, we have the 10 – Death Curse The Poltergeist movies are at the centre of a pretty avid curse theory From the original line up, it seems four cast members died in 6 years, and six cast members all together, with others narrowly avoiding an untimely demise

Most prominently, the trilogies main actress, the little girl who played Carol Anne, Heather O’Rourke, died unexpectedly age 12 Her co-star, the girl who played her sister, Dana, Dominique Dunne, was murdered by her ex boyfriend age 22 Julian Beck, the actor who played Kane died at 60 years old before the release of the third installment and Will Sampson, who portrayed the Good Spirit, Taylor died following a lung transplant Richard Lawson, who played Ryan, almost died in a freak plane crash 10 years after the first movie came out – he survived but he wasn’t sitting in his booked seat The person who was died

Actor Lou Perryman had a small role and was murdered with an axe in his home in 2009 While Actress JoBeth Williams has survived the curse, she said she would come home after shooting to things being awry in her home Spooky 9 – Down With Capitalism and The American Dream Poltergeist on the surface is spooky film and the beast is a big bad evil Sure

But like, actually, isn’t America the big bad evil? Hear me out Poltergeist was one of the first movies to movie the classic haunted house genre to suburbia No longer is the horror taking place in a gothic house at the endge of town, it is happening in your average nice house in a nice treelined neighbourhood The kind of house you could buy if you were a slave to the American dream What else can you buy ? What else was at the centre of FDR’s New Deal, All American Dream? Well… Television

A good job gets you a nice house and a nice TV Well…I mean…anyone kind of pick up on the fact that the dad in poltergeist sort of hates his job and the mum sort of ribs him for him becoming all corporate? He is reading Regan’s book! Right! And is it not the house and the television that attacks the kids? Is Poltergeist a well disguised jab at capitalism and the American dream? Quite possibly 8 – The Beast was Reverend Henry Kane If you have seen Poltergeist 2 and 3 you will have seen the freaky creepy Reverend KANE character Well, it seems that actually, Reverend Kane was the human form embodiment of The Beast

It seems that after the first Poltergeist, the BEAST was banished from Carol Anne’s life, so took human form in order to gain the trust of the Freelings 7 – The Clowns I am not a fan of clowns You know who else isn’t a fan of clowns? Movie writer Steven Spielberg Many people think that Poltergeist has a strong clown vibe and horrifying clown scene specifically because Old Steve cannot stand them and they were his best embodiment of horror The clowns were present again in the 2015 Poltergeist remake and some people think that this helped spark the 2016 Killer Clown phase

GREAT Speaking of our mate Steven, he has his own theory which is coming in to number 6 we have the Steven Spielberg theory So a lot of people believe that actually Steven Spielberg directed Poltergeist but also placed Tobe Hooper at the helm of the movie to avoid legal trouble Spielberg was the writer and co-producer of movie but categorically didn’t direct it because of a directorial contract he had with ET which also came out in 1982 People think that he still directed the movie anyway… which I guess isn’t that scary of aa theory, unless you are Mr Spielberg’s lawyer? 5- Poltergeist is about a Tech addiction This theory was posted by SnofruNeferNeb on reddit three years ago and it all centres around video games and tech being the real ghouls in the 2015 remake

The film opens with a boy playing a violent videogame, right, and the house seems to be surrounded by powerlines Tech and electricity are already pretty present themes The sister seems to be dependent on her phone and the mum uses an ipad all the time and is seen crashing into things because she is too distracted by her tech The younger kid gets taken in by the TV The Clowns seem to represent entertainment without any value

Nature rises up to try and help the kids – we see squirrels trying to scare the boy away from the room of clowns Nature in the form of a tree breaks a window and further prevents the kid from getting attacked by clowns Nature good Technology bad… It seems

4 – The Ghosts Are Aliens I am not so sure about this one – but we’ll go with it anyway… on reddit twarnercool wrote: In the original script for the very first "Poltergeist" There were aliens instead of ghosts I think the remake is doing a twist by the ghosts really being aliens The "Chariots of the Gods" and "Ancient aliens" kind

