Top 10 Scary Pennywise Theories

HELLO and welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet! I am your host Miss Rebecca Jane Felgate and today I am talking about the Top 10 Scary Pennywise Theories … andwell there are a couple on this list that may well shock you! Before we get into this list why do you let me know if you have Seen IT Chapter 2 yet… and also what your favourite Stephen King novel is… mine is probably The Talisman which he wrote with Peter Straub Thoughts comments 10 – IT and the Shining I love the Youtube Channel the Film Theorists – they have nearly 8 million subscribers and I totally understand why – they earned it with their great theories There is a link in the description box for this one… so do check out their video explaining the ins and outs of this theory – I’ll just give you the headlinesso they think that Danny’s shining – aka his psychic ability – is also shared by the Losers Club and that actually the ghost that convinces Danny’s dad Jack to go crazy is actually Pennywise – just in a different Shape 9 – Stranger Things So I am talking season two of stranger things here which I am assuming you have all watched by now… but in case you haven’twell close your ears for a few seconds… OkayBobremember Bob! RIP Bob He was killed in a very savage way Bob Newby tries to help Will Byers deal with his trauma by sharing a scary experience from his childhood too He says that when he was young he had a recurring dream of a clown called Mr Baldo who always tried to give him a balloon

Bob, by the way, we find out was brought up in Maine, which is where IT takes places Coincidence? Unlikely It seems that the creators of stranger things may have dropped a subtle hint that Pennywise is real… perhaps he is an agent of the Upside Downhis deadlights are pretty similar…or perhaps there is a bigger evil than that lurking underneath Hawkings 8 – The Spiders A fan theory was shared on Reddit linking IT to the movie Coraline and I am actually pretty on board So Pennywise reveals what we think is its true form when it turns into a giant massive spider In Coraline, the character of Other Mother is also a shape shifter capable of reality manipulation – eating emotion to feed herself, like Pennywise

who also eats children Other Mother reveals her True Form to be Bedlam, a giant spider monster… Ring any bells?! Perhaps Pennywise and Bedlam or Other Mother are related! Short and sweet up next…

7 – The Deadlights and the Balloons We see deadlights in IT – a non physical extra dimension It is speculated that the deadlights are an innumerable amount of balloons filled with a glowing light, which are actually the lost souls of the children he has preyed on floating endlessly lost Pennywise definitely does seem to steal kids souls after they look into the deadlightsand I like the metaphor of souls being balloons 6 – Pennywise is Based on Pogo the Clown There is a strong theory out there that Pennywise a mythical but horrific being that masquerades as a clown is actually based on a real life murderer, John Wayne Gacy, who was scarily similar…a nasty killer who dressed as a clown John Wayne Gacy made headlines in the late 1970s when he was arrested and charged for the murder of 33 teenage boys and young men

Gacy became known as The Killer Clown in the media as he would often attend local community events and childrens parties dressed as a clown he called Pogo He helped spark the killer clown trope King published IT in 1986 and says he began writing in 1981shortly after Gacys trial made national and international news It also does kind of seem like Pennywise has a fixation with Boys, a lot like Gacy The losers club us predominantly males with just one female member 5 – Bill Skarsgard was SkarsSCARRED for life Pennywise is portrayed by 29 year old actor, Bill Skarsgard, of the acting dynasty Bill did an incredible job on both of the IT movies and always seems like a jovial guy in interviews

however fulfilling the rigors of the roll has reportedly taken a toll on him The actors has admitted to having nightmares of Pennywise long after the movie wrapped…he said I was home, done with the movie, and I started having very strange and vivid Pennywise dreams

Every night, he came and visited,” “It was in the shape of either me dealing with him, sort of Pennywise as a separate entity of me, and then also me as Pennywise in circumstances that I didn’t appreciate” Skarsgard said he thought it was part of a process of letting go of the monster Heath Ledger’s mental health was affected by his role as the Joker, which is said to have played a part in his decline 4 – Stephen King Was In The Losers Club This theory suggests that IT was REAL and that actually Stephen King wrote the book based on his own experiences before his memories faded It is theorised that King IS Bill Denborough

