Top 10 Scary Phobias That You Might Have

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet … I am your host Miss Rebecca Jane Felgate and today I am talking the top 10 Scary Phobias That You Might have Shout out to Hippopoto- monstro- sesquipped-alio- phobia… What a mouthful…… that exceptionally long word descirbes the fear of long words

which really is a sick irony! What are you guys afraid of let me know in the comments section down below… Any irrational fears? I am extremely freaked out by jelly I don’t like to be in the same room as a jelly, let alone have some anywhere near my mouth I just don’t like the way it moves

Fun story, I used to be a Queen at a toyshoplike an actor playing a queenand we would do kids parties which always involves jellyand for the love of god someone please tell me why

I would always try not to cry whilst handing out jelly to the kids If I really was queen… then I would ban jelly Sorry bout it Let me know your thoughts in the comments section … LIKE

SHARE…SUB…Sources…insta 10 – Hemophobia Hemophobia is the intense fear of blood We’re all a little bit afraid of blood… horror movies play on this …

Thats why slashers are so scary But Hemophobia is beyond being a little squeemish A friend of my parents, a very tall man named Tommy, is REALLY afraid of blood… he faints at the site of it and the man is 6ft 6 He needs somebody to scream TIMBER underneath him when he goes down Everytime he would come over my mum would talk to my sister Julia and I before hand and remind us not to mention blood

so of course we would Some people are REALLY scared of blood and I get it… it is a gruesome thing if there is too much of it… but it can really get in the way of people living their lives as if they get injured they are likely to faint or vomit which means they cant get the help 9 – Trypophobia How does this picture make you feel… Good… not good

what about this one? Trypophobia is the fear of tiny holes and it is NOT a fear that I had when I started Most Amazing Top 10, but it is definitely a fear I have as I am leaving! It actually makes me feel sick I think it is less about tiny holes themselves but more about them in a cluster… litle tint clusters It is dressing

The terrors of the internet have also taken great delight, as you have seen, in photoshopping holes of lotus pods on to bodies to make them look like medical disorders and I am stressed! And creeped outand sick! 8 – Claustrophobia For those that don’t understand Claustrophobia then maybe it doesn’t seem so bad… I don;t have it badly or anything

for me it is less about the space and more about knowing I can get out…but if I feel trapped I FREAK out… there was a bank vault in my old house and at parties we used to find it really funny to lock eachother in there for ten minutes at a time But one time we couldnt get the door open and it was awful Claustrophobia is a fear of tight spaces – a situational phobia triggered by the irrational fear if getting stuck It is the most common phobias out there and is classified as an anxiety disorder I feel good now but once when I was younger and I lived in London my anxiety was up and I had a panic attack on a tube train when it was held at a red signal in a tunnel for 10 minutes It’s horrible and really scary when you are living through it

– 7 – Taphophobia Anyone want to play guess the fear before I tell you… Taphephobia anyone?! I'm gonna give you 5 seconds… Okay ready … Right Taphophobia is the really rather reasonable fear of being buried alive

Can you actually think of any worse way to die? For me its a real toss up between being trapped in a burning house or being buried in a coffin I can’t escape from I’m not sure I could Black Mamba a la Kill Bill my way out of there Uma Therman really did master the punch! These days there have been safety coffins developed in case anyone does find themselves 6 ft under… but that really wont help remove the crushing weight of the dirt above you The worst thing to do in that situation is panic, as you’ll use up oxygen quicker… but honestly… what else is there to do! 6 – Thalassophobia I am a sea farer, I am happiest by the sea… Lost at sea would be a fine way for me to go…

But the thought of bodies of water deeply and completely stresses a lot of people back Thalassophobia is an intense and persistent fear of the ocean I know some people whos biggest fear is being stranded in the middle of the ocean and I understand that…the sea is a pretty wild place! Thalassophobia can affect people travelling on boats, and even people just standing in the shore and FREAKING out! It’s too bad – the earth is 4 5ths water! 5 – Anatidaephobia Who knows this one? This has been memeified and I get it… Do you know…

Anatidaephobia is the very real fear that somewhere in the world a duck or a goose is watching you I don’t enjoy a voyeur… especially when that voyuer is a foul Hahahaaaa I can’t do this one with a straight face I understand a fear of webbed feet I understand a fear of beaks…

But the watchful eye of a pond dweller? DO people think they like know things or something?! Maybe they do! 4 – Astrophobia Astraphobia is the Fear of Space – by that I don’t mean space as in like open spaceI mean like the most open of all spaces – the universe Honestly I do understand this

Astrophobia is influenced by the fear of the unknown and we really do not know very much about space at all Humans have been to the moon but not much further Thinking of space can fill people with existential dread and I get that… life ending meteors, molecule sucking black holes… perhaps even aliens Our galaxy is one of an estimate 100 billion We are so so so so so tiny and insignificant …

And that makes some people feel mentally sick I take some comfort in how small we are… but it is scary that life on earth could be so easily wiped out This is an Astophobics nightmare… Trigger warning… Clip … just floating away in space until you run out of oxygen

Stressful 3 – Coulrophobia I can understand this, especially after the 2016 incidents… Coulrophobia is an intense Fear of clowns Clowns were very much an 80s thing until IT was remade and American Horror Story CULT came out… Now we’re all suffering from Coulrophobia! In 2016 there was an absolute onslaught of clown sightings across the USA and also many in Europe and Australia as people jumped on a trend of trying to freak people out

HATE it To be honest, I never liked clowns as a child… They have always seemed sinister to me Ever since I googled Pogo the Clown, my policy has been to punch first think second if a creepy clown steps into my personal space I know that is no way to live… but Pogo was a legit murderer! Serial killer John Wayne Gacy used to dress as a clown in his community and host bbqs and the like… but then he murdered over 30 mensoo

2 – Cibophobia I would HATE THIS!!!! I love this so much Food forever! Food glorious food Fed me seymore I could literally bathe in a bathtub filled with cakes and maybe that will literally be my goal after I leave here… Just fill her up…

But Cibophobics have a fear of food and it can be really really harmful to their everyday life People who suffer from this avoid food and drinks but the fear can be applied to specific types of food too This is a seperate disorder than anorexia or other disordered eating habits – anorexics are more concerned about what food will do to their body, rather than scared of food itself… but eating disorders can lead a person to develop cibophobia A cibophobia has panic attack like symptoms around food Finally

coming in to number one of the Top 10 Scary Phobias you might have… we have Thanatophobia Thanatophobia is a Fear of death… it is something most of us will understand and perhaps even mildly suffer I know I don’t like thinking about death, but perhaps that is more of a fear of the unknown than anything else A fear of dying doesn’t stop me living my life, but it would greatly hinder people who suffer from Thanatophobia

It is not uncommon for people with a fear of dying tobe obsessed with death and often visualize getting killed in ordinary situations Death anxiety can affect people leaving the house and requires terror management Ugh that sounds horrible! In general phobias are horrible things to deal with and are part of a wider debate around mental health Comments from Top 10 places scarier than Area 51 part 5 – Molly Dugan said: Turn this button blue if she should not leave us👍 Rowan O Rinn said: The scariest place I've ever been is this channel without Rebecca Kandi Piatkowski said:   Please don't leave Rebecca!!!! We all need our daily dose of the Slytherin queenbut if you mustdon't leave us all hanging!!! We need to know where you are going so we can still enjoy your voice and amazing info!! I am sorry! But don’t worry! I don’t actually have anything lined up but you can find me doing my own stuff and trying to figure out this crazy world on instagram!

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