Top 10 Scary People Only Seen In Dreams – Part 2

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Back into peoples screwed up subconscious we go, and yes the plural of subconscious is subconscious but subconsciouses or subconsciousi, i thought it was the former to be fair

Admit your faults people But enough of that, you guys know what this video is since ya clicked on it, these are the Top 10 Scary People Only Seen In Dreams – Part 2 Starting us off with number 10 is The Choking This ones from redditor ariveracre who said he had this dream or sleep paralysis event when he was in college When his eyes opened the room was in complete darkness except the small bit of light coming from under the door from the hallway

He was finding it hard to breathe for some reason and then his heart sank as he heard someone breathing heavily near him and then he realised someone was staring at him from the corner of the room Initially he thought it was his roommate so he was like what the hell how is he even awake right now He tried to keep his own breathing steady as this breathing he could hear got louder and closer The figure in the corner started laughing hysterically in a demonic distorted kind of fashion The user tried to scream or yell but he had no voice

He couldnt move, couldnt speak, just a common case of sleep paralysis for ya As he continues staring at the figure in the corner, he sees it jump onto his roommate whos in bed and tear him limb from limb He couldnt even look away he was just fixated on his roommate being shredded to pieces and all he could hear was him choking on his own blood as the figure started eating him Imagine hearing your best friend choking on their blood and all you can do is watch The user tried to jolt himself awake properly or throw himself off his bed but he couldnt

When the figure was done eating his friend he made his way to the user with his bloody bony fingers The figure starting licking his cheek as he screamed obscenities into his ear and then he woke up properly Or got eaten Its a 50 50 Coming in at number 9 are The Dementors

This one honestly made me feel a type of way, like i needed a minute to process this one Shared by an anonymous reddit user she said she had a dream where she was asleep within her dream Like she was trying to fall asleep in her dream and as she started dozing off she started hearing a faint whispering all around her She assumed her parents were talking in their bedroom or something but then realised she could feel the breath of these whispers on her face They were coming from inside her room

She opened her eyes and saw this black floating figures which could only be described as the dementors from harry potter honestly They were whispering the world death while floating around her except they all had faces of people she loved Friends, siblings, even her own parents One by one the dementors rose above her and starting piercing her with this large fang or tooth And as they did they would let out the most high pitched scream before fading into the fang and into the girls body

And everytime they did it it was this excruciating pain that she couldnt describe Even in the dream it felt all too real After the 5 dementor creature did this she thought she couldnt take anymore and was about to die and then she finally woke up At number 8 we have The Smile Now this ones from an anonymous person who said one night they were suffering from sleep paralysis and they woke up feeling really off

They couldnt move but it wasnt that that was getting to them, it was just this feeling of pure dread Imagine all the anxiety attacks in the world bottled up in a jar and put into your stomach That The person felt like time didnt exist, like they didnt exist even They looked towards their bedroom door and saw this 7 feet tall figure just standing there

The person wasnt ghostly looking or hollow or anything it was just a normal person The person remembered every single detail of what the person was wearing, black doc marten boots, blue jeans, a puffy jacket which just didnt make sense since it was summer and hot as hell But the creepiest part was the person couldnt see the mans face at all No matter how hard they concentrated they just couldnt see his face But then they realised its because he had no face

It was just featureless There was a dark void where his face shouldve been and they both just stared at each other for 1 minute before the figure took a step forward and the person just fainted Complete KO and then they didnt wake up for another 6 hours And mind you they had had a full nights sleep when they saw the figure so they didnt just go back to sleep they full on passed out

Filling our number 7 slot is Exorcism of Richa So this ones from Suvadra Tripathy who said she has a bit of a hyperactive imagination and this dream happened shortly after she watched the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose One night she dreamed her and her friend Risha were walking towards a building to go to its roof Richa starts going up the steps and her body starts twitching weirdly and Suvadra asks her whats up and Richa just starts running up the stars and Suvadra just cant keep up When she finally gets to the top Richa has her back to her and as she calls out to her, Richa turns around suddenly very pregnant and helpless

Before Suvadra could say anything to her, Richas body suddenly jerked and she started bending backwards just like Emily does in the film and if you havent seen it consider yourself lucky Richa was screaming as she was bending and she was reaching out trying to grab Suvadra but she couldnt reach She started shouting for Suvadra to help her but it wasnt her voice, it was deep and evil and now her face was contorted and savage as well So she was a mix of pure evil and helpless As Suvadra finally reached her, Richas back went fully backwards basically piercing her pregnant belly with her spine

She then somehow moved while in that position and then jumped off the roof of the building Suvadra screamed and ran to the edge but then woke up in bed screaming in real life She was sweating buckets and hyperventilating and after that she felt she should hold off on scary movies Honestly i cried watching that movie and then I didn't watch another horror movie for 3 years so i get it Now at number 6 is the Devil Within

I feel like sometimes we dream of ourselves doing shit we would never do in real life Like sometimes when im dreaming i know im dreaming so i just enjoy the ride But other people, I mean they have different things in mind This one comes from redditor kozy138 who said he dreamed he had run away from home and was walking through dunes of snow that was 5 feet high The user hid behind one of these snow banks as he looked back at his family and saw they were all smiling around a fire all happy, clearly not caring about the fact he had just run away

