Top 10 Scary Ohio Urban Legends – Part 3

Ohio, the buckeye state Ohio is a pretty nice place to go, you got popular tourist attractions such as the rock and roll hall of fame, or cedar point amusement park, and of course you got tons of ghosts and other creatures that lurk the state at night

Hey hi hello, welcome back to most amazing top ten, whats up? How are you? My name is Lindsay Ivan and I am your host for today and welcome back to part 3 of Ohio urban legends If you havent seen the other parts dont forget to watch those as well And may i just say, wow there are tons of legneds! Like whats the deal ohio! Youre a beautiful place but theres too many scary legends there Well let's dive in starting off at number 10 The green clawed beast

Imagine you are out enjoying your afternoon lounging on an inner tube floating in the river when all of a sudden you are attacked by a creature Because this is what happened to a woman named Naomi Johnson On august 21 of 1955, Mrs Johnson was out enjoying a swim with her friend in an ohio river near evansville, indiana While swimming, Mrs johnson said that she was suddenly grabbed and pulled underwater by a large, hairy, claw hand

She struggled underwater, until she was able to kick herself free She resurfaced only to shortly be pulled under again by this creature Thankfully, Mrs Johnson managed to escape once again When she reached the land she had multiple bruises and wounds on her leg

One of which was a green, claw print shaped stain Now mrs johnson never got a good look at the creature but could sense how big and strong it was from the force it used on her This encounter was reported to an Air Force Colonel, who took detailed notes, and then told Mrs Johnson and her friend to never mention it again

Very suspicious What was this man hiding? Was it a creature of his that escaped? No one knows, but what they do know is to never swim in that river again Moving on to number 9 we have the cry Baby bridge Now there are tons of haunted bridges in Ohio, we previously talked about the bloody bridge, and the brubaker bridge, but there are so many more! Including the cry baby bridge The cry baby bridge is located in fremont ohio, and is supposedly haunted by a ghost of a baby and mother who passed According to legend, in 1883 a young woman by the name of lizzie shacht (sh-cat) threw her baby over the bridge after giving birth to it out of wedlock

She was ashamed of her sin, and didn’t want to keep her baby as a reminder To this day you can hear the child crying in the middle of the night, and can even sometimes see lizzie wandering the bridge, looking for her child out of guilt I n our 8th spot we have Walhalla Road Located in north columbus, this road is supposedly one of the scariest roads in ohio Legend has it that around 1950 a doctor by the name of Mooney, and his wife and kids use to live among this road It is said that one night mr

mooney lost his mind and murdered his family, along this road Apparently if you walk this road in the dead of night then you will see the ghost of Dr Mooney murdering his family You will also be able to hear them screaming and hollaring Like the name is literally wallHALLA like HOLLAR road Also if you walk this road at night it is said that you can see an eerie blue light appearing from the attic in mooney’s old mansion Coming in at number 7 we have Loveland Castle Although it may sound like a nice place to go for a honeymoon, don't be fooled, its not Well maybe, if you got a thing for ghosts Now this castle was actually handmade by a man named Harry Andrews back in 1929

Harry was obsessed with the medieval times and architecture and decided to build this towering castle in the middle of the midwest Andrew passed away in april of 1981, at the age of 91 Loveland castle is now a museum spot for tourists to visit It is said that people have seen a shadowy figure roam the halls, that resembles harry Typically this ghosts makes an appearance when something in the castle is going to go wrong

This may be harrys way of still looking after the castle after passing In fact, one time sounds of slamming doors could be heard upstairs Upon investigating they noticed that the septic tank was about to overflow They believe that the slamming doors was Harry’s way to warn them about this And lastly, there is also said to be another spirit roaming the castle

This spirit is referred to as the viking entity Now people believe that this entity is attached to one of harry’s antique swords in the castle This viking can be seen in a long black cloak, carrying a sword at his chest Moving on to number 6, Riders inn Now if you ever need a place to stay in ohio, don’t worry I got you covered, with a list of haunted inns not to stay at Now on this list is a bed and breakfast known as riders inn

In this inn you can enjoy their restaurant, comfy accomodations and of course 3 ghosts The first ghost that people have claimed to see is of a man dressed in a civil war uniform Now both the other two ghosts are Roxany, and Susannah, the second and third wives of the inns founder, Joseph rider Apparently roxany is a friendly ghost where as susannah causes trouble around the inn Inn residents have stated that they have been let into the inn by a woman in a white nightgown, when the doors should have been locked

