Top 10 Scary Places On Earth You Should Never Visit

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 I'm your host Che Durena Now when you think about going somewhere for vacation you probably want sandy beaches or great food or something to save your marriage

Well today we are going to be doing the exact opposite, Ive dug through the internet to find the some of the most terrifying places on the planet for today's list of Top 10 scary places on earth you should never visit As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell, Also stick around for the top 2 because they absolutely insane And without taking any longer, lets get into it 10 Poveglia Island This place has centuries of horrible history Like this place is probably scarier then my bank statement

Poveglia island is off the coast of italy and during the Bubonic plague they would send sick people there to die If you dont know the Bubonic plague, it wiped out 25 million people, it makes an e coli outbreak seem like a bad hangover They would do this to quarantine the sick, and when the island got too populated they would burn anyone who was dead or close to death Its believed that over one hundred thousand people died on the island So thats probably enough, but wait theres more! In the early 20th century they built an insane asylum on the island I’m assuming so the ghost from the plague would finally have someone to talk to

But this wasn’t so much a place where people would go to get treated, it was more a place for them to get exiled from the rest of humanity Theres even rumors that one of the head psychiatrist working on the island was performing all sorts of twisted experiments on the patients That’s until he killed himself by jumping off the bell tower They island is now shut down and entry is forbidden Many of the locals think that the island is cursed

I would have to say killing hundreds of thousands of people and experimenting on innocent souls is a good way to get a curse going 9 The Paris catacombs Why would anywhere in Paris be on this list? I would love to go to paris, I would just bread a cheese all day and start waging war against the mimes But underneath paris is the paris catacombs which house the bodies of around 6 million people If your wondering why back in the 16th century paris had an overflow of corpses and needed somewhere to chuck them so they started to dump them in an abandoned quarry This seems like when my room is messy so instead of actually cleaning it up I just throw everything in the closet

It took them around 14 year to transfer all the bodies from cemeteries to there new home under the city Also the Catacombs are just one part of over 200 miles of passages under the city This really makes Paris so much less romantic If a bunch of dead bodies were not enough the Im sure youll be pleased to know that since the catacombs were built, many people have gone missing in there Some people think its just accidents but others believe that there is something lurking in the shadows

8 Hoia Bachu forest Lets go to a forest and have a picnic or see bunch of ghosts Hoia Bachu forest is in Romania and is called the most haunted forest in the world The place is massive, it covers well over 250 hectares Strange things are constantly happening in this place, people say they’ve seen ghost, taken pictures where disembodied faces appear, theyll hear voices and giggling People who enter will also show signs of physical harm like, rashes, cuts, burses, burns and nausea

That last bit just kinda sounds like allergies, I mean you are in a forest Many locals are too afraid to venture into the forest because the legends And if you don’t believe in ghost what about aliens There have been several photos of ufos flying over the forest and some people have said theyve seen floating balls of light appear out of nowhere Theres even an area in the forest where no vegetation will grow, that forms an almost perfect circle

There have been some test done on this mysterious circle and it has shown slightly higher levels of radiation This could be because a ufo landed there and thats why nothing grows Ghosts and aliens is a pretty good reason to skip this vacation spot 7 Eastern State Penitentiary Pennsylvania If just being a house for some of the most dangerous people whove ever lived wasn’t enough I’m going to give you a few more reasons why you should never visit this place The old abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania used to be one of the most horrible prisons on earth Anyone who was sent to this prison would be permanently kept is solitary confinement

You couldn't make friends, talk to people, you couldn't buy prison cigarettes that were snuck in inside someones butt Really takes all the fun out of prison They would go as far as making the prisoners wear masks if they were ever transported somewhere so no one could recognize their faces As a punishment some prisoners would be forced to sit in the mad chair, where you would be strapped down and left their for days without food Sometimes the straps were facined so tight that limbs would have to be amputated

