Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Theories

Hello and welcome back to the Most amazing channel on the internet I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking the Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Theories

A lot of people believe that there are parallel universes and we are living in one of many Some…actually… all of these theories are pretty mind melty so… you may want to arrange a nap afterwards Before I get into this video I want to ask if you believe in a parallel universe? If so… do you think we can ever travel there?! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below! Also do be sure to leave a thumbs up on this video and share it with a friend and check out the links to our most amazing instagrams in the description box 10 – The Simulation Hypothesis / The Matrix Theory OH! Well, it seems that our mate Elon Musk believes that we could be living in a simulated universe He said that there is a billion to one chance that we are living in a base reality

The theory seems to suggest that actually we are living in a computer simulation, like the Matrix Word on the street at the New Yorker is that there are two tech billionaires secretly engaging scientists to work on breaking us out of the simulation – right now! So who is running this simulation? Apparently a post human civilization… the long and short of the majority of the theories is that computers HAVE taken over, and they are keeping us living in a simulation out of the way Why isn’t a perfect utopia? Well, that wouldn’t be believable would it?! Where is the evidence… Well, amongst other slightly crazy suggestions, some say that the universe is a simulation include the fact that it behaves mathematically and is broken up into pieces (subatomic particles) like a pixelated video game 9 – Déjà vu What is Déjà vu? Is it a glitch in the matrix like Morpheus claimed … or…is it a lived moment from our parallel lives? According to Doctor Michio Kaku, an American Futurist, déjà vu occurs as a result of a persons ability to flip between Universes Others believe it is because we are “vibrating in unison” with the frequency of another universe that is parallel with our own I actually very much enjoy Dr Kaku’s twitter He posts thought provoking science riddles! Plus that profile picture is GOLDEN! 8 – The Large Hadron Collider Is a Time Machine The Large Hadron Collider is a 17 mile long super machine that smashes particles together at nearing light speed The Machine is based in Switzerland and there has been a lot of suspicion and speculation around it

Some think it is possible for the machine to create microscopic black holes, others say it makes time travel possible There is an absolute wild theory out there that an experiment at the Large Hadron caused an Iberworld Airbus A330-300 to land 5,500 miles away from its intended location and caused a power outage across south America An article on website Freedom Fighter Times claimed: "The power released from the LHC was so strong that it sent a time warp across the planet “ I am not here for that, but others suggest that the LHC can create conditions that allow matter and radiation to travel backwards and forwards in time A lot of credible science articles have written of the possibility of creating a wormhole

This invites all kinds of drama via the Grandfather Paradox – if you travel back in time and kill your grandfather – does that mean in the future you don’t exist, or does it create a parallel universe of alternative outcomes? 7 – The End of a Black Hole Recently we got our first ever picture of a black hole Our Knowledge on black holes is still a little sketchy We only have what we have observed, but what we have observed has been from afar We know that black holes are very dense and that they exhibit such strong gravitational pulls on all things, that nothing can escape its draw, not even the fastest moving particle we know of…light

What happens to the particles once they are dawn inside the black hole, well actually we don’t know One theory is that the black hole is a portal to a different part of space time, a parallel universe if you will! Toward the end of his life, Professor Stephen Hawking was working on a theory of multiverses He alluded to the possibility of a black hole spilling its matter out into a separate place…a new universe, maybe He said The hole would need to be large and if it was rotating it might have a passage to another universe

But if you travel through, you probably couldn’t come back to our universe 6 – Every Outcome / The Cat Theory Let me tell you about Schrodingers cat This is a thought experiment and paradox that could imply multiple outcomes So… the experiment is thus… if you place a cat and something that could kill the cat in a box and sealed it, you would not know if the cat was dead or alive until you opened the box, so that until the box was opened, the cat was (in a sense) both "dead and alive" You with me

You might not be when I say the next sentence but lets do it anyway Electrons – lil subatomic particles found in all atoms, can spin both forward and backward, but not at the same time They choose an outcome SO… the cat could be alive, or it could be dead, those are the two outcomes According to the parallel universe theories of Everett and Davies, the act of observation makes a universe diverge and both universes, one with a live cat and the other with a dead cat, come into existence…

Every decision or situation that could create a different outcome creates a divergence in the current universe, making more parallel universes Make sense? The mind kind of boogles, but if this were true then there would be a world where I didn’t move to Canada, and the current world I am living in where I did Obviously the differences in those two outcomes for me would be very different But then perhaps there is a world in which I decided to wear pink today and not yellow… which would still be different but less dramatically so 5 – The Interaction Michael Hall authored a paper on Quantum Theory – which includes the concept of every outcome

