Top 10 Scary Pizza Delivery Stories

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena We all love it, we all want it and we have all ordered for delivery and then sat at home waiting for the steamy pile of cheese, dough and meet to come sliding into our hands

Pizza is probably the ultimate delivery food and thats why we’ve been getting it shipped to our houses for decades It doesnt matter what you want for toppings, whether your a traditional pepperoni or even if your looking to spice up your mundane life by getting that weeks special, pizza is almost better when you have it delivered But what do some of our brave delivery boys and girls have to go through on the day to day Well when it comes to being sexually harassed and nearly murdered Delivery drivers have been through it all and were going to bring some of the best tales to you today with todays list of top 10 scary pizza Delivery Stories And I got to give a shout out to Rachel Mathes for this list idea! As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also stick around for the top 3 on this list because we have pizza delivery legends that are so messed up youre not going to skimp on your next tip And you guys know that if you want more content go over to facebook and instagram to check us out and without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 Surveillance Probably the worst part about being a pizza delivery driver is you dont get to choose which houses you deliver pizza too I mean you hope its some scantily clad ladies who want to give you a really nice tip but this is real life not an 80s porno If your walking up to a strangers home with some piping hot za your more likely to shoved into a burlap sack than invited to a sorority orgy

Or maybe like in this story youll be unknowingly watched the entire time your on the property A pizza delivery driver had the unsettling experience of walking up to the door of a huge house in one of the richer neighbourhoods, it wasnt unsettling because the people inside were super rich snobby but because he never met anyone When he got to the front door there was just a note with some money The money was enough for the pizza and the note read, Dominos, leave it at the door Ok maybe this person was just busy or in the shower

But after he left the pizza and was walking back to his car he decided to glance back and the pizza was gone It had only been a few seconds and there wasnt even a peep of a door opening Then he noticed surveillance cameras all over the property, he had been watching the whole time He quickly jumped back into his car and took off hoping that he wasnt being followed by a remote drone 9 Its a stickup Could you imagine dying over pizza, well I kinda could imagine it I mean theres not a laundry list of foods I would die for but I think pizza makes the cut, it depends on how hungry I am and how much I spent on the pizza, I am man of principles

Well this guy almost did just that This story comes from a Dominos pizza delivery driver who was just closing down for the night, a late night customer came in before he could lock the door and before he could tell them that they were closed the guy had a gun pressed up against his forehead and was asking for all their pepperoni slices Actually he wanted money, I think he should have just cut out the middleman and taken the pepperoni, I mean why are we all slaving away every day at work if its not to buy more pepperoni He gave the pizza bandit the cash and thank god the guy left without hurting anyone but this pizza delivery driver said he was so shook up that he had nightmares for months and started carrying around a pistol 8 Young at heart This story comes from Redditor Diamond Sealtd he says it was just a regular old delivery day, going house to house getting lousy tips, then he walks up to one house ready to repeat the same task over again

But his house had a little bit of a surprise, instead of a normal person dressed as normal people do it was a 6 foot tall man wearing a diaper with little bow in his hair, like a giant baby Like what the hell dude, thats fine if you wanna dress like a baby, I have nothing against that But dont put that on me dude, keep that to yourself and your other diaper wearing pals I dont need the mental scarring that comes with seeing some stomach hair run into some huggies 7 The weather outside is frightful Nothing like driving in the middle of a hurricane This delivery driver said he was working in Texas when Hurricane Ike landed

I guess the hurricane was right the sweet spot making it insanely dangerous to be outside and not so dangerous that you get called off work Obviously no one wanted to go out in the storm so deliveries were getting called in like crazy, the worst part about it was he made less than 10 dollars in tips A man is going to brave a storm to come give you the beautiful creation on pizza and your not going to tip him For shame 6 Let it Burn You know sometimes you gotta Clip 3 That track is a banger, and the person in our next story better have been listening to this song or it was the biggest missed comedic opportunity

