Top 10 Scary Oak Island Facts

Hey most amazing top 10 family Im your host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10 A lot of you are probably like I was when I started to make this list and are like, what the hell is oak island and why is most amazing top 10 doing a list on it, well over here at most amazing top 10 we only do list if there is some juice in it and this one has the juice baby

Oak island is a mysterious island that apparently might have a hidden treasure on it, ooooooh, and might be haunted ooooooh, and its going to be the next hot spring break location Really, that last one seems like I made it up Well lets dig into what might be true and what might be false with todays list of top 10 scary oak island facts As always I would love it if you could like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell and stick around for the whole video because Im going to do some more pet shoutouts that you love so much, if you want me to shoutout your pet you can hit me up on instagram and without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 Theres probably no treasure For those of you who know about oak island you probably know about the history channel showing the curse of oak island Also remember when the history channel was about history and giving rock solid information that you could tell your friends to sound smart, now it has shows about treasure hunters on a ghost island that are looking for something that might not even exist

Im not complaining Im just a little shocked Well the legend says that there were two boys who went to the mysterious oak island in search of treasure back in the 1700s, they got to a spot that seemed to have just been dug up so they were like, AH HA we found the treasure and we will dig it up and be rich The dug and dug and dug but they never found anything and were forced to leave a sad couple kids, who probably went on to work in a coal mine and die at 31 Now some people think these unlucky teens were just digging in the wrong spot but the truth of the matter is that the spot mostly likely had just been dug up, because the owners of the treasure had already come through to get their booty and took off 9 If there is a Treasure it could worthless So this treasure is old as hell which could mean two things, it is packed with a bunch of lost artifacts and doubloons that are worth an untold treasure, that even just a small percentage of the treasure could have you set for life and floating on yachts until your die from champaign related injury

Or it could just be a bunch of old junk Over time things we used to see as valuable become worthless and other things skyrocket in value What is inside this so called treasure if it is even real, is unknown so everyone looking for this thing might be digging around for something that isnt worth a new pair of nikes Could you imagine you dedicate your life to finding something and in the end all you get is a dumb t shirt I mean thats how I would like to see this show end, just because I think it would be funny that someone buried a treasure on the island, new it was worthless, told everyone about it, made everyone dig for it for hundreds of years and then when they find it theres just an old faded picture of a dogs butthole in a chest

Thats one of the greatest pranks of all time 8 two dudes have spent years finding nothing Ok so lets be honest with ourselves, there is a good chance that the two people on the show the curse of oak island, Rick and Marty, are looking around for a treasure that dosent exist So that means that two grown men might be dedicating their lives to a thing that will never happen Like their dream of finding this mysterious treasure is all a puff of smoke and they wake up everyday with a fake purpose Does that make them crazy or is the whole realization just kinda sad I mean I can knock them for trying, everyone is aloud to have a dream, I mean Im here on youtube thinking i could maybe be somebody

But I just think about all the things these guys could have run off to do, I mean they do have a very successful TV show so who am I to tell these guys how to live, they are way more accomplished than me 7 we have spent hours watching two people find nothing Ok expanding my last point, if the treasure isnt real, and the show has all be for nothing, and every treasure hunting expedition on oak island has been a farce then what have all of the people at home watching the show been doing Theyve been watching a bunch of dudes dig holes Wait what? This show has ran for 7 seasons and has 100 episodes, with all of them being hour long episodes, some of the season premiers and finales are an hour and a half That means if you have watched this all thats 100 hours per person and I looked into the ratings of this show and on the low end, they hit 1

1 million viewers, with the high end getting closer to 32 So lets do a little math if we go by the low number of 11 million times 100 hours, thats 110 million hours of collective time spent watching some people find nothing You know how much good could have been done with that time

