Top 10 Scary Photos That Have To Be Photoshopped – Part 2

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena Most of the time Photoshop is used by instagram models to make us all want to like their butt pictures or by people on reddit trying to distort an image to make a creepypasta more believable, personally Im a bigger fan of the butt pictures, I think they are far more artistic

I should hire one of these butt picture models to photoshop some pics of me for my tinder so I can finally start to get some matches I think people would like my face more if it was a girls butt Now, other times people use photoshop to try and freak everyone by unleashing an image on the internet that will scar you for the rest of your life, like the Blue waffle, which was in part one, I still send that picture into group chats to ruin peoples day Also if you havent checked out part one get on that right now Rebbeca Felgate did an amazing job on that list Well there are even more gross and disturbing photoshopped pictures out there and thats why Im bringing you todays list of top 10 scary photos that have to be photoshopped part 2

As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better And without taking any longer, lets get into this list 10 Goat man Goat man, Goat man, Goat man Someone remix the song jumpman with goat man and punch up the lyrics with a goat theme and I think youll have a hit

Also if that song already exists please leave a link in the comments below This is one of the most famous creepy pastas out there, its about a creature that can shapeshift into any animal or person and kills people Im going to say that this picture is a combination of things, its a nice staged killing, with some live porps crossed between some ok photoshopping skills I mean the mask and the feet very convincing But that blood splatter on the bag, That looks as good as early 2000s CGI

The effects looked better in the mummy returns when the rock turned into that scorpion creature Pic 2 9 Hook island Sea monster Every time I get the chance I try to squeeze in some sort of sea monster, I think theres a part of me that convinced there is som giant weird creatures lurking about in the deeps below The hook island sea monster has a classic sea monster story, boy meets girl, boy falls in love with a girl, their love is forbidden, so the two run off together Wait what I meant to say is old couple sees a giant black mass underwater tells all their friends about it and then no one ever sees the thing again No one ever talks about how day drunk these people were when the sighting happened

I mean the sighting happened in 1964 and the couple who spotted it were out on a boat, your gonna tell me they didnt spend all day drinking Well apparently this thing was 80 feet long and looked like a giant tadpole There are a lot of photos of the hook island sea monster but its so hard to tell if they are legit or not 8 The Thousandth of a second Whaaaaaat, this one looks crazy, how does that even happen The water looks like a blanket thats about to snuggle that rock into a sweet slumber and then whispered a lullaby into its ear

Well I guess thats not really scary but this picture was so nuts that I had to put it on the list Apparently this photo isnt photoshopped The shutter speed is just so fast that it captures the water flying over this rock in the perfect time, were it looks solid Thats crazy, I want to take that camera and take pictures of people falling at skate parks, so you can get every millisecond of painful damage to their body I think I spend more time looking at the instagram page wicked slams then any other

Theres something about a person brutally hurting themself that brings joy to my heart 7 Sloway Firth Spaceman Heres a creepy one photobomb from a spaceman This picture was taken back in 1964 and its the original Of course with the internet you cant trust that anything, this whole thing could have started as a reddit thread with just a weird picture, then people make up a backstory for it and next thing you know everyone thinks space people are popping into pictures But apparently when the photo was taken the only people there were the little girl and her grandfather taking the picture

After it was developed the old dude had the picture inspected by the workers at kodak and they said it was legit I want to believe all of this I want to believe that some time traveler used his god like power to leave his mark on a polaroid from the 60s but I just havent met an old person who doesnt just lie for fun The elderlie love their blarneys 6 Freddy Jacksons last photo It seems like Ghost just love to jump into pictures unannounced, like you had your chance to take a bunch of pictures when you were alive, dont use your ghostly powers to ruin my brunch pics, Im trying to curate an instagram over here

Well this pic is hella creepy In 1919, a member of the Royal Air Force died in one of the worst ways I can think off He didnt get shot down or jump on a grenade, he walked into a propeller Yikes, I would hate to be the guy in charge of cleaning that up There would be brains behind door knobs

Well his squadron packed him up and then held a funeral for him 2 days later, at the funeral they took a big group photo of everyone looking super cute and who decided to show up? Behind one of the pilots you can see the ghostly face of Freddy Jackson I mean he was probably a little happy, even though he was dead he was for sure stoked to see how many people made it out to his funeral 5 Bath time All right theres one bath and 6 of us, should we take turns? No 5 of us are going to pile into there all at once and the 6th person takes a picture, thats a good time Is this what happens on girls night? You guys take non sexual baths together for fun You know you can just play smash bros dude

You can have up to 8 players at one time Well its not the 5 girls all packed into a bathtub that makes this picture strange and make me wonder if there such a thing as being too good of friends But It the shadow man in the window, jesus christ! Someone get a priest so we can banish this soul stealer out of here Now in the photo I can tell if this a person standing outside or if its a demon ghost that has left his imprint on the glass Either way this man or monster is a huge creep and need to let people enjoy a shared bath in private

4 Babushka I love this picture so much, I hope in my soul its not photoshopped I want this little old lady to be a real person It looks like her makeup was done by a mortician and shes slumped over like shes lived through 11 wars The reason I think it might be photoshopped is her body just doesnt match the rest of her Shes got a little kids shirt on and shes so small

You can tell by the guy sitting behind her that if shes real, she cant be taller than four feet I know some people get shorter as they get older but this is kind of crazy She probably has a little miniature house furnished with childrens furniture I love this little babushka lady and if shes real I wish her good fortune and I hope her step stool she uses to reach things never breaks 3 Zombies Every country has their own unique cultures and you gotta respect them, and I gotta say I respect the menene but I would never take part in it

It looks like a scene out of the walking dead, or like someone photoshopped a bunch of dead bodies into a fashion show but this is totally real Menene is also called the ceremony of cleaning corpses This is were people dig up bodies of their dead relatives and then take them home to change their clothes I mean it seems like a super sweet thing to do, you give grandma a fresh shirt so she always looks fly in the grave But I think theres such a thing as caring too much

There has to be a point where we dont have to take care of people anymore, and Im gonna say I think that point is after we die But hey who am I to judge, these guys are doing something nice for their dead loved ones, and one of my favourite traditions his cutting down our precious trees to dress it up and then get super invested in capitalism The menene takes place every year in indonesia, so if you really want to experience another countries culture you now know where to go 2 Headless dude enjoys the view This one is freeeeeaky, there two pictures of this dude with no head taken, the photographer was a lady visiting the rocky mountain national park She was just trying to get some good shots of the scenery

Upon reviewing the photos she saw the no head ghost haunting a couple of her pics Shes positive that no one was there when the photos were taken She thinks the ghost might be of her father who was recently killed on the job 1 Ghost Face Not the amazing rapper from the Wu Tang Clan but this creep ghost that wanted to get on someones camera roll one more time Now I can only find the black and white version of this picture, I guess when your capturing someone dead dudes soul in a photo you gotta make sure it looks artistic

If it was a colour photo it would be easier to tell if this is just a dude who doesnt know how to smile for photos and probably likes to do arts and craft out of people body parts or if this is indeed a ghost caught on camera Either way its terrifying It his white eyes that really send it over the top for me, its like if you stare into them youll see your own death and then pee your pants a little

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