Top 10 Scary Pictures Taken In The Deep Sea

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Now i will never go scuba diving, i will never go on a cruise, and id rather die in a land plane crash than a water one with more chance of survival

This is how scared i am of sharks even though yes i know they dont attack unless provoked, they think we’re seals blah blah save me the bullshit guys ive done all my research Its just a phobia thats embedded within me And we’re gonna leave it at that And im a good swimmer its not even that i'm bad, I just refuse to interact with the deep sea, or a pool at nightor during the dayunless im supervised So with my irrational fear in mind, here are the Top 10 Scary Pictures Taken In The Deep Sea also before we get into it, there are quite a few creatures on this list, and I personally think they are fairly ugly and scary but that is only my opinion, i know they obviously have no control over how they look theyre just creepy

Starting us off with number 10 is The Death Sign I feel like the title of this one should be enough to warrant it as scary but expand on it we must Eagles Nest Sinkhole qualifies as one of Floridas most treacherous underwater caves if it not the most dangerous Its a deadly diving location and its famous for its mermaid shows which really means it has a bunch of lightless pockets and nooks and crannies that house a lot of rare translucent marine life Right before the entrance of the sinkhole theres a massive death sign

I kid you not, it says Stop prevent your death! Go no further It has the grim reaper on the left of it cus obviously we have to add insult to injury when youre down there Under its title it has 4 facts mostly about you dying, for example more than 300 divers including instructors have died in caves like this one Without cave raining and cave equipment, divers can die here It can happen to you

And the cherry on top is: theres nothing in this cave worth dying for And i mean theyre not wrong Some of the tunnels under there plunge 300 feet deep so much so that people have described it as a venus fly trap You get in and quickly get distracted by everything around you and you dont even realise how deep it gets and how quickly 0 to 100 real quick

Its even been dubbed the Mount Everest of cave dives Say no more dude Say no more Coming in at number 9 is The Sinkhole Now ive seen so many pictures of people literally diving into an endless black hole in the ocean and I don't know how they do it

Its a black hole that for you all know could be hiding the last megalodon in there just waiting to pounce and eat you I dont even get how people just free dive in there like what if you dont have enough energy and oxygen to get all the way to the surface? Youre dead mate Its just too dark, too deep, too filled with unknowns and frankly dangerous I think something Friedrich Nietzche (freederick neetchuh) said really applies to this one, he said if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you’ And i fully believe that

This picture like i know something is staring back at this girl ready to eat her alive Like need i remind you guys less than 5% of the ocean has been explored, the other 95% At number 8 we have the Devil Serpent And yes that is definitely not this creatures name but when you look at it thats really all that comes to mind The snake dinosaur looking thing is infact a moray eel but even the website i saw this picture on titled it the malevolent moray eel Like thats not a compliment mate

These deepwater eels are found in the South Pacific Ocean and honestly they look like a dinosaur snake eel hybrid mutation These little shits are carnivorous, they eat basically anything smaller than them and their main predators are barracudas and sea snakes so its safe to say moray eels are apex predators in their own ecosystems They have short serrated teeth whereas others have fang like teeth Imagine they were found in shallower waters and you went diving and this eel just burst out of some coral tunnel on your left all mouth open creeping at you I can't I think thatd be the first time id defecate underwater

Filling our number 7 slot is Christ Yeah they actually found Jesus down in the deep sea, surprise No i'm kidding This picture was taken off the coast off Key Largo Florida, and its one of 3 bronze statues of christ that are submerged The first one was submerged off the coast of Italy back in 1954, there’s another near Grenada and finally this one that was erected in 1965

The statues were put there for many reasons, firstly to represent Christ in the new world, secondly as a memorial for those who had died at sea and thirdly for those who continue to explore the depths But how haunting is this photo? I dont mean that in a disrespectful way at all before you guys come at me like antichrist It is a haunting image This giant christ covered in water damage and plants just looking upwards i mean its called the christ of the abyss for gods sake It gives me the feeling he drowned even though i know he was put there

But just the thought of scuba diving deeper and deeper into dark water and seeing this drowned figure with his arms outstretched in the middle of open water just makes my skin crawl a little bit It could be just me though Now at number 6 is the Fish From Hell I mean its actual name is the blackdragon fish but I reckon my moniker fits it much better This picture literally looked like this fish demon of death emerged from the parts of the ocean that are so deep theyre actually in hell

Apparently the blackdragon fish has light emitting organs all along its belly to trick predators since the lights changes its silhouette It even has bioluminescent lights next to each eye that either attracts mates or helps find prey Believe me they are not finding any mates looking like that i assure you The thing has a few rows of razor sharp teeth not to mention the thing has teeth on its bloody tongue Like

why was there a need for that? There really wasnt I just cant God was like this creature already looks like the spawn of satan what else can i add for a touch of yknow panache A toothed tongue I rest my case