That is a scary fact Also I dont want to sound preachy, I spend most of my free time rewatching animes I have seen 20 times 6 Oak island is a distraction The treasure exists but isnt even on the island, there that will take your head for a spin Well then where is it, well that is also unknown Some people think that the island was used as a distraction from the real location and that there might be hints to where the real treasure is somewhere on the island Other people think that it was actually dumped in a nearby swamp or that the treasure could be underwater close to the island and the only way to retrieve it would be with some scuba gear and good sense of direction

But really nobody knows 5 If the pit is real and it is booby trapped If your going to bury any treasure, especially one that is worth what we expect to find on oak island, you dont just leave it there without anything to protect it Now there are a multitude of things that have been theorised about possible booby traps There could be some sort of secret pit below the treasure, so lets say you dig up the treasure, your all happy, you go down to retrieve it and instead of pulling it up you fall through a false floor on top of a pile of spikes and then you are dead That would be a huge bummer There is also the chance that the content of the treasure is boobie trapped with some sort of poison mist or spray

So when you open it, it sprays you in the face and then you fall on the ground writhing around and die This is why Evil people in movies have henchmen To die for them, so they dont have too 4 Marie Antoinettes Jewels So what is actually in this treasure to make it soooo valuable that millions of people are interested in it being found Well the big tale around the water cooler is that Marie antoineets jewels are in the treasure

Whaaaat, you mean the french queen who had her head lopped off and was famous for saying let them eat cake even though she never actually said that History is a funny thing Well if this is true this would make this treasure not just a monetary treasure but one of the greatest historical finds of all time And if something as valuable as her jewels could be in there what other wonders lost to the world could be locked away in this chest Chances are, we will never know

Just being real with you 3 The Onslow company already tried this Back in the 1800s the stories about the hidden treasure picked up so much steam that a major company got involved in the search It was the Onslow mining company and they went in to find the treasure for themselves With the power of full cooperation they could not be stopped But even they could crack the code on where this possible cache lie hidden

But here is something interesting about Onslow mining company They did find a bunch of wood and slate that were buried deep underground This slate and wood were not native to the island so the only way that they could have ended up there would be if someone dug them up and left them there Which means there was someone digging deep holes on the island at one point and time Was it to bury treasure? I have no idea 2 Theyre tricking us Now here me out on this one, what if the two brothers running the show, the curse of oak island know that there is no treasure, or what if they already found the treasure

But they are leading us all down this massive goose chase that goes nowhere I mean that sounds sort of evil but it is also a great business model, keep everyone interested in something that cant be found and then we will have them on the hook forever 1 The island is cursed Maybe the reason why no one can find this treasure no matter how many people try to find this treasure worth more than saudi prince is because there are supernatural forces that protect from ever falling into the wrong hands There have been reports of 7 different people dying on the island and some ancient native american tales tell of spirit on the island These ghosts could be the keeper of the treasure

Sometimes a night strange lights can be seen in the woods on the island and beyond anything that could just be written off as a ghost story, people who try for deep excursions on the island often fall into the same trap The mining holes they dig will just keep filling up with water Almost like some sort of force is stopping them from getting deep enough to find the treasure Alright that was our list and as promised Im going to be doing some more pet shoutouts Remember if you want me to shoutout your pets you can hit me up on instagram Each weekday I pick some pets to shoutout and it resets everyday so if you dont get picked one day you can message back another day, that way its fair for everyone to get in

If it takes me a little bit of time to get back to you Im sorry but I got so many of these to do Also i love the fans reaching out And without taking any longer lets shout out some pets First we got Leo pic1 This guy looks like such happy boy I love him so much After that we have poppy, Theo and Griffin pic2 dog trio just hanging out being goodboys Next we got Kimi, Mozzie and Anne Pic3 that is a lot of good cats all grouped up in one pic Then we have the fluffiest bunny Della Pic4 That is a lot of floof for one bouncy boy Following that we have Dugan Pic5 Thats a good boy with some floppy ears and a floppy mouth And capping off we have sam pic6 with is nice hat! Look at him he knows a thing or two about fashion

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