Top 10 Scary Ouija Boards That Destroyed Lives – Part 2

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video I honestly feel like after working at Top 10 for over a year a bit now ive probably read every ouija board story there is

But that doesnt mean you guys have heard all of them and you seem to love them, you guys loved part 1 that i did with jarred He is not back for the sequel but I sure am These are the Top 10 Scary Ouija Boards That Destroyed Lives – Part 2 Starting us off with number 10 we have The Spirit This ones from reddit user gothpsy29 who shared that this occurred a few days after her ex had lost his friend in an airplane crash

The couple took out the ouija board to use it and the friend was very present very scared and very much wanting to communicate The duo got a bit freaked out and decided to stop using it and as soon as they did, the user felt this presence in the corner of the room She took a deep breath and closed her eyes and all of a sudden the planchette started moving around the board spelling words on its own Exhausted and drained the user took a nap and 30 exact minutes later she bolted out of bed because she saw this skeletal spirit standing in the corner of the room The spirit ran at her and started screaming with a massive black mouth

The user obviously started screaming and her boyfriend woke up tried to get it off her Coming in at number 9 is The Mars Volta Now The Mars Volta was an american progressive rock band that were active from 2001 to 2012 The guitarist of the band Omar bought an antique ouija board at a flea market in Jerusalem as a birthday gift for lead singer of the band Cedric The two started playing with the board in the tour bus after their shows and they ended up contacting a spirit named Goliath

Its responses were innocent at first but Omar got nervous since Goliath started making threatening demands and Cedric was getting more and more obsessed with contacting it Omar ended up secretly burying the board but that did nothing to stop Goliath The band started being terrorised with mishaps and chaos after that point, equipment started having severe problems, Omars studio was wiped out in a freak flood, their drummer quite, and Cedric suffered from a critical foot injury All this happened in such a short period of time and it all happened after Omar got rid of the ouija board that he was convinced that these things were happening because of Goliath At number 8 we have The Horse

This one was shared by redditor overdosebabyblue who said her mum always used to warn her about using ouija boards because of what she went through herself The mum shared that during one instance of using a ouija board the spirit they were talking to seemed quite violent and actually had it in for her She shrugged it off and got in her car to go home But as she was driving home a horse literally appeared out of nowhere and started running towards her car The mum ended up hitting it and killing it in a very gruesome way but she was 100% sure it was to do with the ouija board

How the hell would a random black hose appear in the middle of the city in the afternoon? Filling our number 7 slot is The Ancient Spirit This one comes from reddit user tessab4 who said her and a friend met a female spirit through their ouija board that claimed she was 40 when she died She was born in 91 BC and spoke a now dead language so the user and her friend could only ask yes or no questions Turns out the way she died was absolutely gruesome Her own mother poisoned her and she had no idea why

The users then asked if that was all she wanted to share with them and it was Guess when youve been holding on to something like that for so long youre good with telling anyone who listens Now at number 6 is 10 Hours So this one was shared by reddit user lenoresden who shared when they were about 14 or 15 they played with a ouija board quite often One night at 9pm she was playing with her friend and started getting some bizarre responses

The user couldnt remember them now since the incident happened 27 years ago but the entity did say he was from Malaysia and that he was there to protect them Thats apparently the last thing they remembered because they blinked and it was suddenly 7am They didnt go to bed or something they just literally lost 10 hours of their life and they have no idea what happened in that time or where that time went Neither of them remember shit they just looked at each other at 7am like excuse me? Coming in at number 5 is Get The Boy This was shared by an anonymous redditor who said their friend mentioned that they had a ouija board so they decided to mess with it

Initially their friend said no but then she warmed up to the idea and agreed to get it out as long as she didnt have to participate The user set it up and asked if anyone was there and got no response Then tryna be cool they said “If anything is in here and not talking, you’re a coward” And again after getting no response they just put the board away About a week later the user was sleeping during a thunderstorm how cliche i know

They woke up midway to complete darkness and tried going back to sleep 30 seconds later they heard someone or something whisper get the boy in a raspy ass voice Thinking it was them just hearing things the user went back to sleep to then hear GET THE BOY much louder before hearing a door slam shut downstairs He up and got the hell out of there since there was no one else in the house at the time At number 4 is The Evidence

Now this one was shared by bfontes on reddit who shared 3 images of him claiming thats what happened to him after using a homemade ouija board He asked the entity a bunch of questions and also asked if the spirit was the one who had scratched his chest a week prior after using the board The spirit replies yes and that it was here for him and that it was not going to leave These are the images he shared, Now obviously i dont know if this is real or not, these scratches could come from another accident or an animal attack i have no clue but we kinda just have to give him the benefit of the doubt Filling our number 3 slot is Careful What You Wish For

This one really gave me the creeps to be honest and was shared by BackInOmNomNam on reddit They shared that about 15 years back his sister had some friends over and they were all watching a horror movie in the basement Already the start of a horrific night The friends also had a ouija board with them so ofc they tried it Dramatically they started cussing at it called it fake, shit and so forth and then went back to watching the movie

Out of nowhere all the lights and electricity goes out in the house and they all start screaming Which is an accurate response The tv then comes back on blaring this awful noise and at this point the girls are hysterically crying The tv then turns off and when it turns back on the display is completely black except for the words This is not a game anymore At this point everyone runs out of the house completely forgetting their dog in there

When they finally build up the courage to come back, their dog was waiting on the front porch with the darkest eyes ever and the look of pure hatred Now at number 2 is Steve Pt 1 So this one was shared by reddit user KRChrome who said he was playing with a ouija board with his friends when he was young While they were playing his 9 year old bratty cousin came in asking to play and they said no because he was too young but that he was welcome to watch He then snitched and told his mum who then walked in, shouted at the kids, snapped the board in half and then steps on the planchette

A month later the users aunt comes to visit again and she is not looking well Shes super pale, has bags under her eyes and is very nervous at everything The cousin couldnt come since he had fallen down the stairs and was in the hospital The aunt then shares with the users mum that the last month has been awful for her, shes been hearing weird noises at night, the cousin is apparently obsessed with an imaginary friend called Steve which was the same spirit the kids were talking to when they were playing with the ouija board Things around her house had started breaking, her drapes randomly caught on fire despite no fire source nearby and her son was in the room the whole time and claimed Steve did it

Not believing him the aunt grounds him and wakes up the next morning with scratches all over her arms and it doesnt even end there She shared that she was paranoid someone was breaking into her house every night and even called the police who found absolutely nothing Paranoid with her kid still in the hospital, she moves in with the users family for a while And finally at number 1 is Steve Pt 2 So after the aunt moved in, the user and his family realised nothing was happening that was deemed odd

The aunt continued to see dark figures out of the corner of her eyes so nothing was going well for her When her son was discharged from the hospital, she continued seeing things One day she saw him in the reflection of the mirror and started shouting at him for not being at school and then he vanished Turns out he never even left school Child protective services came to the house to see if she was fit to take care of her son and turns out she wasnt and so she lost custody of her child and was also admitted to a mental hospital

The user and his family would visit her regularly and he eventually came clean and said her bad luck and deterioration was caused by her breaking the ouija board and she went off Flipping tables screaming at the user blaming it on him, she then went to grab a chair to attack him with before an orderly came in and subdued her A month later she was found dead in the hospital because she had choked in her own room They found a marble in her throat and werent sure whether it was accidental, whether it was self inflicted or Steve finally finished the job And thats it for todays video guys! Ouija boards are clearly never a good idea no matter who where and when you use a ouija board

They are not good news regardless

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