The cat both exists and doesn’t exist Hall, and a team from the Griffith University in Australia, not only believe in the multiverse, but they believe that it interacts with our reality They believe that infinite multiple worlds overlap and occupy the same region of time and space simultaneously They think that the other worlds have subtle influences in ours For example strange occurrences and miracles, according to the interaction theory, are as a result of the interaction

4 – The Mandela Effect Ah, it’s a classic parallel universe theory and honestly this one freaks me out the most because we have all had those moments of thinking dammmnnn… I swear that wasn’t the way I remembered it Let me explain The Mandela Effect is the name given to multiple shared, but factually wrong memories There are a bunch of people out there that remember Freedom fighter and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s…except he didn’t, he died in 2013

Similarly, some people staunchly swear the Berenstain bears was spelled with an e and not an a…and I honestly thought the Looney Tunes were the Loony Toons until I watched a video on the phenomenon last year… Tunes doesn’t even really make any sense, does it? Other people swear that Sex and the City was Sex IN The City… Ahh! So, yeah, the theory goes that you are right – you are just from a parallel universe where those subtle differences were in effect I suppose this could also feed in to the interaction theory! 3 – The Bruises and the Cold Spots Stephen Feeney of University College London announced that they had discovered patterns in the radiation background left over from the big bang that seems to suggest that our universe bumped in to four other universes at some point in its lifespan and was left bruised Bruised! Similarly, astronomers have found so called cold areas of the universe

The CMB cold sport is an area of the observable universe that we have interpreted in Microwaves It seems to be unusually … Well… cold Many people call it The Great Void It seems this area of space also contains 10,000 less galaxies than other areas of a similar size that have been studied

A lot of people, including Scientists from the University of Durham, believe this to be evidence of a parallel universe that has smashed into our own Are they overlapping? Is this the great interaction that we talked about? 2 – Dreams / The Unconscious Some people think that dreams and the time spent unconscious allows us access a parallel universe This is why dreams sometimes don’t always make sense – because not ever universe have the same laws of physics that we do This is why we often dream of people that are no longer in our lives and that we haven’t seen for years… because in a parallel universe, they are still around you… or so the theory says This theory seems to be held as a belief by some First Nations tribes 1 – Coma Stories So, sleep is one thing, but extended periods of sleep allow for people to access the parallel universe for a much longer time

There was a really sad story posted on Reddit by Tempttotosssoon 7 years ago They were involved in an accident and were unconscious for a while…but…during that period of unconsciousness he lived 10 years of a different life – he met a woman he loved, they had two children, they were happy… but one day he noticed that something was wrong with the lamp in his living room It was… Melting and contorting in some way…

It was after three days, and many worried conversations with his wife, that he realised the lamp wasn’t real It started to invert and take up his entire perspective until all he was aware of was red hot pain He awoke from his period of unconsciousness The 10 years he had spent with his wife and children wasn’t real He had dreamed it all up somehow

He spent the next three years in a state of severe depression, grieving the loss of a wife and children that weren’t real He thought he was going insane He said: I've had many PM's describing similar experiences and 3 posters stating such experiences are impossible, I'd say more research needs to be done on brain functions Pre-med students, don't assume you know everything Well…

yeah This is one horrifying and creepy coma story, but perhaps the young man simply awoke In a parallel universe Anyone seen the OA? Comments from a video I think you guys will love called The Top 10 Scary Stories That Will Make You Question Your Reality Danny left?! NOOOOO HE WAS MY FAVOURITE ;( most amazing top 10 won’t be the same? I knowww

He is my favourite too… but he is still telling scary stories on Youtube over at HAHA oh no The Big Jow Bowski said: How did I not know?! Danny was a true “burkish” delight Almost as awesome as yourself Rebecca! Man, I’m gonna miss him here Guess I’ll just tune into his channel! Keep up the awesome work!!!? I know! I’ll miss him too but I’m lucky as he is still a daily part of my life and you are right, Most Amazing wont be the same – but our new hosts Che and Ayman are great… change is part of life, ehy! Kendall Staples was bringing the love, she said : That was an awesome video Rebecca I enjoy watching you so much you’re so funny and you have such a great personality I’ll be back I always am LOL?

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