Since the closure of the prison there have been hundreds of reported ghostly encounters Of from a previous caretaker who said he was once grabbed by an unknown force so tight he could move and he saw distorted faces appear all over the walls 6 Waverly Hills Sanitorium Back in 1910 there was a tuberculosis epidemic that was sweeping through america Hundreds if people were dying everyday so in Louisville Kentucky they thought about building a sanctuary where everyone could get better Spoiler alert, it didnt work

Almost everyone who got sent up to the Waverly Hills Sanitorium died, approximately sixty three thousand people died up there When things were at there worst its said that someone was dying every hour They had so many dead bodies that the hospital couldnt get them out fast enough and had to start keeping them in the cold storage in the kitchen Yummm, They would keep the ground beef next to the soon to be ground beef Since this lovely little getaways closure there have been many paranormal investigators that have gone to check for ghost and this place is a gold mine

Not only has there been countless sightings but a reoccuring beast known as the creeper Its said to be a man that runs so all fours and has no face 5 Area 51 This is probably the most famous one on the list Area 51 is of course the top secret american military base that is the middle of the dessert out in Nevada If I ever get on a plane to Nevada it will be for Las Vegas, I would rather lose my life saving in a game of blackjack then find out aliens are real and then get killed for it

The thing is no one really knows what goes on in area 51 but there have been many leaks The biggest are that the united states uses this base to keep and test alien technology and that they have living aliens there which they experiment on Theres even rumors that Area 51 has been compromised by they aliens that were being held there and now control it Shifting the direction of humankind with their new found power But Like I said I dont know and I dont wanna know

Next time I’m over there they only place youll find me is putting on 20 pounds at a buffet or singing along to britney spears vegas show 4 Snake island I know there some guy with a ponytail whos nipples just got hard from be saying snake island He’s probably picking out his favorite sword from his collection and planning an expedition Any ways snake island right off the cost of sao paulo brazil and this place lives up to it reputation There approximately 1 snake for every 10 square feet of land and they arent harmless garden snakes Most of the snakes on the island are vipers know for being veminous and have some of the largest fangs

Snake island used to be connected to the mainland and was just a regular old place, but then a flood disconnected it A large amount of snakes were isolated there and they started thriving! This sounds like one of the an abandoned script for that Anaconda movie with Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez 3 Seguin Island Off the coast of main i Seguin Island, its approximately 64 acres and is almost completely abandoned It has some visitors here and there but almost no one lives on the island So if you ended up shipwrecked here or if some crazed killer was on the island and wanted to chop you up there would be a good chance that no one would ever find you

But thats not even the creepiest part about this place Its home to one of the oldest lighthouses in history No one has lived in the building for quite sometime but it said when people come to visit it there have been many ghost sightings Some people say they can hear a little girls laughter and a piano playing There have also been sightings of a ghostly old man who gets furious because all of his furniture is gone

The audacity of some people, you die for 100 years and they just start moving all your stuff out 2 Miyakejima Island What did pompey teach us, never live around volcanoes they can blow at any moment and wipe everyone out Well it taught us that and what some people will choose to do in their final moments You know what they say, live by the sword die by the sword Well the people of Miyakejima island must have not got the memo because they all live at the base of a volcano

Every resident who lives there must own a gas mask because there at constant risk of being covered in a giant cloud of deadly ash This is how it gots its nickname, gas mask island Also you if you make risky choice to move to the base of an active volcano you should get used to the sound of sirens There are Sirens all over the island that will screech out to tell you its time to put on your gas mask 1 Island of the dolls Alright were gonna wrap up this list with an place that is dedicated to one of the creepiest things around, dolls

The island of the dolls is located in mexico just south of mexico city The story behind this american girl store meets house of a thousand corpses is there was one man who lived on the tiny island One day he found a girls dead body floating in the river and not far away from it was a doll which he suspected belonged to the little girl He then hung the girls doll from a tree as a way to calm her spirit and continued to do so with every doll he could find The twisted end to this story is that this man was eventually found dead not far from where the girls body was found

Well everyone thats our list Make sure you write in the comments which one was your favourite and which scary place you would have added As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell I’ve been your host Che Durena and Until next time Im going to be spending my vacations at home

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