He then ran towards a bunch of shops in this plaza area and saw a grill that had a wire brush next to it to clean it At this point it was midnight and he saw his little brother come out of one of the stores so he suddenly decided to take the wire brush and beat him with it He kept beating him till bits of the wire started tearing his brothers skin off and he just kept doing it till a huge chunk of the middle of his face was straight up gone He then used the wire to choke him to the point they both fell on the ground and the user was just crying whilst strangling his brother When he finally died and wow he sure took a freakin beating before he did, the user woke up and was like what the hell

Guys trust no one, not even yourself clearly Coming in at number 5 is The Clown This one came from Hannah Toda who said in her dream she was in the middle of a deserted wonderland Dead trees were surrounding her, her boots were 60cm deep in snow and in the distance she spotted a cottage She suddenly lost control of her legs as they carried her towards the cottage

She started getting more anxious and worried and then she saw the clown It had red glowing eyes that pierced through her and its grin showed its teeth which were knives on their own Like legit tiny little knives and mind you the clown was small yet her legs still took her to it and thats when when she felt the pain Its teeth shredded through her flesh, tearing it open and all of a sudden everything went black Hannah woke up in her room but she couldn't move, her back was high in the air and the pain where she'd been bitten was still very much there and very much real

She tried to get her back back on the bed but it went up again, she lost control of her body like she had sleep paralysis but tried to talk her way out of it in her head She eventually got her body and back to calm down and woke up for real and then couldnt get back to sleep for 3 hours At number 4 is The Devil I feel thats someone that appears in many peoples dreams like i dont think ive ever dreamt about him personally but i know so many people that have And reddit user wallabingbang is one of them

She had a dream that she met this really hot guy and fell completely in love with him Isnt that the dream for us all? Anyway turns out the guy is actually the devil and he tells her that shes dreaming but she will bear his child on earth She looks down and sees shes 8 months pregnant and begins to cry as he forces her to do things she has no control over She cant control her mind or body it just does its told, almost like when someones in a coma but their mind is awake and can hear everything thats going on Like that

Either way she starts crying because it all seemed way too realistic and then a week later in the dream she asks to shower He lets her and when shes in there she reckons the only way to end this turmoil is to kill herself But no matter how many times she slashes her wrists, no blood comes out The devil then appears laughing at her and takes the knife and cuts her stomach open and pulls her intestines out And of course the other organs in there

He starts shouting at her telling her torture will be her fate forever unless she follows through on keeping his child But he just ripped her stomach open so im confused on how the baby or girl is even alive at this point At that point she wakes up crying, no tear in her stomach no nothing but she remembers a voice whispering to her telling her shes gonna wake up now and that a baby of hers will be born on August 23rd I mean this was posted 6 years ago, so if you did end up having a baby on that date, please let us know because i feel like a devil child is something we all should be aware of Just do us that solid yknow

Filling our number 3 slot is Life So this one comes from an anonymous person who said the worst dream shes had was to do with some sort of devil creature The thing was red and black stereotypically and had huge teeth and it just came and sat on her as she slept The devil was getting heavier and heavier and she was starting to suffocate and she legit thought she was gonna die She couldnt scream or move but she finally woke up and real life was arguably worse

Her husband told her something or some figure had been pressing on his chest trying to kill him and when he opened his eyes, it was his wife Biggest plot twist of 2019 confirmed Now at number 2 is The Baby i wish this was a cute one like honestly i think we need a break or maybe i do but fortunately it is not Cus then otherwise it wouldnt have made the list

Reddit user FROOMLOOMS said they had a dream where a baby had been left on their doorstep and instead of taking it to the hospital or some adoption agency or keeping it, they decided to cook it They cut it up, and even though it was cut up the head o the baby was screaming its lungs out As the user put the baby in the pot and started boiling it, by some freak of nature the baby started reassembling itself slowly The user then put the baby in the oven and it somehow crawled out of the oven fully back together, bit the users throat off and then they bled to death I love how the baby went from being the victim in this story to being the killer

I dont wanna say the user deserved it, but they were about to eat a baby so i think they sort of did And finally at number 1 are The Violet Eyes So this person has had their fair share of sleep paralysis episodes but they recalled this one as being the worst and I fully agree The person woke up to the sound of someone chuckling and saw a man walk into their room and they were screwed up I would use stronger language but i cant

The figure had a demonic mask on that had boar fangs, twists on its cheeks and violet serpent like eyes that were just bulging out Can you imagine this monstrosity thats just walked into this kids room? He had a brown robe on with the hood over his head and then he put his burlap sack on the ground One by one, he pulled out every single person this person ever loved, cared about, was friends with and each time he put them right in front of them so theyd make eye contact with the person It would then use its sharp nails to slit their throats and would make the person watch as blood poured from their throats Imagine watching the life drain out of the eyes of every single person you care about

After the bag was finally empty the thing walked to his bed and stroked the persons face with his blood soaked hands He then took off his mask and i quote ‘I cannot honestly put it into words what I saw beneath that mask, it was an ever changing face of horror, it twisted and squirmed and never remained still for long, and each facial reconstruction was more terrifying than the last’ the last thing he said was your life will be mine and your soul as well Then his face finally settled into one form – the persons own face And thats it for todays video guys! Honestly i thought my nightmares were bad but they literally pale in comparison to all these stories

Like how do people survive this shit and not wake up crying their eyes out I cant Either way lemme know what you thought below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you in the next one Byeee

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