Top 10 Scary Occurrences That Happened At 3 AM – Part 2

hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top ten I'm your host Jade Rana now why would you stay up until 3:00 am

well probably because you're doing bad things with great people but sometimes it's because something spooky is happening to you and you just can't fall asleep or maybe you're looking for trouble in all the right places there's a lot of strange things that go on during the witching hour and you guys seem to be really interested in it because we just made a list about it and it was so popular that we're bringing you today's list of top 10 scary things that happened at 3:00 am part two this entire list is gonna be girls walking around holding their heels after the club's closed at 2:00 am and they can't find an uber now I'm just joking around but make sure you stick around for number two because it's gonna make you think twice about walking around late at night as always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification Bell also fall the most amazing top ten on Instagram and Facebook it's a great way to get to know myself and the other hosts a little bit better and without taking any longer let's get into this list number 10 st

John's Mercy Hospital Oh hospitals are a hotbed for all sorts of weird things I mean people dine them every day there has to be a bunch of ghosts and ghouls hanging around if you die in a hospital it must be like waking up in the middle of Mardi Gras when you become a ghost thousands of people just confuse trying to find their friends that's basically every festival I've ever been to so Hospital at 3m must be the best place to catch some URI things happening well this hospital had what looks like a ghost browsing through a magazine I mean that's not the scariest thing a ghost could do I guess ghosts get bored in the afterlife as well well this ghost kind of flips through some pages slowly like it's browsing an IKEA catalog for some sort of paranormal bed frame and out of nowhere the whole room starts getting tossed everything's flying around like a wrestler with a good insurance policy turns out this wasn't a ghost at all but a tornado came barreling through the town and smacked right into this hospital in the middle of the night number nine summer night knocking summer nights as a kid were the best school was done and you could stay up as late as you want doing whatever you'll be out riding bikes or you could just be binging food and watching movies until you pass out like a drunk bachelor this redditor was having a good night until there was a strange knock at the door in the middle of the night it was submitted by redditor dead man v he said he was chilling in his room late at night and he heard his younger brother calling to him from the living room he went to check on his brother and his brother told him that there was a knocking at the door so dead man v went to go inspect when he looked up the window that's right next to the door he saw a young boy smiling back at him through the window the kid was probably 11 or 12 years old this obviously freaked him out so he ran up to his parents room with his little brother to tell them what had happened his parents went to go check if the little boy was there and he was gone little did they know they just let a ghoul into their home no I'm just kidding the kid ended up being a neighbor and he was sneaking out at night trying to spook people I the classic prank of a smiling kid at the front door in the middle of the night gets them every time number 8 roadblock when you're driving at night you got to be super careful you can't see well and your chances of running into a wild animal goes up tenfold this was caught on a drivers dashcam he was driving along when he comes across what looks like a roadblock set up with some traffic cones but there's no cops around and said there's a hooded man with some 2007 styled baggy pants who starts walking up to the car okay if you're gonna try and pull this trick maybe you don't look like every dude who robs a convenience store and it's late on his five kids child support payments as this rap video background actor starts approaching the car the driver asked him a couple times what's going on after a few non responses he decides that this is too much of a sketch fest and he speeds off out of there thank God this guy was probably too dumb to pull off this heist for real number 7 peacocks alright guys I'm about to educate you so this one was submitted to read it by redditor catch Aaron the sly she was visiting her grandma way up in the country and the thing about her grandma is she has a bunch of pet peacocks I can't wait to get old you can stop caring about what other people think about you and be like yeah I want a bunch of peacocks cuz that's what I'm gonna do because I don't care if people want to have sex with me anymore I'm a peacock lady now it must be so freeing well late one night she was on her grandma's porch when she started to hear what sounded like someone crying out in pain this started going on long enough that it scared the hell out of her and she ran inside she found out later that peacocks cooing sound exactly like a person crying out for help I bet you didn't know that number six Slenderman at a hotel didn't Slender Man start as some sort of Reddit rumor I'm not really sure on this one please let me know in the comments cuz I know I'm gonna forget but what I do know about him is he supposed to be some sort of supernatural being that likes to eat people or absorb them and he looks like the cross between a faceless albino and a guy with a wicked tailor and he might have been spotted in this hotel a security guard was up late one night when he saw what looks like to be a tall man walking in the background of security camera footage the part that was really freaking him out about this is there wasn't anyone else working in the hotel at this time and this tall skinny man was spotted in an area where only workers can get to so was this a supernatural being or was this just a mistaken identity number five thanks jumper if you look long the out your window most people think you're gonna look up at the stars and find true love well sometimes you just see someone running for their life man redditor zappa underscore o7 was peering out his window when he saw someone jump a fence into his backyard this guy was running around all scared he hid in his backyard and then jumped into his neighbor's backyard I want to speculate on what's going on here but I know a dude running from the cops when I see one this guy was trying to make a break for it number four gas station so this story originally popped up on Reddit and it was super weird it's about a gas station one of the employees and the owner started noticing that motor oil was going missing they had suspicions that it was one of their other employees a guy named Jeremy never trusted Jeremy so they looked over the security camera footage and they saw what looked like a loop because the same customer would come in every couple hours and take some motor oil they then noticed that it wasn't a loop at all but it was Jeremy coming in every few hours is super creepy they were gonna confront him about this the next day but he never showed up for work like he knew that he was gonna get caught later the FBI came in to ask questions about him and he may have been linked to an arson involving motor oil on the of an entire family back in 1996 number three cleaning home I found this one written by redditor Rolly Kirby Derby she was home alone one night because her parents were out at a work function and she knew they weren't gonna be home until late she wanted to do something nice for them so she decided to clean the whole house she had all the lights on she was playing music and she started to hear a door creak open she went to go look at it and it was the door to her sister's room but her sister wasn't home jokingly she said shut the door already and then the door slammed shut she freaked out went into a room and waited for our parents to get home number two working from home here's a hot tip review bout there if you're home alone lock your doors help you should lock your doors even if your house is packed and you're expecting more people to come over you don't want some lame stranger to wander into your house and kill the buzz at your party well redditor Hawk singer was working home alone late one night all by himself at 2:00 am I know this list says 3:00 am but I'm not gonna care about one hour I like this story too much this is when he heard the coats move on the coat rack next to the door this wouldn't normally only happen when someone opened the door but it was way too late to come over so he figured it was his cat jumping onto the coats he went over to go grab his cats when he saw a man standing in his living room was he drunk was he crazy we don't know all we know is that he started yelling about where all his stuff was he was very upset about that so Hawk singer had to act fast and he grabbed the katana that his mom bought him for Christmas and chased this guy out of his house that's how you deal with problems baby you threaten them with a sword and shadow to his mom for getting him the best gift that he's gonna have to hide from every single girlfriend number one on our list haunted home so if you're being kept awake by spirits for six nights in a row you should probably start looking for some listings nobody likes bad roommates living or dead this guy was having just that happen to him and decided to vlog his whole experience the best part about this is he said he would continue to vlog the experience if people continued to like and subscribe if you're gonna put yourself through some spooky torment you might as well get paid for it baby the freakiest part about this video is when his phone flies off the receiver figure out what's going on and it happened a couple times already and I don't know now I understand how this guy is able to endure this paranormal punishment he has a corded home phone if he's willing to put up with that that means he's willing to put up with anything those things are so annoying well everyone that is our list thank you all so much for tuning in as always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the notification bell also follow most amazing top 10 on Instagram and Facebook until next time I've been Shay toreno and I need to go to bed right

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