Well a delivery driver had to once delivery a pizza to a semi-detached home One side of the house had paying customer in it that was patiently waiting for a pizza and the other half was, ON FIRE And not like a little bit of smoke coming out of the windows There were police, ambulances, fire trucks, billowing flames This dude literally had to walk up to the door, knock and be like heres your pizza, also the house attached to your house is burning to the ground so you might want to eat this on the curb or something

5 A big tip One of the perks of being a delivery driver is that you get tips, well most of the time your suppose to get a tip but that really depends on the douchebag level of the people your dealing with Also the term tip seems to be open to interpretation, This Delivery guy got every version on it this night He says that he was making a delivery not to far away and the whole order was a little more than 20 dollars, quick, close and cheap, sounds like how I usually decided where to take someone on a date He got to the house, everything seems normal, knocks on the door, everything seems normal, he hears the person walking to the door, everything seems normal and then a man answers the door completely naked, not even a pizza hut coupon covering his junk for comedic effect He then gives the guy 40 bucks and follows it up with I hope you like the big tip

And before he ends this surprise biology refresher The guy twist his hips and slaps his dick off of each leg and then closes the door, you almost want to clap for the performance I mean he gave him almost a 100 percent tip but it came at the cost of never being able to forget the image or sound of a dick gliding through the air and clapping against the hairy pale thighs of a strangers 4 Put your hands up This next story comes from reddit user Cy To Morphin Stine, He had the unlucky task of driving into sketchy neighbourhood with a bunch of delicious pizza and a fanny pack full of tips I can think of a better way to get robbed

Taking some of the best food known to man into a neighbourhood full of bad people, while wearing a man purse that pretty much says Im easily beaten in a fight and having said purse filled with money Your bigger bait that 90 year old single billionaire at a gold digger convention Well this guy was in for a surprise when he drops off a pizza, everything is fine, nobody jumps him but on his way back to the car two cop cars pull up and draw their guns on him Like I didnt mean it dude, I told them not to get pineapple but they wouldnt listen He drops to his knees with his hands above his head and is put in handcuffs

Later he finds out that the house he delivered pizza too was the home of a massive drug dealer and the cops thought he was delivery product disguised as pizza Nothing like almost getting shot by the police for 9 dollars an hour 3 We got one Alright your a young girl delivering pizza, you have to carry 10 pizzas up a few flights of stairs because they apartment building you go into has no elevator When you get to the door, you knock, the door swings open and inside you see 15 dudes hanging out and get strong odor of alcohol The guy who answers the door invites you in while he grabs some money Your next move is either A, say no Ill just wait here, or B, step inside the apartment

Well this young redditor chose B and once she stepped inside the place they slammed the door behind her and yelled WE GOT ONE Then they murdered her, no Im joking, they were just pranking the poor girl but she said she was so afraid she went back to her car and cried Should have went with A 2 Its a Trap I would use the admiral akbar clip here but disney might come after me and take my thumbs This one is short but horrible

A delivery driver dropped off the pizza, got the money and on the way back to the car was jumped The whole thing was a set up, they beat the hell out of him, took all his money, took all his pizzas and stole his car My god does no one have any decency, I mean its a pizza guy, they deliver pizza, theyre basically angles 1 Back seat creeper And for the number one spot on the list we have one that is going to make you look over your shoulder ever time you get into your car One unlucky driver did the drop off, got the tip, everything was dope, no one pulled out their genitals and then when they got back into their car

Someone popped up and put a knife to their throat He dosent know how long this person had the blade pressed up against their neck but they said it felt like an eternity They person didnt say anything either, they were just breathing The person was wearing a mask so you couldnt see their face and after a long, silent, pee your pants experience, the back seat creeper just opened the back door and ran away A police report was filed but no one was ever caught

The lesson here is always lock your doors Well everyone that is our list, let me know if the comments what you thought of this video and if your one of amazing delivery drivers please let me know if you have any personal scary stories from doing gods work If some of them are good enough Ill probably throw them in a part 2 video As always guys you know to like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also if you need more most amazing top 10 content, Check us out on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know all the host a little bit better

Until next time Ive been Che Durena and I am craving pizza so bad right now

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