Top 10 Scary Objects From WW2

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking about the Top 10 Scary Objects From World War 2 The world wars are a stretch of history that totally fascinate me – that time between 1910 and 1950 – in those pre and post war eras, human history changed dramatically

What is your favourite era of history? Let me know in the comments section down below Alsowhat is the scariest object you have ever found I feel like I always talk about the spooky chair on the upstairs landing of my mums house It freaks me out! I want her to get rid! It is BAD energy! 10 – The Glass Jar As we know, the American’s, with support from the allies, dropped the horrifying atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima The attacks killed over 200,000 people horribly and the cities were decimated! Imagine how fragile human flesh is when it comes to heat – then imagine how hot something would need to be to melt glass Hot right

Have a look at this glass jar found in the Hiroshima aftermath It seems heat of approximately 1,500 degrees centigrade – 2,700 degrees farenheit is required to produce this level of deformity Scientific examination showed that a virtually instantaneous heat wave struck this object and passed as quickly as it had arrived so that the Jar resumed its solidified form without leaving 'stress' marks This flash heat incinerated many people on the spot Horrible

9 – The Pilot This portrait of a World War Two pilot in its original 1940s frame was listed on Ebay The listing read: This haunted picture holds the energy of an old pilot's ghost When the haunted picture is set out on display many people have witnessed a man dressed in uniform appear in hallways and doorways of the house A deep man's voice can be heard at late hours of the night I can usually hear military jargon being shouted at a fast speed

I don't know why this energy is so attached to this haunted picture or what this ghost is trying to tell me The listing also claimed that only those with the quote un quote gift would be able to feel the presence Rightio then! 8 – The Wheel Chair This wheelchair is haunted by the ghosts of 100s of wounded soldiers – why – well the chair was the property of a military hospital during world war 2 and it is thought that it contains the spirits of those who sat in it Chair owner Neil Packer said that when he sat in the chair he felt as if his leg had been amputated He said another man’s legs went blue

Another sitter said she felt like her chest was heavy as if she had an infection The chair was taken on to British television too – it featured on This Morning with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby and Phil decided to sit in it I feel like if I have learned anything across my four years of working on Most Amazing Top 10 it is that you really should never sit in the haunted chair Anyone remember the Busby Stoop chair now chained to the ceiling in Yorkshire? Well, anyway, good old Phil sat in the chair on live TV and this was his reaction EDITORS clip Just joshing This is what he said after making that face

7 – The Pigeon Foot You’ll actually find a lot of severed pigeon feet in war museums across the world Why? Because birds played a big part in the war! Pigeons were used to send secret messages but a you can imagine that brought about a whole new layer of chaos that came from trying to intercept them, and stop enemies finding them! One pigeon that failed was discovered in 2012 in an English chimney in Surrey

David Martin was cleaning his blocked chimney and found that one long dead bird had a red capsule on its leg, He opened it up and discovered a secret WW2 era message written in code! Eventually the code was cracked and the message was discovered to say: Hit Jerry's Right or Reserve Battery Here Already know electrical engineers headquarters Troops, panzers, batteries, engineers, here Jerry, of course, was a nickname for Germans 6 – Trench Raiding Club War was Savage

that is pretty evident in the existence of this trench raiding club! Many old weapons were found after the war and the clubs are usually made of wood wrapped in sharp pieces of metal howmedieval! Clubs and flails have been used since times of early warefare While the trench clubs were largely used in World War one, some were still found after world war 2I can’t believe in the 20th century we were whacking each other with spikes on sticksalthough I think I would prefer than meeting some of the other World War Two Weaponsalthough

maybe they were quicker This has got pretty morbid! = 5 – The Trumpets that started the war These scary wartime objects were actually from an ancient period in history In 1922 king Tutankhamun’s tomb was opened – a period between the first and second world war A lot of people were very nervous about the whole thing and perhaps for good reason as this is where the legends of the curse of the pharaohs began Among the artifacts silver, wooden and bronze trumpets were found The trumpets were played and recorded in 1939 on British Radio the BBC

A few months after it was broadcast World War 2 broke out and the announcement was delivered to the British public on the same radio station This has led many to believe that the trumpets are cursed and have the power to summon war This is one of the only instances ever where I would not encourage whole hearted trumpet playing I love trumpets But war trumpets are bad

Yes they are 4 – The lost bombs A lot of worrying un-detonated bombs have been found since World War II Just last year 1,000 people were evacuated from their homes in Cologne when a World War 2 Bomb was discovered near a petrol station in the city That wasn’t even the worst of it! In 2011 45 thouand people were forced to evacuate their homes when a drought revealed a big unexploded bomb in the Rhine river near Koblenz The scary fact us that thousands of unexploded bombs are still sitting hidden and buried across Europe

Want to hear a scary statistic – 70 years later, more than 2,000 tons of unexploded munitions are uncovered on German soil every year Terrifying 3 – The Body Parts It wasn’t just the Nazis mutilating their enemies – a lot of countries were at it It seems that a vast amount of Americans who took part in World War 2 and were station in the Pacific would wear Japanese body parts as trophies Luckily the majority of these have been destroyed but necklaces made of Japanese teeth were fashioned, ears were pinned to military belts and it is even said that Franklin Roosevelt himself was given the gift of a letter opener made out of a Japanese Soldier’s Arm

A bunch of trophy skulls were found after the war – skulls of dead Japanese people that were given to Americans as gifts Here is a picture of a woman that appeared in a magazine in 1944 that shows a woman writing to her sweetheart to thank him for the Japanese skull he had sent her 2 – The Queen Mary The Queen Mary is more than just a haunted object it is a haunted object filled with hundreds of other haunted objects When World War II began, British Ship The Queen Mary was converted into a transportation ship for allied troops – transporting 800,000 troops to Europe Unfortunately she was involved in an accident which killed 239 people When the Queen Mary was retired in 1967 after another stint as an ocean liner

She is now a hotel docked in long beach California, but it is said that she is mercilessly haunted by a number of souls! It seems the swimming pool is haunted by the spirit of a young girl A first class passenger, dubbed the woman in white, glides across the floor of the Queens Salon in a long dancing gown The ship has had to retire the use of room B340 because there have been so many complaints of its haunting Those who have been on the ship tend to report ghostly goings on, and they have done for decades, even since the ship was a working transport ship! Scary! I do love ne a ghost boat though 1 The Blood Flag The Blood Flag, or Blutfahne was a Nazi swastika flag that was regularly carried during the Third Reich and served as a ceremony piece for the party

The flay was the original flag carried during Hitler’s failed Munich Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923 It was soaked with the blood of an SA member who was killed in the attack The flag was then saved and had the names of the 16 people who died in the Putsch sewn in The flag was kept at the Nazi HQ in Munich but was taken out for ceremonies in which other flags were brought to touch it in order to consecrate them It is said the blood flag touched all of the banners of the Nuremberg Rallies

The blood flag hasnt been seen since the end of the war Nobody knows where it went! That was that ! That was the top 10 scary World War Two objects for you! Before I read comments I want to introduce you to one more object – I couldnt find a way to fit him into my list but I found him really interesting – this is a Lost Rupert ! To me anywayBritish troops called him ‘Rupert’ and the Americans ‘Oscar’ The Allies used these paratrooper dummies to cause confusion and chaos among the German troops COMMENTS from Top 10 Scary Ways the russians could be spying on us Blue Mercades said: REBECCA you're my favorite when telling a story Mr Death said : I cant wait when MAT10 gets 10 million subscribers

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