Top 10 Scary Occurrences That Happened At The Real Life Conjuring House

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking about the Top 10 Scary Occurences that Happened at the Real Life Conjuring House

I am pretty scared…so I have worn all my bright colours to keep the ghosts away! So for those of you that don’t know – The Conjuring movie is based on a haunting that happened at a farmhouse in Harrisville which attracted the eyes of Ed and Lorraine Warren One of the children who lived in the house, Andrea Perron, wrote a book about her experience in her House of Darkness trilogy She claims the movie toned things down so that it could reach a wider audience Blimey So… we are about to find out some of the scary occurrences but before we do I want to ask if you believe in ghosts

I am a scientific girl… But… something inside me still believes The New Owners Conjuring house has just been purchased by paranormal investigators Gory and Jennifer Heinzen who could not resist the opportunity Cory moved in before his wife and set up recording equipment to see if he could track the many ghosts said to haunt the property…however he has claimed that he is terrified of being there alone The Heinzen’s recently spoke to the press in August 2019 and Cory said: We’ve had lights flashing in rooms, and when I say lights flashing in rooms, it’s rooms that don’t have light in there to begin with

When something takes a painting that’s on the wall and not only knocks it down, but it actually knocks it down at an angle that it lands on something and it’s all upright, it’s really difficult to debunk it” The pair claim to have seen a black mist, heard voices and unidentified footsteps With a paranormal investigator in the home it seems like we will likely be hearing more from the property! Stay tuned I guess! The Next Owners Andrea Perron claimed that Everyone who has lived in the house that we know of has experienced this Some have left screaming and running for their lives When asked to give an example, she claimed that the people who bought the house off the Perron Family and begun restoration on the property had a horrifying experience that they didn’t want to speak of

Speaking to the Tallapoosa Journal, she said: “The man who moved in to begin the restoration on the house when we sold it left screaming without his car, without his tools, without his clothing He never went back to the house and consequently the people who owned it, the adjacent landowners, never moved in and it sat vacant for years” I wonder what happened to him? Apparently he was not keen to speak to the press or anyone about the house…ever again Seven Dead Soldiers It seems that during the Perron families time in the home, a particularly nasty spirit began haunting eight-year-old Cindy in her bedroom The apparition reportedly was childlike and repeated over and over again that there were seven dead soldiers buried in the wall

” Creepy Rhode Island, where the house is, was once the battle ground between British, American and French Forces in the 1778 Battle of Rhode Island which killed 68 people and left a further 68 missing… As we know the house was first established in 1736 so perhaps the soldiers buried her are from the times of conflict seen by the eastern New England states The Bangs and Shakes The most common occurrences in the house are said to be banging doors, objects shaking and at times even the house shaking The Perron children would awake to spirits shaking their bed and occasionally they would wake to their hair or legs being yanked The new owners of the home have also reiterated that the house shakes

An earthquake in Rhode island is unusual, but not unheard of…although it seems this quake only effected the Harrisville farm! The Phantom Flies In Andrea Perron’s book she wrote that the house would be suddenly and inexplicably infested with flies at strange times She explained that houseflies would appear deep in the middle of winter – flies of course are far more common in the warm humid months of the year…and for those of you familiar with the harsh winters of New England, that certainly isn’t the climate up there! Andrea referred to these flies as The Devil’s Pets and she claimed that there would be so many of them they would form clumps In her book she wrote: clusters of them huddled together, as if plotting the next move” She claimed: “It was far more than infestation It was manifestation

” She then added that strangely the flies would disappear as soon as they appeared When the Warren’s arrived to investigate the house, Lorraine claimed that the flies were there with a prupose, they were an omen…a harbinger of evil to come Blimey The Uninvited Guests What are you realistically more scared of …ghost intruders or…err… real intruders

The whole Conjuring saga deals with unwanted spirits but it turns out the owners before the most recent were utterly plagued by creepy fans trying to catch a glimpse of the supposedly haunted house Owner Norma Sutcliff spoke out against the intruders, saying The biggest fear is every day we live with the fact, we don't know what may happen” She said she received calls in the middle of the night and threats that people were going to burn her house down because it is full of evil Norma claimed she did not believe the house was haunted and had lived in peace in the property since 1987 That peace was disturbed when the Conjuring movie franchise shone a light on her home