Lets keep fish well deep in the sea Coming in at number 5 is The Chair Honestly this image is haunting to me I feel like deep in the sea you expect to find horrifically ugly animals or the remains of old shipwrecks Rarely dyu expect to find a random inanimate object like a kids chair

The chair in the photo is tiny, its yellow and its scaring me Im wondering if i even wanna know how it got there or what happened to make it get there Was a young child thrown off the side of a yacht or cruise on their little chair? Did a family yacht ride go awry and sink and the chair is one of the only surviving items from the tragedy? Its just giving me major ghost ship vibes and im not here for it At number 4 is Zhemchug Canyon Bro i knew we had deep canyons underwater but this is like the daddy of canyons

Located in the middle of the Bering Sea, this submarine canyon is the deepest canyon in the world and is also tied for the widest one too At a vertical relief of 8,530 feet its deeper than the Grand Canyon by more than 2400 feet Like if you just look at this thing from an aerial view of the earth, its like blue sea, land, and then just a massive cliff drop into a dark blue vortex Its nearly 9000 feet deep and we’ve only explored 2000 feet of it Lol

we’re a joke Stats like that just make me feel like humans are so puny and fragile and just so breakable Just the picture of this little submarine going into the canyon Like no light goes down there, its just the eerie white torch of the vehicle illuminating parts of the ocean that have just never been touched What is down there, will we ever know? I definitely hope so

Filling our number 3 slot is The Goblin Shark Or we can call it by its latin name, the ugliest shark ive ever seen This thing looks like a living corpse, i have never seen the need for something so horrific to exist The living fossil is 125 million years old and is found in the deep sea Of course, otherwise it wouldnt be on the list

I think the unsettling part of it is the fact the goblin sharks skin is semi transparent so the pinkish hue on them is really just a direct look at their insides Which i dont want Secondly they have these elongated snouts and needle like teeth but the worst of the worst are their jaws Theyre highly extendable so it can just swimming around and just detach its jaw and eat something a few feet in front of it and then its jaw goes back into place like nothing ever happened Even when theyre not coming outwards, they still look barely attached to the body of the shark

Its just not nice Theyre found in depths that basically have no light and i dont really think this creature needs to see the light so i feel like we can just happily coexist and never see one and other Now at number 2 is The Titanic I feel like it was expected that this was gonna be on the list but honestly i feel like id be doing a disservice if i host any ocean video and i dont include the titanic This event doesnt need and introduction and if you dont know what happened with the Titanic then i dont think you deserve to know

In 1912 the Titanic hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage and sank killing at least 1500 people The ship split into two and sank 12,415 feet below the surface and the wreckage was only found in 1985 Water pressure at that depth is freakin lethal, and on top of that the site is just ghostly I feel like because we had so much information about the titanic before it sunk that seeing the pictures of the wreckage just makes you imagine in detail what wouldve been going on on the deck, who wouldve been living where, where the last song the band played was The pictures just ooze its final moments and honestly honest to god i feel like its haunted

I know we’ll never know but so many people died in this one event and drowned in and around the same area i would not be surprised for a second if their spirits and souls were trapped in the deepest parts of the ocean with the wreckage itself That could be a great idea for a gothic horror novel now that i think about it And finally at number 1 is The Pacific Viperfish Yknow when youre playing a fighting game and you get to the last level and you have to fight the final boss Thats what the pacific viperfish is

We’ve reached our final boss people This fish is in the abyss abyss of the deep sea, during the day it can be anywhere between 200 to 5000 m below the oceans surface At night it comes up a bit more for food but for the most part theyre down in the deep Looks wise theyre only 1 foot long but they are ugly mofos Ones i wouldnt wanna encounter during the day, during the night, during my lifetime

Thank you They have huge mouths and fang like teeth and are this iridescent dark blue silver colour usually but can be light black as well Their teeth are transparent first of all which is already creepy but they also done fit in the fishes mouth because of how big they are So they just curl back on the outside which obviously makes it look even more scary and monstrous And thats it for todays video guys! I shouldve probably prefaced this video with the fact that if you have thalassophobia then you should probably skip it

Thalassophobia is an intense fear of the sea or sea travel and just like large bodies of water and just the vast emptiness of it all But its too late for that trigger warning and according to this buzzfeed quiz i took, i too have thalassophobia So thats great Thanks for coming to my TED talk, im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you in the next one Byee

Source: https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Thalassophobia

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