Top 10 Scary Pictures You Can Hear

Whats up people hope youre having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Todays videos a bit of a fun one despite the title, now for all you avid memers out there the new thing going around on twitter and instagram is hearing a picture that has no sound

The meme will be like the those two strong ass magnets that come together and you just know what that coming together sounds like its like etched into your brain Another is like a gif of those springy door stoppers being flicked And automatically im thinking of the annoying ass sound that makes and this is recent for me because my cat likes to flick mine all the time I know those werent the funniest examples of the meme but you gets get the gist so, welcome to Top 10 Scary Pictures You Can Hear Starting us off with number 10 is The Exorcist Woman

Now i know for a fact almost 90% of us have been screwed over by this woman and her piercing scream I remember when i first encountered like it was just yesterday Basically my sister wanted me to look at a timed picture on the computer and tell her what the odd thing out was in the photo It was like a stream within mountains and when the timer was coming to an end i was just expecting the image to go away and then before it even went off this womans face popped up screaming and i had a heart attack Its just this high pitched annoyance and i cant tell you how many times ive seen her in a video that im watching and everytime after it im just like why i hate my life i still get scared

She crops up multiple times a year i feel and i dare you to comment if youve never had to encounter her Thats a blessing people Coming in at number 9 is Jaws I actually cannot with this one i feel like anytime ive seen this picture anywhere the whole movie comes back to me not just the sound Guys this has actually been the soundtrack of my life im not even joking, this is the reason i have such a phobia of sharks and swimming anywhere mate as soon as i enter the pool i can hear this sound

And the worst part is that it starts playing when the shark isnt even close to the victim Its like shadily coming from a distance at this point and the music is getting faster until it finally rips the person off their surfboard and eats them Worst part? How the water just goes red afterwards like stop adding insult to my injury Yes my injury not the shark attack victims This is personal

At number 8 we have Jigsaw If you havent seen the Saw movies you are amongst a lucky few honestly but for the rest of us im pretty sure Jigsaws face has literally scarred us forever Basically to summarise Jigsaw is the main character of the Saw movie franchise, he is the bad guy let me be clear Instead of killing his victims and getting it over with he traps them with each other and puts them through every kind of torture you can imagine The scene thats stuck in my head is when 2 people are locked in separate jails but can see each other

They both have weighing scales in front of their bars and the game is whoever scale is the heaviest when the time goes off gets to survive Yknow what they start doing? Cutting their own body parts off to put them on the scale I dont even know what movie thats from, i stopped watching after that one But, before anything, before everything, when you see Jigsaws puppet mask you know whats about to come next Hello, i want to play a game

Filling our number 7 slot is Anne Robinson And i know this one will be more relatable for our British viewers than other ones I asked around the office and most people hadnt heard of The Weakest Link but Rebecca and Jack and everyone had so i was like oooh hit or miss Either way Anne Robinson was the biggest hardass of the early 2000s The Weakest Link was basically a TV trivia game show based in the UK and there are a bunch of contestants standing on their podiums in a circle around Anne and theyre all sort of working together to win as much money as possible

At the end of each round they all vote on who the weakest person was answering the questions and they leave the show And this gets emotional sometimes like its not a joke but the best part of each episode is Anne because she is a straight savage Shell be having a normal conversation with a contestant and then 30 seconds later turn into a robot and be like you are the weakest link, goodbye Now at number 6 is the The Pirate I dont even have to introduce this man or pirate i dont even have to say what show hes from, you guys already know

If when you look at this picture you dont hear, are you ready kids? then there is something seriously wrong with you But also this is just questionable, where did this pirate come from? And pirates are usually fearsome and scary so what is this mans link with spongebob and my dear patrick? Should kids be trusting a random pirate on TV that they dont know? Probably not And since when did the FDA approve pineapples living under the sea? Somethings not right here which is why this image just rubs me the wrong way Coming in at number 5 is Static I dont know who has cable anymore i feel like we are the era of netflix and illegal streaming LOL but either way if you did have cable as a child and there was a storm one night or there were certain channels your cable didnt have this badboy would come up (insert picture) and then youd be drowning in static sound which would make you want to stuff your ears with shit than listen to it for another second

I feel like static sounds how it looks The look is just black white grey messy filled up busy and the sound is the same, its just busy and loud and saturated and unnecessary i'm just like why Why must we hear this What did we do to deserve this? And also if this happened to you late at night when no one was home that is the freakiest shit ever Thankfully i dont have cable so i never have to hear this sound anymore but if you still do my thoughts and prayers are with you

At number 4 is Fred Probably the first person whos youtube videos I avidly followed, Fred Figglehorn is a 6 year old fictional character portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank on Youtube If i watched Fred now id probably think it was lame as hell but back in the day this was my shit And the funniest thing about Fred was his voice, Lucas voices him himself but his voice is just edited to be a lot more high pitched Hey its Fred!!!! The stuff he gets up to is hilarious its so clear that hes a loner whos in love with a girl who will never love him back and he even stalks her

As cute and funny as he is im not here for a delusional 16 year old being a 6 year old stalking me home Its just not a cute look Regardless of my bashing i really did watch every single video, some even multiple times Filling our number 3 slot is Janice You dont even have to have watched friends to know what Janices laugh sounds like i swear to god

Shes probably popped up in a youtube video youve watched or a meme or instagram or maybe her laughs just been haunting your dreams Either way the cackle on this woman is ridiculous, imagine the human embodiment of the most annoying person you can think of, that is Janice And her laugh sounds exactly like you think it would just by looking at her Yknow when you dont like someone and you kind of hope everything they do lives up to how annoying you find them Thankfully her laugh does

So believe me when i say anyone who sees this picture will 100% know what it sounds like and thats not a good thing Now at number 2 is Another One this one is probably my favourite on the list not just because i can hear the picture in full bloody HD, but because i can hear multiple things itd be saying in HD right now You smart, you loyal, you grateful, i appreciate that OR OR ofcourse another one, how can i forget DJ Khaled ruining every song i like and last but not least what actually kicked off his snapchat viralness thats a major key to success

This man haunts my house i feel, im just scared to one day go to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night with his face right in front of me telling me that sleep is a major key I cant have that I simply cant I wont And finally at number 1 is EA Sports

Guys Guys This one symbol should strike fear in all of you EA Sports the creators of FIFA, NBA Live, NHL, UFC, all the sports everyones breaking their hands playing, when this symbol comes up on your console thats when you know things are about to get real and personal This is the moment you know youre about to go online and verse some 10 year old kid in Sweden whos apparently slept with your mum and dad

I swear down my best friend used to send the most hateful messages to people who beat him on COD, i know thats not EA but its relevant Like once someone hacked his account and i swear this 12 year old kid was like im gonna find you and kill you and your family i cant believe all my progress is wasted blah blah When really it isnt THAT deep guys And thats all for todays video guys! I hope you enjoyed this sound filled soundless journey that we just went on together Leme know your favourite memes that you can hear because i bloody love memes and also tell me what your favourite from this list was! As always im Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time


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