Top 10 Scary Objects Found In The Deep Sea

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today there is motion in the ocean as we talk the Top 10 Scary Objects Found In The Deep Sea! I know you guys love a bit of deep-sea action

Who doesn’talthough the ocean is a truly terrifying place Annnnd now that more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the ocean is becoming acidic

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Deep under the Black Sea, there is a river that was discovered only nine years ago, but has likely flown for hundreds of years The river looks extremely haunting indeed, and even has trees growing beside it and a cascading waterfall The rover was found 60 meters deep and it is massive! It is 350 times greater than the UK’s River Thames and 10 times bigger than Europe’s Biggest River, the Rhine 9 – Titanic Ghost Shoes Okay, it is time for some real talk so brace yourselves As we all know, the Titanic Infamously sank in 1912 after striking an iceberg and 1,500 souls perished in the aftermath, mostly because there were not enough lifeboats to save those on board

A lot of people literally went down still on the boat and sank with it on of its two halves 12 thousand feet down at the bottom of the ocean – that is over 2 miles down So… you would expect that the ship would be littered with skeletons? And it was…for a while… but not anymore The first time the Titanic wreck was found and explored by divers was in 1986 – over 70 years after it had sunk Movie director James Cameron made a handful of trips down to the wreck when researching and filming the Titanic movie When the movie director was asked about the macabre state of the ship, he revealed that the bodies of the victims have all but disappeared

Why? Well skeletons dissolve very quickly under the pressure, and the pressure over two miles down into the sea is very high Hauntingly, though, while the bodies may have disintergrated, what is left the pairs of shoes they were wearing when they died… and they… Well they are absolutely everywhere So why is that? That is because shoes back then were treated with tannic acid, which served to protect them from dissolving Have a listen to this – Editors CLIP … every pair of shoes serves as the grave marker for where the humans fell to their final resting place

I think about the ghost shoes of the Titanic a lot Speaking of a Shipwreck at number 8 we have The World’s Oldest Shipwreck… that we know about anyway, isn’t that the beauty! We think one thing is old… but then we keep on discovering new stuff! Hurrah! In 2018 Divers made an incredible discovery a mile below the surface if the Black Sea… the Black Sea again… what is going on in this spooky stretch! This particular section of ocean was just off the coast of Bulgaria – where divers discovered an ancient Greek Vessel thought to date back 2,400 years! That is older than most cities in Europe! The 23 metre long boat has been preserved by the lack of oxygen on the seabed, which has mean that its mast, rudders and all other shippy bits are still looking decidedly shippy! Professor Jon Adams from the Maritime Archeology project said: A ship surviving intact from the classical world, lying in over 2km of water, is something I would never have believed possible

7 – Lost City Ah, there are many cities that have been lost to the sea The Ancient City of Atlantis is somewhat of a legend and has never been found, but there are plenty of ancient cities that DO officially lie in observable ruins… Heracleion, for example, lies off the coast of Egypt near the mouth of the Nile It was found in the year 2000 by underwater archaeologist Frank Goddio but prior to that it was thought that, like Atlantis, the city could be just the work of lore… It is connected with legends of Heracles and Helen of Troy! Have a look at some of the ancient statues found strew across the sea bed… how utterly haunting

Some of the artifacts have now been raised from the ocean – where they have been hidden for an entire millennia As ocean levels rise on earth, how many other cities will meet a similar fate? That is why sustainability is such an integral focus at this point in history From the world’s oldest ship to what could be the world’s oldest Computer! 6 – The Mysterious Antikythera Mechanism This ancient Greek analogue computer was used to predict astronomical positions and solar eclipses It is thought this computer was used as a calendar with which to track the four year cycles of the old Olympic games… The mechanism was lost for 2,200 years on the worlds err… second oldest ship wreck! The artifact was initially discovered in 1901, when Greek sponge divers found an encrusted greenish lump but 75 years later its true nature began to be revealed Now we know that the artifact contained over 30 hand made cogs and could near accurately track the movements of planets and constellations

