Top 10 Scary Photos That Have To Be Photoshopped

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are taking things back to basic as we talk the Top 10 Scary pictures that have to be photoshopped

and like I am almost certain they are like

what if they arent? What happens then? The world is a scarier place my friend! While we go through this video, why don’t you let me know in the comments section which photos have been photoshopped and which you find the scariest! 10 Tiny Hole Disease The bad people of photoshop invented a horrible disease in order to trigger people with Trypophobia, the fear of tiny holes I do not like a tiny hole, this much I know So people with Trypophobia will be afraid of little holes in symmetrical patterns

a lot of the time, this kind of sickening symmetry is often found in nature, like in honey comb or certain plants Meet the Lotus pod It actually makes my stomach turn remember that one for a moment Obviously when it comes to tiny holes in the skinwell that just hammers the fear home, right? The only way in real life you can get anything close to holey skin is by like knelling on a bag of peas

OR IS IT My friends, look at this Lots of people have delighted in photoshopping grotesque holes onto peoples skin…and that makes me feel not okay! The humble lotus pod has even been used to to generate a horrifying looking skin condition that thankfully doesn’t exist okaycan we stop looking at this now!? 9 Voldemort Could it be magicNO

NO does anyone here remember Take That I feel like America never had the pleasure of the British boy band whateverI stand by the reference

So remember when Dobby the House Elf was spotted on security camera in the middle of the night? Well I am thinking there is some Hogwarts back from the dead stuff going on because is this or is this not some poor soul with Voldemort growing out of the back of their head?! Orwell I guess this is a black and white photo so perhaps it predates the Professor Quirrel and Voldy erawhich

for those of you who have forgotten looked like this: Like what is going on with the evil on the head?! This is one of the first examples of the horror photoshop 8 – 9/11 Plane This video went viral on the internet and purportedly captured the moment just before one of the hijacked planes hit the world trade centre, and shows a tourist unaware of his impending fate and the immanency of the moment that would change the world forever Note the date on the picture This image was unleashed on to the world two weeks after the 9/11 attacks and spread like wildfire over the internet at a time people were very much still grieving Sodid this picture capture the final moments of a mans life? Well no There are some digital imperfections that are visible to the trained eye, but beyond that – the man is wearing a coat – I am not sure if you have been to New York during the month of September, but it isn’t coat weather

Also, the observation Deck doesn’t open til 930am, so there wouldn’t have been anyone up there yet The plane also looks like it is approaching fromthe North, but the North Tower didn’t have an outdoor observation Deck The plane isnt the right model So

basically it was fake and nasty The image came from a Hungarian man called Peter who claimed he was indeed the tourist guy and he had created the viral image Honestly, that is sick

Things were getting a little heavy there for a second, weren’t they let’s change the tone up a bit and talk about this absolute Poop Leader at number7 I remember this image going viral – it seems to show a cheerleader who experiences a nasty case of unexpected Diarrhea at a game Can you imagine! A lot of people thought that this image was real

the look of shock in the cheerleaders on the right hand side certainly make it seem like it could be realalthoughI mean I have never seen poop that liquidy! It turns out, thankfully, this IS fake but the scary thing is that this poor girl was shamed! One commenter – Katinka Min wrote: You can ruin somone's life with that sort of thing I actually saw and believed it and felt deeply sorry for the girl Imagine this really happening and the whole world laughing about it And, now, she has to run around explaining that this did NOT happen

Grosser still at number 6 Blue Waffle – I am not actually going to show you these photoshop images because internet people be nasty But Let me tell you a little about one of the original photoshop troll trends

Blue Waffle became a thing in the early 2000s It is allegedly a sexually transmitted disease that leaves both make and female nether regions looking messed up messed up with a blueish tinge

Greaaaat So anyway, a lot of photoshopping of body parts went on, leading people to believe it was legit! So many people, especially kids, were worried about the disease that a Doctor felt compelled to make a video about it Okay, what else we gotohh a giant spider and pals at number 5 I am actually going to call BS on this right away

It is scary to look at but there is absolutely no way it is real This image was clearly taken in a house of some kindthe spider is on the ceiling