King is from Maine, where the fictional town of Derry is located Redditor Brown Snake 84 thinks that the experiences in IT happened to King when he was a kid growing up in the area and his writing is a way of dealing with his traumatizing experiences It is thought that King founded the Losers Club and with the help of Ben Hanscom and Mike Hanlon he was able to piece together what happened to them 3 – 2012 It is thought that the losers club averted the predicted 2012 apocalypse We know that Pennywise is an ancient evil and it is largely suspected that he gets stronger each time he regenerates

According to the original timeline of IT – the Losers Club originally met Pennywise in the 1950s, and he popped back for more doom and gloom in the 1980s While the movies have adjusted the timeline, in the last time we see Pennywise is in 1985which means 27 years later would be 2012

the year the Mayans predicted the world would end Those who read the books thought that had Pennywise been left to his own devices, he would have returned and destroyed the worldsome thought he was going to make a return The movies have a new timeline, but perhaps 27 years from now… It will be time to reignite the tale 2 – Poppin-Wise There is a theory out there that Pennywise and Mary Poppins are the sameeeee species

horrifying! Redditor HumanoidMold5 posted a terrifying theory suggesting there is a species link between childhood favourite nanny, Mary Poppins, and murderous horror demon, Pennywise The theory has had over three thousand upvotes in three days… let me give you the deets SO Pennywise and Mary Poppins regenerate and return every 20 something years – 27 for Pennywise, 25 for Poppins

and they tend to reemerge to families they have had a connection to The pair both have similar powers and are fond of singing and dancing, although one creature is decidedly more sinister They both have living reflections that can function separately from their present selves

The pair both know what lurks in children's minds – only Poppins chooses joy, and Pennywise chooses fear and evil The redditor draws a link with Monsters Inc here too and says that perhaps the reason Poppins is kind and friendly is because laughter is worth more than fear to these energy demons Maybe Mary Poppins is only friendly because it better serves her needs? With that in mindimagine what she would be like as a horror character! Both Pennywise and Poppins seem to have a penchant for balloons and seem to like Georgie I’m convinced! 1 – The Bell Witch Okay so It is a fictitious story… Pennywise isn’t real… demons dont appear, disappear and reappear over time… unless in fact they do! This is a Tenneesee urban legend but it is based on real life weird occurrences! In 1817 a cruel presence began haunting John Bell and his family at their home in Robertson County They had lived on the property for 13 peaceful years, but suddenly that all changed They began seeing strange animals, hearing knocking sounds, hearing chains being dragged and hearing weird guttural gurglings This all went on for a year and John Bell finally confided in his neighbours and a committee was formed to investigate what was happening

It seemed that the witch began communicating with the crowds that formed to see what was going on Their energy seemed to feed her and spur her on Indeed many say they spoke to the witch It seems she knew details of the past and future and she told those who asked that her goal was to kill John Bell and to make sure his daughter did not marry a neighbour John Bell died after a long illness in 1920 and eventually his daughter’s marriage was called off

In 1821, declaring her work done for now, the witch said she would leave for 7 years and then return, which she did She came back to talk with Bell’s son, saying there was a reason his dad had to die, but she never disclosed her motives She then fled again, saying she would be back in 107 years, which would have been in 1935 It is undocumented whether she ever did or not To me the Bell witch and Pennywise have a lot in common

They both are creepy demons that seem able to appear and disappear to their own time frame sure the timeline is different but there are some shocking similarities and the Bell witch thing happened IRL…… Which stresses me out! Okay

enough stress let's move on with our lives! What did you think to these theories Comments from Top 10 Real Paranormal Events Caught on Camera An excellent comment from Not as good as : If I die tommorow and if I become a ghostI would be purposely caught on tape and hope that Rebecca narrates my sightingshe narrates really awesome LOL… although please dont let that be your aimif you do something awesome I’ll narrate that too Carol Cumberland said: I live with 4 spooks

1 is evil, I'm positive of, so yeah, our home believes in spooks 😀 And I love the company! I need more information Carol! I live alonethe only spook is me… I do like to walk around the house wearing a long sweeping dramatic kimonosoo

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