The discovery goes to show that the ancient Greeks knew more than we thought they did 5 – Deep Sea Monsters Okay so we are around the middle spot on this list, so maybe now is a good time to tell you that nature is demented Like… it is pretty crazy We discover thousands of new marine species each year and …well… you know the earth is 80% water…so who knows what else is lurking down there… from what we do know, the ocean is filled with monsters Here I am bopping in to name a few that will ruin your day The Sarcastic Fringehead Shark, The Humpback Angler Fish, The Norther Stargazer, The Vampire Eel, giant squid, the Pelican Eel, and of course, everyones mate the Blob fish I am telling you… It is dark cold and creepy down there! 4 – Mariana's Sounds Did I say the ocean was dark, cold and creepy? I guess I missed out the fact that the ocean is also filled with a veritable horror score of mysterious sounds

Mariana’s Trench is the name given to the deepest part of the ocean Usual ocean depths are around 2ish miles down, but mate, let me tell you, Mariana’s trench off the coast of Guam is nearly 7 miles down What lives down there? Sea cucumber and strange sounds In 2014, scientists heard a weird pinging sound coming from the waters around the super deep super creep Have a listen and let me know what you think caused this unidentified sound… EDITORS CLIP At first nobody, including our mates NOAA were too sure what it was, but now a team of researchers led by Oregon State University have published a study in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America that suggests the alien-like sound could be a new call from a baleen whale

STILL though… that is unconfirmed and I DO NOT feel good about deep sea sounds 3 – Unexploded Nukes Oh, you didn’t know there were lost and or discarded nuclear weapons across the worlds oceans… And a whole host of other non nuclear but still very dangerous bombs hanging out unexploded in the deep Sorry to ruin your day bez

One fun example , in December 1965, a plane carrying a megatron nuclear warhead rolled, yes rolled, off the deck of an aircraft carrier and into the sea of Japan… There is a 30 kilotron Fat Man in the Pacfic somewhere too… But Rebecca, this list is about found things… not lost things… Sure sure sure… but one day they’ll turn up… maybe in a sleepy seaside village … a big boy bomb washed up in North Carolina in November 2018 That beast was from World War II… 70 plus years and she found her way to the shore Honestly the thought terrifies me? 2 – Spaceship in the Baltic Sea Some call it the Baltic Sea Anomaly, some call it a crash landed UFO that sunk to the bottom…of the ocean… some think it is the spit of the Millennium Falcon! In 2014 an image of the strange object was circulated by professional divers…

It seems that the object is raised 13 ft above the seabed and is surrounded by a very strange rock formation What is it? Well… website SNOPES thinks it is a big fat fake, but others aren’t so sure! Finally, in at number 1 of our scariest things found in the deep sea, we have 100 + Years of Human Waste Many of us have seen the videos of wildlife caught up in human trash dumped in the ocean or the plastic straw up the turtles nose… it is horrifying stuff but really is the tip of the iceberg It seems like we have a disconnect about where our trash goes When you throw something away, we just forget about it because it isn’t our responsibility any more, but actually… it doesn’t mean that thing stops existing It is estimated that by the year 2050 there will be as much plastic in the ocean by weight as there is marine life, which is mental

Ocean pollution is a real issue Some of our waste has been lost to the deep sea, some is still floating on the top of the ocean…have a look at this shocking image of plastic floating in the Caribbean… Five trillion – pieces of microplastic in ocean, with one rubbish truck load added each minute… Jack Finch as well as Che and I were talking about how disgusting the throwaway culture we live in is just today… luckily there are apps like Bunz that are looking at tackling issues like this and encouraging us to trade things we don’t want anymore…rather than throw them away… But we need to be aware of things like non recyclable coffee cups and plastic bottles…

If not we are literally going to poison our water and that…would suck! So guys that was that! What do you think the scariest thing found in our ocean is? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below… thanks again to our video sponsor BUNZ … dowbload bunz by clicking the link in the description box and using Rebecca Felgate as your referral! I would be most pleased! Before I go I am going to be Reading Messages from people who Dowloaded Bunz and message me on the app… Egardo R said: Hello, I don’t know if you will seethis but I am one of the Most Amazing Top 10 Subscribers and I would like to say thank you for showing us Bunz Michael E said: I really appreciate your videos Rebecca ! You’re Amazing and thank you for introducing me to Bunz It’s not too popular in Australia yet but I hope it will get there eventually! I do too…if you’re watching down under…help Michael Out and download

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