Top 10 Scary Polish Urban Legends

Poland, Poland, Poland, how did I ever forget you? Just when I thought wed covered all the major European countries, you guys remind me that we haven't done Poland I felt extra bad about that because when I started reading Poland's scary stories, I quickly realized that they have some of the most twisted and dark I've seen in this series so far

Let's see if you can handle them My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Polish Urban Legends Starting off at number 10 we have the Obra River Monster This river in west Poland is picturesque on the surface Its a popular place for canoeing and kayaking However, under the surface, there lies a creepy urban legend

They say a monster lies down there and has done for generations Over the years, many witnesses have reported seeing a giant snake-like creature in the lakes connected to the river They say they've seen it surface to attack ducks, swans and even small dogs which are often dragged underwater, never to be seen again Others say they've seen the snake approach boats and try its luck with them – showing it isn't even afraid of humans It's been compared to the loch ness monster, with some people saying that it's actually the last survivor of an ancient reptilian creature

Of course, that would mean it would have to be near enough immortal – so perhaps there isn't just one, but a number of different Obra Monsters, all lurking below the waters, waiting until their numbers are strong enough to return to the surface Next up at number 9, we have the Rusalka This is a Polish Tree Spirit, traditionally thought to inhabit the woods and lakes of western Poland Rusalka was thought to be the spirits of murdered girls They yearn for continued existence but for that, they need the energy of the living

So, at certain times of the year, they will climb out of the lake and sit on the branches of willow and birch trees There, they wait for a man He will become infatuated with the undead temptress and follow her back into the water, she will then entangle him with her long hair and pull him to the bottom to drown In the olden days, it was said that the Rusalka really didn't like women, probably out of jealousy Women would hang scarves and linen in the forest to appease the Rusalka

If you're planning a trip to Poland and want to avoid the Rusalka, they are said to become most dangerous around early June – especially during a time known as -Rusalka Week- where the spirits leave the woods and cause crop damage, illness, and death across the land … Moving on to number 8 now we have The Strzga (Striga) This is a female creature who feeds on human blood Everyone country seems to have a vampire legend – this is Poland's The strigas origin is connected to the belief of duality of the souls

A common explanation is that most of the time, humans are born with a single soul – how could they not, right? Well, apparently, sometimes, very rarely, a person is born with two They may live a normal life but when they die, only one soul leaves their body The second gets trapped inside the body, keeping it alive in an undead sort of way – more vampire than human They are now a Striga – bound to living between the spheres of life and death until the second soul leaves too At first, they may look quite human, but as time goes on, they change

They may start out getting a gray or blue skin Then their features become bird like They grow claws, bird eyes and have feathers growing off their back During the day, they sleep in their graves and then come out at night for a hunt They need human blood to survive and will suck it out of the victims while eating their entrails

I know Apparently, you can tell if someone is going to turn into a Striga if they are born with an extra appendage – two rows of teeth, two hearts – or another anomaly Just warning you all Next up at number 7, we have the Ogniki These are demons which guard the graves where forgotten treasures are hidden

In life, they used to be humans – but only a specific kind of person becomes an Ogniki It's not necessarily evil people – but deceitful ones – people who are fraudulent and unjust to others The ogniki lives in marshes and swamps – they are hostile to people If lost wanderers reach the areas haunted by the Ogniki, they are led into the most dangerous part of the swamp and are drowned in a pool of slime People are drawn to them by the lights they leave flickering over the swamp – they are said to be hypnotic in nature

The lights sometimes appear as a pair of hands holding either a candle or an indescribable light source Either way, the light will always be where the treasure is not The Ogniki are greedy spirits who try and draw humans away from the treasure they protect – this is a reflection of the greed they had in life Next up at number 6, we have The Zmory These are evil half demonic creatures that feed off human life force – but there is a catch – they cant actually kill their own prey directly

Polish mythology describes them as the wandering souls of those living people who were lost in a deep sleep state or suffering from a severe disease The souls left the body as it began to fail Now, they remain between the world of the living and the world of the dead They enter peoples houses at night, seeking the vital human energy they need They sit on peoples legs or chests as they sleep, causing sleep paralysis or breathing problems

That's when they feed on your life force The Zmory may be spirit-like but they are more physical than ghosts It's sad that they cant pass through physical objects like doors or walls They don't really need to though – the Zmory can take on any form they like They can become as flat as a pancake to slide under your door or as thin as a hair to slide through your lock

They prefer to stay invisible but some can take the form of a human, where they would have a semi-transparent body Humans are their ultimate goal but they will also go for animals too They say the Zmory like horses for their strength You can tell a horse has been visited by one because it will be sweaty and visibly exhausted in the morning If you ever have a morning like that, maybe you've been visited too! Next up at number 5 now we have the Bogniki

These are female personifications of the wild forces of nature in old Polish mythology They are seen as demons that only have two approaches to us humans: neutral or hostile, there are no friendly ones They attack humans, specifically, they attack women during childbirth That's right, when a woman is at perhaps her most vulnerable point, giving birth to a human life after hours of labor and 9 months of carrying, that's when the Bogniki attack them – that gives you an idea of the moral compass of these creatures They replace the newborns with changelings, they look like humans but they are really infant Bognikis

