Top 10 Scary Objects Fallen From The Sky

Sometimes we have rain storms, hail storms or acid rain But did you know that a whole bunch of scary objects have fallen from the sky as well

From a big cow to small spiders, this list has it all So grab your umbrella because things are about to get scary How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host, Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video Before we get started, I want to know, what is the weirdest thing that you've seen outside? Let me know your answers in the comment section below Let’s get this list started in at number 10 with Earthworms

Yep that’s rightthousands of earthworms were seen falling from the sky in Norway back in 2015 And apparently this isn’t the first time that earthworms have fallen from the sky here

A man named Karsten Erstad discovered that it was raining earthworms while he was skiing At first he thought that these earthworms came from the ground but there was over 50cm of snow on the ground so that would make it next to impossible He reported that there were thousands of worms falling from the sky and at first he thought that they were dead but when he picked them up, they were all alive Ughhh, this is so friggin’ gross, I would literally go straight down the hill with my skis and never look back From worms to Strange blobs in at number 9

Over in the town of Oakville, Washington, it began to rain in the afternoon Rain in this area is actually really common but this rainfall was extremely weird A strange substance was falling from the sky and it caused a major concern in the area These blobs were small, translucent, gelatin balls that were about the size of a grain of rice Later on in the afternoon, a ton of the residents became violently ill

They had difficulty breathing, vertigo, blurred vision and extreme nausea A bunch of cats and dogs who came into contact with this substance became very sick and eventually died One of the residents sent a small sample of the blob to be tested and the results were shocking The blobs actually contained human white blood cells and two types of bacteria People are saying that it came from an airplane but it was probably from Aliens

that’s got to be the logical answer right? A cow drops into this list in at number 8 Wait a minutehow the hell does a cow fall from the sky? What kind of world are we living in Well, back in 1997, a Japanese fishing ship sank and the men were rescued by a Russian Patrol boat in the Sea of Japan When the men were asked what happened to their ship, they said that a cow fell from the sky and sank it Obviously the Russian’s thought that this was fake news so they arrested them and put them in jail

Wow, that’s kind of a harsh punishment don’t you think? Several weeks later a member of the Russian air force told the Japanese authorities that one of their crew members stole the cow for its beef and took it on their plane The cow was acting up so they decided to open up the latch and push the cow out of the plane Why didn’t they slaughter the cow first and then bring it on the plane? Or at least give Betsy a sedative Dead birds fly onto this list in at number 7 I’m gonna call this Birdageddon

A man from British Columbia, Canada witnessed dozens of birds falling from the sky He was driving on a busy highway when all of a sudden he saw the birds suddenly hitting the ground around his car He said that the birds dove face first into the pavement and died instantly Well that sounds super traumatizing No seriously, someone call Stephen King and tell him that I have an idea for his next book

I want to forget that this ever happenedso let’s move on Alright in at number 6 we have Scary meat chunks

What the hell? Is it too late to go back to the birds? So back on March 3rd, 1876 large chunks of rotting flesh fell from the sky in Kentucky Two brave men offered to taste the meat to see what animal it came from I’m also gonna go ahead and say that they don’t sound like they are the sharpest tools in the shed They don’t know what bacteria is on that old piece of meat? Maybe they like having ringworm or salmonella Anyways, the two men said that the meat tasted like mutton or venison but a third man said it was bear

How the hell do you know what bear tastes like? I would stay far away from him But as it turns out, this mystery meat came from projectile vulture vomit Now that is disgusting Giant metal balls fall into this list in at number 5 Giant balls of metal were seen falling from the sky in different parts of the world

Well that doesn’t sound very safe does it People over in Peru found a bunch of huge rocks in a field after they saw this in the sky Those rocks are massive They could easily wipe out the entire human race if enough of them fell As it turns out, this fireball was actually a Russian space rocket that was re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere Vampire Fish swim their way into number 4

Over in a small Alaskan town, mysterious giant vampire fish started to fall from the sky These guys were a foot long and they are known as Arctic lampreys They have five rows of sharp teeth and they were found lying in gardens, streets and in parking lots Families were so friggin terrified by these scary looking fish Some of them were even too scared to come out of their homes

I don’t blame them Take a look at their teeth I’d lock myself in my house for weeks until the town got rid of them There’s no way in hell you would see me out there with these dead vampire fish Spiders come crawling onto this list in at number 3

Erick Reis was hired to be a videographer for his friend’s wedding As he was driving to the venue, it started to rain spiders Thousands of them were falling from the sky so instead of getting the hell out of there, Erick thought it would be a great idea to pull out his camera and film the whole thing To be honest, this is probably something that I would do too But raining spiders isn’t actually as strange as it seems

Apparently the Eximus spider hangs from trees and they create webs that are 65 feet in the air and in trees They do this to trap insects but if the wind blows too hard, the spiders can fall off the web so that’s why it looks like it’s raining spiders Still sounds creepy AF to me Moving up on this list in at number 2 are People On September 25, 1978, a woman was sitting in her parked car with her young son when suddenly, out of nowhere a human body crashed into her windshield

Damnthat’s probably the most traumatizing thing she’s ever seen Where the hell did this body come from? Well, a Pacific Southwest plane crashed into another plane, killing 144 people

The person that smashed through her windshield was on of the victims I can’t imagine what this must’ve been like This is actually known as one of the worst aviation crashes in California’s history Blood drips onto our list in at number 1 In 2008 bloody rain was falling from the sky over a small Spanish city

The residents were scared that this blood rain was part of some sort of hazardous chemicals or it was an act of God Priests in the village were saying that this rain was a sign from God that people will have to change their sinful ways But they were wrong According to scientists, this bloody rain was actually a lot less scary The liquid turned out to be rainwater that was infused with a type of microalgae

When the water mixed with the algae, it changed the pigment to red Could you imagine if this was actually blood? That would be the biggest stain in history Well there you guys have it

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