The thing is – the biggest spider in the world is the giant bird eating spiderand 1) even that isnt that big and 2) it lives in the rainforest of Northern South America

you are very unlikely to see one ever Sosleep easy 4 – Old Ghost Ah yes, this old chestnut Have a look at this picture

It is usually accompanied by short stories like this: Back in the 1950´s, the Cooper family from Texas moved into their new house Once there, they took a family photo but when the picture was developed, the image of a body falling from the ceiling was clearly visible As further investigation on this story has brought no plausible explanation, there exist many speculations; including one that argues that the shadow is the ghost of the previous owner of the house Mhhmmm All very Amityville Horror, right? No prizes for guessing that of course this image turned out to be photoshopped

Oh hey there Slenderman, how are you doing at number 3 Slenderman is an internet Urban legend that crawled forth from a creepy pasta posted on a forum by Eric Knudsen in 2009 The tall, thin humanoid with no facial features piqued the interest of many internet users it was only a matter of time before they started photo shopping him into preexisting images and spreading new scary stories, for example here is slenderman seen lurking in the shadows at the back of a group of kids

here he is responsible for child abduction here he is having started a school fire We are heavily on the internet creepypasta wagon hereat number 2 we have 2 – Jeff The Killer Ah, Jeff Jeff the killer emerged from the internet in 2008 and the story usually goes that there was a terribly bullied kid at school – he mutilated his own face and went on a killing spreeincluding the murder of his own brother, to whom he killed after whispering the words, just go to sleep Horrifying stuff, right Sure! It also was all over the internet This is the image used to depict Jeff the killer but actually the image is photoshopped from an picture of an innocent young girl Here is the original It turns out that the reveal of the real image actually sparked a new urban legend of its very own! The story then went that the exaggerated and photoshopped image of the teenage girl upset her so much, and she was bullied so hard for being the face behind the jeff the killer meme that she herself actually took her own life

I am sure that that part of the story isnt true, but either way, turning a girl into a grotesque caricature like that just isn't okay! I honestly think that photoshop is scariest when the image is given context, given a story this photoshop image at number one was so compelling that it made the story seem very believable and

well I think its fake I hope so! Russian Sleep Experiment The Russian Sleep Experiment was – according to internet lore – a hospital experiment that was said to have taken place in Soviet Russia on political prisoners during world war 2 Russian doctors used sleep deprivation as torture and studied its effects

Prisoners were told they would be freed if they took place in a 30 day experiment To cut a long story short, at the end of the experiment, those still alive could no longer be described as human or even human looking When asked what they were, one of the subjects smiled and reportedly said: We are you We are the madness that lurks within you all, begging to be free at every moment in your deepest animal mind We are what you hide from in your beds every night

We are what you sedate into silence and paralysis when you go to the nocturnal haven where we cannot tread" so what does the madness that lurks inside you look like Good question Something like thisapparently! URGH! Horrifying right I almost almost believed this storyuntil I saw the original image

it turns out that that the famous Russian Sleep Experiment image actually came from a photograph of a very real and very horrifying movie prop called spasm

Lovely Great Well guys I think we have all learned a lesson involving believing what we see on the internet Not all scary images are fake, but it serves us to pay better attentionespecially in a world of deep fakes Which image was the scariest? Comments from Scary glitches in the matrix that will make you question reality Meeta Verma said: There should be a top ten scary experiences that happened with Rebeccca Felgate 161 of you agreed! I don’t know do you think it would get any views! Nathan Ford Wrote: I had a weird thing happen to me recently

I was applying for jobs and was called to have a phone interview for a job the interviewer asked me why I'm switching departments I was so confused I have never worked for this company before and they are telling me I currently work for them I was really nervous but brushed it off they confirmed by address phone number email I used for the application and also confirmed previous work experience They stated I have been working for them for 5 years

Really weird I love the community hereyou guys had some great replies

Will Valdez said: Maybe you should show up there one day and see what happensMR said: Cash in that vacation time and Lucifer Morning Star said: Go Collect your Pay Checks, lol!

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