The house is actually on a alien artifact, and the little girl is a hybrid with superpowers that the aliens want Am I putting more thought into this remake then the people who made the remake? Probably But it be cool if I was right Haha I like the comment at the end Even though I feel like this is quite a loose goose theory, I kind of like the idea when applied to the whole tech thing

Like the aliens have found a way to communicate with humans using technology? I don’t know, though Maybe all ghosts are aliens?! 3 – The Superbowl Predicted Heather’s Death There is a weird correlation between the 22nd Superbowl and Poltergeist, and some people think that there is a link between the movie, the Superbowl and the actress Heather O’Rourke’s death are related This scary theory hinges on the fact that, for some strange reason, even though Poltergeist was released in 1982, there was a poster in Robbie and Carol Anne’s Bedroom for the Superbowl 22…set to take place in 1988, 6 years after the movies release Weird That superbowl, by the way, ended up taking place in San Diego

Of course nobody could have known that at the time Eerily, scarily 1988 was the year Poltergeist actress Heather O Rourke died… but… Weirder than that, she fell ill on thevery day of the 1988 superbowl…she began vomiting on the 31st January 1988 She die the next day in hospital from septic shock

Where did this all take place? San Diego California Just like the superbowl WEIRD For our penultimate point I wanted to talk about the theory for the reason behind the Poltergiest curse, in at 2 – The Skeletons While some people think the curse of Poltergeist came around because of the movie’s demonic connotations attracting bad spirits, other people think it was the use of skeletons as props It seems that director Tobe Hooper used real skeletons in the pool water scene with poor JoBeth Williams and those skeletons may have been cursed

The decision to use real remains came as allegedly they were cheaper than fake ones How he came across these real dead people, well, we don’t know, but it certainly makes the movie scarier Also, it seems JoBeth wasn’t told about the real skeletons, her reaction in the scene was real Horrifying 1 – Heather was Murdered So we know that actress Heather O’Rourke died under tragic circumstances age 12

The official reason for her death was recorded as cardiac arrest as a result of septic shop but some people think that the circumstances surrounding her death were extremely suspicious, and beyond that, there are some very dark theories out there- one being that the young poltergeist actress was a victim of abuse Sensationally, it seems that an entertainment lawyer claimed that Heather was heavily assaulted by Hollywood bosses The story broke from a blogpost on Crazy Days and Nightsnet and was an anonymous tip off from someone in the industry They wrote: Back in the mid-80's was peak child molesting time in Hollywood

There was no internet There were very very few mobile phones Children came to the set where they were left alone by their parents For the next 8 hours they were subject to every kind of horrible thing you can imagine Drugs were commonplace

They were used to try and get the kids to not be so hysterical when being assaulted” The story goes on to discuss a 12 year old girl who was a big star at the time being molested at a studio and then causing chaos when she fell ill The story seems to insinuate she was sexually abused The blog doesn’t mention Heather’s name, but from the time setting of the story and the detail included, it seems to indicate it is her While this seems pretty inflammatory and certainly would have been if mentioned at the time, we now know that Hollywood wasn’t a great place in the 1980s and that actually, yeah, a lot of children and women were abused mentally, if not physically

Was one of this children Heather O Rourke?! SO that was the Top 10 Scary Poltergeist Theories What did you think to this list? Which was the scariest? Let me know in the comments section down below Also don’t forget to let me know what your favourite scary movie is and if you want a list for it! Comments from creepy reincarnation stories part 2 Rychu said: I heard that your birth mark explains where died and mine is on the bottom of my right foot so I probably stepped on a lego? HA Isn’t that the most painful feeling in the world! That or stepping on a plug! ARGH

Kaley McNeil Said: One of my friends say she remembers her past life that she was a famous piano player and she is amazing at the piano I think it might be true? – I love that idea… having to learn something once and it carries through to your next life! If we kept getting reincarnated we would keep gaining new skills! I’m into that! Thanks for watching Like, share, sub – OUT

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