Top 10 Scary Plants That Actually Exist

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10, Im you host Che Durena I know everyone here knows about the venus fly trap

Its your pretty standard carnivorous plant and it has been exaggerated in all sorts of different ways in movies and TV Well theres other carnivorous plants and a whole bunch of weird poisonous, deadly, diarrhea inducing foliage out there and I feel like you should know about it so I put together todays list of top 10 scary Plants that actually exist! As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook because its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better 10 Acetaea Pachypoda Were starting off todays list that looks like something pulled out of a Tim Burton movie

This creepy plant goes by the name of white baneberry or dolls eyes and it gets its name for good reason, this plant sticks out The stems look like they were soaked in blood, the red is to vibraint that if you pulled one of these things out of the ground I wouldnt be surprised if it was growing out of a dead person And like most things in nature if its super bright you should stay away If for whatever reason you went to try out one of the eyeballs looking berries you wouldnt make it every far Ingesting one of these bad boys can lead to cardiac arrest

It literally gives you a heart attack I thought berries were suppose to be good for you or something, you go out for a hike, then you see some fruit growing in the wild and you think, wow some non GMO organic wild berries I should try them Then next thing you know your heart explodes and you got more Bane Berries growing out of you Thats why you should stay home and just watch more most amazing top 10 9 WolfsBane If your into fantasy books or movies you might know wolfsbane and the cure for becoming a werewolf

And this is because way back in the olden times when people thought the earth was flat and you could cure depression with leeches, people actually thought that this was true But the problem with trying to cure someones up upcoming werewolf episode with wolfsbane is that werewolves are real and wolfsbane is extremely poisonous You dont even have to eat if for it to kill you, you can die just from touching it And your death wont be a pretty one, first your gonna feel an intense pain in your stomach and puke, then your gonna poop your pants and not long after that youre gonna be paralisyed as the neurotoxin starts taking hold It will infect your brain more and more until eventually your heart stops working and you are done for

But on the bright side its very pretty, its kind of like me, beautiful to look at but dont get too close our ill ruin your life 8 Amorphophallus Titanum Whats taller then your average man and also stinks like rotting flesh, well it sounds like most of the roommates that Ive had But its also this giant rainforest dweller that is nicknamed the corpse flower This is a flower that you couldnt miss even if you tried, it can clock in at over 10 feet tall and smells so bad it might make you puke It makes its home in the rain forest and spreads his seed by attracting insects with snatch up some pollen and spread it around From what I understand this plant isnt gonna kill you on the spot like wolfsbane but it gets most of its protection from just smelling like a fermented gym bag

I guess thats a good note, if Im ever going through a bad neighborhood i'm just going to eat an entire pack of crafts single slices, ill have those farts that you know smell bad just based on how hot they are I call those ones the humid dairy 7 Karenia Bloom Have you ever been driving down the highway and you see a can with a sign on it that says cheap lobster And you think to yourself, wow I must be the luckiest guy in the world, I love lobster and this guy is selling it right out of his van, god bless Well other then the fact that you shouldnt buy roadside shellfish even if they guy seems super cool, theres a chance that it might have been contaminated with the red tide

The red tide or Karenia Bloom is when a bunch of Karen's sprout out of the beach and ask to see the fish manager Actually its a type of plankton that has a red colouration, when it blooms it will suck up all the oxygen in the water, turn the water red and produce a tone of toxins If your swimming in the water during this time or eat any seafood that has come in contact with this it can kill you or cause paralysis And if you dont like going in the water or dont eat anything from the sea dont worry, there have been cases of people getting sick from red tide miles off the shore line because the toxins get picked up in the air So no one is safe

6 Manchineel tree The trees have finally had enough and their fighting back The Manchineel Tree grows all over central and south america and at first glance seems to be very harmless It even produces nice little apples, I mean everyone likes apples Accept doctors of course, if you ever want to kill a doctor you need to stab an apple right through his heart But these wooden wonders contain a sap which is deadly, it will burn the hell out of your skin

If for whatever reason youre caught under this tree during a rainstorm, just the water dripping off the tree can cause your skin to blister or you could have a massive rash break out Also dont ever try to use one of these for firewood, it you burn it the smoke could make you go blind Also tribes that would have the tree grow natively would sometimes tie prisoners to the base of the tree if give the captive a slow terrible death 5 Giant Hogweed This sounds like something you would get at a dispensary in Denver Yeah I want some of that Purple Kush and give me an ounce of the Giant hogweed

However if you smoked this thing you would be super dead and then your family would have to divide up all your purple kush The Giant hogweed lives up to its name and can grow up to 20 feet high, you wont find it on this side of the world as it really only in central asia, and if you find some dont try to plant it in your garden the plant is super invasive and will take over everything Its so invasive that its outlawed in many countries Now why this Towering shrub is on out list is because if get too close to it and get some of its sap on it it can cause irritation, and then if that sap comes in contact with sunlight it will kick start the sap like superman and this stuff will start burning the hell out of you If left untreated it can burn you for up to 48 hours and leaves some pretty terrible scaring

4 Nepenthes Attenboroughii Good think Im not a little mouse running around because I think life would be less like stuart little and more like the slow painful digestion of the sarlacc pit Better known as the pitcher plant, this is one of the worlds few carnivorous plants and feed on all sorts of small animals If you cut one open Im sure you could find the little skeleton of a little ratatouille clutching a recipe book It only really grows in the philippines so unless you live there and you have a bunch of pet rodents I woldnt worry about it This plant was clearly in inspiration for VicTree Bell, the only thing missing is the teeth and the blood curdling screech that the Pokemon would make Clip 2 3 White Snakeroot White Snakroot sounds like an 80s rock and that would have songs about cocaine and having sex while high on cocaine

Sadly this plant wasnt named White Snakeroot because when you smell it you feel like your on tour with motley crew drinking top shelf booze you could never afford This thing just kills you, man what does a guy need to do to have a good time around here Well this one is interesting because its killed more people by accident then from people actually injesting the plant White snakeroot has a toxin in it that is deadly to humans and if cows eat it, it can get into their meat and milk Anyone who eats or drinks the infected products will soon be dead

Damn dude you can even have milk and cookies anymore 2 The suicide plant Yes a pretty name for a pretty plant, this one is serious If you every see this think in the wild stay far far away When I first saw the name I thought it was called suicide plant because if you eat it some sort of toxin in it makes you go crazy and want to kill yourself, but no this is even wrose The suicide plant grows in the rainforests of northern austrailia and it has little edible fruit on it

But if you want to try it youll need to put on a suit of armor to pick it It you come in contact with the leaves of the suicide plant, it will inject you with a toxin that is so pain full people kill themsleves just to make it stop It has killed horses and other large animals and theres a legend of an army officer who accidently used one of the leaves as toilet paper, he later shot himself to escape the pain It buring sensation that this plant offers has been descriped as having acid poured on your skin while being electricuted 1 Angels Trumpet This is definitely a psychedelic plant you want to steer clear of

The angels trumpet contains an extremely dangerous neurotoxin that if ingested will cause you to go straight up crazy You can have hallucinations, sexuall excitment or even become extremely violent There have even been cases of self harm, one in particular were a 18 year old boy made tea with flower and then cut off his own penis The amercain government has been telling everyone for years that weed is bad but Ive never heard of anyone smoking weed lobbying their junk off Well everyone that is our list, thank you all so much for tuning in

As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on facebook and instagram, theres a bunch more content over there and you can get to know myself and the other host a little bit better, until next time Ive been Che Durena and Im going back to only eating meat and bread

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