Top 10 Scary Phoenix Urban Legends

ey most amazing top 10 top 10 family Im your host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10 Were heading over to Phoenix baby! I love the desert cities, there is something mesmerizing about being in the center of an area covered by endless miles of hot sand in every direction

They mysteries of the desert are the fuel of todays list of top 10 scary phoenix urban legends We are going to find out what kind of tales are hidden away in this wild land of tumbleweeds As always I would love it if you could like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell also stick around for the whole video because Im going to be doing some more pet shoutouts that you love so much And if you want some more most amazing content go check us out on instagram and facebook, we are starting to do facebook exclusive content If any of you at home want to grab some most amazing merch check out the link in the description below and use the offer code MA10 for 5 dollars off

And without taking any longer lets count down this list 10 The lost dutchmans mine We all want to be rich so we dont have to worry about money ever again but what are you willing to risk in order to get it Maybe you will go in search of the missing dutchmans mine but Ill have to know that it might be the last time that anyone has heard from you The tale goes all the way back to the 1800s, when the land was fought over by the natvie Americans and the settlers There was a Dutch explorer by the name of Jacob Waltz who came in to try and strike it rich after the land was taken, he heard that people were mining precious metals and he wanted a piece of the pie

But no matter where he dug there was nothing to be found He heard about a mountainous area where no one had tried digging, he thought he would head up there and give it a shot However there was a good reason no one went looking around there, the native americans said the area was cursed, they wouldnt go near the place But this didnt stop Waltz, he wanted money more than he was afraid of superstition, he went up there and guess what He found one of the largest copper deposits the town had ever seen

He was becoming wealthy and other people wanted to know the location of this money hole So they would follow him, and everyone who followed him would disappear, getting lost in the mountains, some people think it could have just poor navigation, while others think it was the curse, taking the lives of those who were not welcome Then one day Waltz fell to his death while climbing the mountain and the location of the mine was lost forever 9 The stranded couple If your driving between Ajo Arizona and Phoenix on the 85, you might see a couple on the side of the road trying to wave you down for help Once you pull over to help them, youll look back and they will be gone

This ghost couple has been spotted several times, each time trying to get help Legend says they were a newly wed couple driving through arizona on their way to celebrate their honeymoon Thats so sweet, I hope nothing back happens to them, well their ghost now so I can promise you that something bad is about to happen to them They crashed into a massive boulder that had rolled its way into the road This killed them both instantly, now their spirits are stuck on the side of the highway just trying to make it to their honeymoon

That suuuuucks 8 The Jackalope Half antelope, half jackrabbit all mystery This has been a tale in the southern american states for sooooo long The story of a creature that has the horns of an Antelope but the body of jackrabbit and can move faster than both In some tales the creature is way larger than any rabbit and could gore a man in seconds

This tale Has been disproven many times but maybe thats just because people are trying to hide this beautiful creature from us Maybe its so dangerous that it has to be kept hidden in some containment facility and if it gets out it could whip out an entire city Or maybe it taste super good and all of the global elite are hiding it from us because they dont want us to eat the goodness of this little creature 7 Too Hot to Handle We have already covered that Phoenix is in the desert and is a nice place to get away to during the winter if you live in Canada But it might soon be too hot

With the increasing temperatures of climate change some people speculate that Phoenix will become so hot that anyone who stays there will literally fried Like that myth about being able to fry an egg on the sidewalk That will be true and it will also be you Now this is a legend because some people say this is completely false and Phoenix will be fine, but you wont catch me there staying to find out I absolutely love warm weather but I like it to stop before its cooking my insides

I mean if it does get so hot that people die in the sun you could go live underground like mole people and come out to hunt at night And then we would have a brand new urban legend about the Phoenix mole people 6 The Phoenix lights When an entire city sees some UFOs flying around in the sky for over 14 hours, you can bet that it will stir up some people The Phoenix lights were seen might so many people its thought that it might be the largest UFO sighting of all time In 1997 there was a string of 5 lights floating in the sky in a V pattern that were seen hovering over Phoenix

The national guard claim that they were just flares, that it was part of a standard training procedure and there was nothing to be alarmed about But when you take a look at them, I have to say that they do not look like flares at all Clip3 Those dont look like flares to me but what do I know I work on a youtube channel and I have zero military experience, or Im actually a spy undercover, those are really the only two options But the phoenix lights have never been explained and every year they get brought up Can the government just open up and tell us that aliens are real already