Speaking to Inside Edition Norma said said: EDITORS CLIP She claimed that a=strangers have pulled down her fence The Blood Orange In Andrea’s book, she discusses the haunted kitchen in more detail It seems that there is one particularly horrifying story from the room involving a time that food in the home was …I mean…I guess poisoned by evil She claims her mother Carolyn started peeling an orange when she saw blood trickling from it She first thought she had accidentally cut herself with the knife she was peeling with but could find no wound

To keep her youngest daughter from wandering in and becoming frightened, she hastily cleaned the blood from the sink and floor and threw the “bloody orange” in the bin Some skeptics believe that the orange was just a California Blood Orange… but… to be honest I have HAD a blood orange and its juice doesn’t look or smell anything like actual blood! The Arnolds Before the Perron family moved in to the home, it was known as the Old Arnold Farm It seems that eight generations of the Arnold family lived and died in the house …

Emphasis on the died It seems t hat the Arnold’s were met with A LOT of bad luck and untimely deaths It is claimed that of the previous residents, a lot of them died under suspicious circumstances or committed suicide It is said that one of the previous tenants, 93 year old John Arnold, hung herself in the barn This narrative has actually been crossed with the story of Bathsheba the witch in the movie in the Conjuring and is refenced in this scene

Editors clip – The Perron Family believe that one of the spirits that haunted the home was that of Johnny Arnold who had allegedly committed suicide in the home It is said that He would watch over the family He would appear to the children but as soon as they made eye contact he would disappear The Séance One of the scariest moments in the Conjuring movie is the séance in the basement It seems that this is based on a REAL life event when Ed and Lorraine Warren visited the house

Andrea speaks about it in her books and has also spoken about it in a number of interview, including for San Antonio living in 2014 She said that the real séance took place in the dining room and was much scarier than anything the audience of the movie were shown EDITORS CLIP 1 Andrea says that the medium accidentally invited something nasty in to the home CLIP 2

Andrea continued by saying: Whatever attacked her was not of this world It spoke through her in a language that was not of this planet Bathsheba Sherman The Harrisville House is allegedly haunted by a number of ghosts and ghouls but the most prominent is “Bathsheba Sherman” Born in Rhode Island, the woman married fellow Rhode Islander Judson Sherman in 1944 and later the pair had three children that died before the age of seven and a surviving child, Herbert Suspicion that Bathsheba grew that the woman was a witch when a child mysteriously died in her care…

It seems that the child’s head had been stabbed with a sewing needle Bathsheba died an old woman and it is said that her body literally turned to stone on her death When the Perron Family lived in the property, mother Carolyn said she had been stabbed while sitting on the sofa When she examined the wound, it looked as if a large sewing needle had impaled her When Ed and Lorraine Warren visited the home they claimed to have strongly felt the Witch’s presence

It is said that Bathsheba Sherman cursed the land so that whoever lived on it in the future would die All this being said… It seems like the Harrisville haunting was nothing… when asked to compare the Harrisville farmhouse to the Amityville house, another famous Ed and Lorraine Warren case, she said: Amityville was horrible, honey It was absolutely horrible," said Warren "It followed us right straight across the country

I don't even like to talk about it I will never go in the Amityville house ever again You don't know how long my career is; that's the only one… So perhaps instead of a part two to this video, we should create a Top 10 Scary Occurrences that happened at the real life Amityville House! Comments from the Top 10 Mysterious People in History Part 4 Random Gaming said: This is perfect to watch after a stressful day at school!!!!?????? Yeeeey! School! Ahh! Enjoy! I want to tell you life gets less stressful when you’re my ripe old age… but… well I guess the stress is different… and these days I can buy things without asking my mum… Which is one thing! Oof Com said: Yayy Iove you Rebecca felgate! You're so fun and amazing! Oof… you the best! Some of you enjoyed my accidental spitting! Dean Friedel said: I love rebecca but im not going to lie i rewound her spitting like 15 times and died of laughter no worries tho ????

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