This was either the ghost of Roxany or Susannah Now may I mention that this inn is literally located on a street named Painesville… like what are the odds We are now at our half way mark with number 5 The witch’s ball Now what's a scary legend without some witches Myrtle Hill Cemetery in medina county is known for getting quite the group of interested people

Among all the graves, there's one in particular that stands out And that's because it is marked with a giant sphere Now this story revolved around a woman that endured a lot of suffering throughout her life As a result she ended up murdering her family members She would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling kids and their dog

Ah i love scooby doo, classic But seriously she would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for some town members who realized that her family just started to disappear They believe that she was a witch and she was practicing her magic in the woods As a result she was stoned to death and buried under the giant sphere Now apparently she was buried standing up to make it hard for her to escape, and the sphere was also placed on top as another precaution to make sure she never arose

However, it is said that her spirit has found a way to escape In the winter time, snow will not fall on the sphere or the ground around it On top of that if you touch the sphere it will appear warm from the witches energy And in the summer it will appear cold People have also claimed that they have seen her figure in the woods by the cemetery or even seen an eye on the ball itself

Coming in at number 4 we have The Akron Civic Theatre Built in 1929 by marcus Loew, the akron civic theatre is a nice place to watch theatrical performances and even see ghosts Although this theatre is beautiful, it has a much darker past Now there is said to be 3 ghosts that haunt this theatre The first ghost is of a janitor named fred

Fred apparently was the janitor for the theatre and passed away one evening on his shift Fred’s ghost has been seen throughout the theatre, and in fact one person reported seeing him standing just outside the main entrance It is also said that Fred becomes angry for anyone that dirties up the bathrooms, and will chase or attack them Uh no thanks, i rather hold it in if thats the case The second is of a man who was said to be a frequent theatre goer, or even of an actor that use to work there

He is said to lurk on the balcony, and is fashionably dressed And the last ghost is of a women who died after jumping into the canal which is below the theatre Her spirit is still said to roam the theatre, and often is heard crying Lets move on to number 3 with The headless Ghost In october of 1889, a train conductor by the name of john walsh was bringing the train along the nickel plate railroad in arcadia While waiting for the signal to continue travelling he noticed that a section of the train cars had disconnected

While trying to reconnect the train, the other missing section came barreling towards him, smashing his head between the two cars Now in january of 1890, it was said that an engineer had seen John’s ghost Apparently at night you can see John’s headless ghost roaming the tracks looking for his Well lost head

It is also said that he carries a lantern which he swings back and forth, and people have seen the eerie glow of his lantern at night In our second spot we have Hell Town What a nice sounding town to visit in ohio Hell Town is located in an abandoned town of Newville, in ohio Now hell Town wasn't always the name given to the area It was once known as Boston Mills, but it was bought out by the government, who forced the residents to leave the town Now legend states that the government closed down Boston Mills, after a chemical accident that occurred there

As a result of this accident, citizens began to mutate some people have claimed to see these disfigured mutated residents still lurking in the area It is also said that murdered children roam the woods of hell town Apparently, while headed to school a school bus filled with students ran out of gas They were stranded in the middle of nowhere when they were killed by a patient from a mental asylum

It is said that the ghosts of these children still roam the woods and can be seen at night, along with hearing their screams And in our number one spot we have The west branch witch Ah another witch related legend, surprise surprise In the west branch state park of portage county there have been many claims of people encountering a woman dressed in all black The first appearance was reported in 1960 by a man named B A evans He recently purchased a piece of land, and later discovered a small cemetery on it

This cemetery contained 7 gravestones, surrounded by a 40 inch wall The gravestones are apparently from a family named the elliotts Now the headstone that gets the most attention is that of clamenza Clamenza, was apparently killed by a group of towns people after being accused of being a witch As a result she was pressed

Basically a wooden board was placed on her and then on top was pilled with stones until well her body was crushed by the weight To this day her grave is marked by a pile of stones that rests on top of it Now it is said that she haunts the graveyard and the surrounding area In fact, on her graveyard is a curse that says” remember youth as you pass by As you are now, so once was I

As I am now, so must you be Prepare for death and follow me If you read it outloud by her grave she will apparently chase you away Now this legend continues saying that one night a group of kids took stones from Clamenza’s grave Later on they died on their way home in a car accident

But the one kid that didnt take the stone survived So any geologist out there, i recommended not taking any rocks from this site And thats all we have for today As always dont forget to give this video a big thumbs up, comment down below anything, I like reading your comments, and dont forget to subscribe to most amazing top ten and turn on the bell notification so you dont miss any videos

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