5 El Chupacabar This guy is a classic, I could leave him off the list! If you are unfamiliar with this beast its kind of a cross between a werewolf, a lizard and something that really wants to ruin your budding goat farm The name means Goat sucks and its a beast that sneaks into farms at night and kill farm animals by sucking their blood until they were bone dry Youre just out here trying to make it as a small goat farmer that this thing is messing everything up for you The creature only comes out at night and is said to have grey skin In some cases its covered in hair and in others it has more snake like skin

In all cases its a huge jerk Its about the size of a wolf and if you catch him at the wrong time he might attack you Also it has the most fun name of any mythical beast Say El Chupacabra like 8 times 4 Phoenix is overrun by poisonous scorpions That sounds like a perfect place to visit, there so many scorpions that you find them in your shoes in the morning and then you die Well lets straighten something out, there are scorpions in Phoenix, a lof the southern states have scorpions and Arizona has the only poisonous scorpion in america, the arizona bark scorpion But stay with me, there is not an insane amount of scorpions in Phoenix and its super rare to die for a scorpion sting if you get one

You have a better chance of getting killed by lightning in arizona then a scorpion sting So dont let the little pincher bugs stop you for checking out the next cardinals game 3 The Mogollon monster Now I know the Mogollon rim is like 2 hours outside of phoenix but this monster has legs baby it could make its way down to phoenix if he wanted to Also it is almost impossible to make an urban legends list without including some sort of Monster creature, ghost lady or creature in the lake I had to do it to em

Now this beast is basically Arizonas bigfoot, he hangs out in the Mogollon ridge and has been spotted over 100 times Theres no clear photographic evidence of course, what would be the fun in that The first sighting dates all the way back to 1908 The thing is said to have massive claws and an orange tinge to its fur It also possibly has some sort of skunk ability, to release a stink cloud that is just brutal

Because everyone who has ever come in contact with it has said it stinks super bad Maybe its just a big hairy dude who chose to live in the forest and now he smells bad because he never showers If you get into monster hunting and want to track this thing down its said to love sweet things, baked goods and fruit But be careful because these creatures are extremely powerful I mean its basically a gorilla but bigger

2 Arizona is the kidnapping capital of America Well that settles, Im not headed over there The last thing I need is a sack thrown over my head and have people cutting my toes off to send them to my family because they think I have money I have less then 100k on instagram, I promise you Im not worth it Theres no water in this well Now I have read a mix of statistics on this urban legend

There was a 2008 case study that said people in Phoenix were getting thrown into the back of painter van more times than Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita express But then that study was be bunked and now people dont know what to believe Some people think that they are covering up how many people go missing in Phoenix so it dosent hurt the tourism I dont know what to believe but if I want to go somewhere hot and fun I might just go to mexico instead, I think it might be safer 1 Phoenix is almost out of water Every five years or so the story popups up that Phoenix will run out of water soon

This has been a legend about the city since the 70s and has started picking up steam with the climate change crisis So far there has never been a time where there was no water to go around But that hasnt stopped the legend from being something people are constantly worried about I mean it makes sense, your in a desert, if everything goes to hell that will be the first place to have no water Phoenix would become some sort of Mad Max city, with people riding around in makeshift cars gunning each other down for a few liters of the good stuff while yelling GASOLINE! Alright that is our list and as promised Im going to do some more pet shoutouts, Remember if you want me to shoutout your pet you can message me on instagram

I pick new pets everyday so if you dont get picked one day you can message back another day and if takes me a while to get back to you Im very sorry I got a lot of these to do And without taking any longer, lets shout outs some pets First we have jakes dog Simba pic1 Hes being a good boy, with all the treats on his nose, very patient boy Mae sent in a picture of Chewbacca Look at him, I could never say no to that begging face Next Hanna sent in a picture of Buster brown Hes got such a good colour to him, always fresh After that we have missy the cat This is such a beautiful festive pic, it should be in everyones christmas card Then we have Marias dog Enzo Hes got that scruff going on in all the right ways And finally Deena sent in a picture of Elmo and George One scuff one trimmed, the should have a buddy cop show

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