Although they need and prey on us, they aren't usually found in towns or cities, preferring instead to dwell in swamps, lakes, rivers, forests, woods, and mountains Some say the Bogniki are the spirits of women who died in childbirth, committed suicide or murdered a child They say that witches can summon Bogniki and pray to them to get help them If witches pray to you, you're probably not a good thing Moving on to number 4 we have the Polundica

These are said to be the demons of young women who died before, during or shortly after their wedding They are the lost souls of maidens who were not able to have the happy marriage they wanted because death snatched it away from them They are said to appear around noon on the hottest days of the summer, wandering in the fields of golden crops If you see them from a distance, they may look like normal, beautiful women, dressed in blinding white clothes, their hair loose and sometimes be wearing a flower crown However, when you look closer you can see that something is not right

Their teeth look like a steal, they have a swollen tongue and their skin looks rotten and burned They hold a sickle and ambush people from behind They may ask riddles or questions for their own amusement but if you fail to appease them, they will attack The victim is tortured until they are maimed or even killed The most common form of death is by the heat she radiates with

Meeting her can cause heavy headaches, heart attacks, paralysis, or loss of consciousness Parents often fear their children who play alone in crop fields will be kidnapped or permanently blinding Oh, and she often appears with whirlwinds and 7 black dogs accompanying here Her descriptions continue and trust me, none of them get any nicer Moving on to number 3 we have Bieda

This is a demon whose name translates to poverty Its a fitting name for this immortal being that brings misfortune, misery, and grief to everyone near her She is tall and lean, described as twig-like and covered in old rags She wanders the Earth looking to feed on a very specific source of nourishment: human happiness and luck If you've been lacking some of those in your life recently, perhaps you have a Bieda nearby

When she finds a target, she settled down in a nearby house Youll knows this has happened by a series of disasters or general troubles occurring in your family She can turn herself into any object or animal – that makes her a lot more difficult to look out for Basically, she could be anything new in the environment People say to watch out for birds like sparrows or swallows who had built their nests under the roof but didn't seem to lay eggs like regular birds – or lone mouses who seemed to be smart than cats

Bieda is an immortal being and cannot be killed – if you try and burn or sink the object she turns into – she will escape, let out a loud screech and then turn into a different object, one that is even harder to stop They've been doing this for hundreds or thousands of years – which means the objects they hide as are almost invisible to humans, perhaps one of them is in the room with you right now – have you noticed anything new? Next up at number 2, we have The Biali Zimni Ludzie In English, these are called the White Cold People They are perhaps the most mysterious creatures on this list They are basically an illness in human form

They are tiny, covered in unhealthy looking skin, and scuttle around in a feverish, insect-like way They can be the size of your hand or as small as the head of a pin They are bad omens, able to hunt and prey on people They live in forests and swamps and love to ambush travelers from a hiding place in a puddle by the side of a road Once they have selected you as a target, they will hide in your clothes and wait for you to fall asleep

Then, very quietly, they will climb onto your face and enter your body through your mouth or nose Once they're in your respiratory system, they will infect you with various hard to cure illnesses When you wake up, the first sign of a visit will be a high fever It was believed that victims were forced to drink strong spirits mixed with powdered dried eyes of a crayfish or eat a stalk from an old broom on a slice of bread and butter Hey, don't ask me why I didn't make the rules

Another curing ritual involved drilling a deep hole in a tree trunk, breathing through it and then clogging the whole with a wooden stake This is supposed to imprison the exhaled demons inside the trunk – but they always find a way to get out And finally, at number 1 we have the Czernobog – we've undoubtedly saved the best till last with this one Some say the Chernobog is the King of Monsters, others call him the Black God – some simply say he is the devil I'm sure you can already see what kind of being you're dealing with here

He is the source of all evil in the world and enjoys nothing more than stealing and devouring souls This lord of hatred causes calamity and disaster, bringing bad luck and misfortune wherever he turns Unlike a lot of the creatures we've talked about on this list, the Chernobog doesn't have any real desire or motive to do the evil things he does – he just loves his spot as the most despicable creature in the world You'd think that with such a powerful and malevolent being there would be a lot of literature about him but relatively speaking, there isn't Its almost as if people in bygone eras were scared to even mention him in writing – all we have are shadows, rumors and clues to his truly terrible nature

In the past, ancient Slavic people used to spit curses into their bowls at feasts in the hopes of keeping Chernobog at bay – but it was only a hope – for true evil is a difficult thing to stop Sorry to end on such an intense line but hey, that was a pretty intense video I think Poland has some really dark legends going around which is fascinating to hear about but, yeah, hope you're all OK in Poland Lets head somewhere else in the world for our next video, there are still so many countries around the world with scary stories we haven't heard of yet – let me know what you want in the comments section – thanks for watching as always guys, my name is Danny Burke and Ill see you all in the next video!

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