Top 10 Scary North American Urban Legends

There are many places across North America that have their own scary urban legends From mutant creatures who lurk in the woods, to bloodthirsty monsters, we are about to explore some of the scariest Urban Legends from this continent

How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video If you guys can’t get enough of Urban Legends, then you’re gonna want to click right over here We have an endless supply of Urban Legends that is sure to quench your thirst Alright let’s dive right into this list This is the top 10 scary North American Urban Legends

Starting us off in at number 10 we have The Alaska Triangle The Alaska Triangle covers an area ranging from Juneau in the southeast to the northern Barrow region and all the way over to Anchorage This is the area that apparently craves souls and more than 20,000 people have gone missing without a trace in this region So what’s the explanation for this? Some people believe that a mythical creature is roaming in this area and he likes to feast on human flesh while other people believe that this area causes you to become confused and disoriented so you’re not able to find your way home The most famous disappearance was back in October 1972 when an airplane that was carrying some pretty important political leaders suddenly disappeared

This led to one of the largest manhunts in Alaska’s history It lasted 39 days and it involved 400 aircrafts and 12 us coast guard vessels But nothing was ever found Even to this day, this remains as one of the biggest mysteries in Alaska Note to self, never visit the Alaska Triangle

The Char-man heats things up in at number 9 The Char-man has a pretty gruesome back story This urban legend is about a father and a son who were both caught in a house fire and they suffered from horrible burns in 1948 After the fire, the son became so mentally unstable which caused him to stab and hang his father to death When the police finally found the son, he was so burnt that they weren’t even able to tell that he was alive

So he was able to run away before they could arrest him for the brutal murder Ever since that night, the Char-man can still be seen wandering around in the woods that surround Ojai (OH HI), California Rumor has it that he will approach tents and torment campers He will also attack anyone that gets in his way and it's unclear on how many people he’s actually killed So be on the lookout if you are in OH HI california for the Char-man

Let’s head over to the Beast of Bladenboro over in North Carolina and this brings us to number 8 This terrifying creature looks like a panther but he is a bloodthirsty killer who lurks in the darkness, looking for his next meal He is known to attack dogs and even people so watch your back if you’re ever in North Carolina People who have claimed to see this beast say that he is three feet long, twenty inches high and has a long tail with a cats face Others say that his scream sounds like a woman is being stabbed with a knife

According to the local reports, animals in the area have died mysteriously and all of their blood was drained from their bodies Some of them were mutilated and some of them were even found with broken bones or completely flattened So is this just an Urban Legend or does the beast of Bladenboro actually exist? Moving right along in at number 7 we are talking about the Chupacabra His name literally means goat sucker This creepy animal is said to roam through Mexico, southwest USA and Puerto Rico

The Chupacabra is blamed for killing livestock and terrorizing people They look like a hairless bear and sometimes they can be seen with spikes on their backs I just hope that these guys don’t get a thirst for human blood Because if that was the case, we’d all be in a lot of trouble I’d probably never leave my house even though this is only an urban legend

I mean just take a look at this thing This is what nightmares are made of The creepy clown statue scares us in at number 6 Not everyone loves clowns Actually a lot of people are deathly terrified of them and this urban legend is no exception

This story actually originated from a chain letter that was being circulated in 2006 The story goes like this One night a couple went out to dinner and called the babysitter to watch their kids When the babysitter arrived, the kids were already fast asleep in their beds so she just hung out downstairs for a couple of hours until the parents called She said that the kids are fine but would it be alright if she put a blanket on the clown statue that was in their room because it made her nervous

The phone went silent for a moment and the mom replied with, we don’t have a clown statue! Grab the kids and get out of there as fast as you can! And at the bottom of the chain letter is says this “If you don’t repost this letter to 10 people within the next five minutes, the clown will be standing next to your bed at 3:00am with a knife in his hand” I’ve already passed the letter onto you guys, now it’s your turn Riverdale Road drives onto our list in at number 5 This creepy road is located near Thronton, Colorado and it is full of horrifying urban legends From a ghost who attacks parked cars, crazy demons and a phantom car, this road has it all

But probably the most terrifying story about Riverdale Road has to be about the Gates of hell If you are brave enough to drive along this road, you will see some rusty gates but legend has it that these gates are actually a portal to hell It’s no wonder why so much demonic activity is reported here But the fun doesn’t stop there You’ll also see bloody hand prints suddenly appear on road signs, you can see ghosts hanging from trees and if you’re really unlucky, you might even see some shape shifters who are out to kill you

The Dog Boy barks into our list in at number 4 This urban legend takes us all the way over to a small town in Arkansas Apparently there is a 300 pound half man, half beast creature that has glowing red eyes who is known to bite at people’s heels and chase them down the street Sounds like someone needs to call the humane society This urban legend originated from an even darker story

The dog boy was based off of a problem child who used to enjoy torturing animals Eventually, he graduated from animals and began to torture his parents He even locked them up in the basement where he would severely injure them on a daily basis So that’s how the dog boy urban legend came to be known but this is actually a true story which makes this 100% worse Diving into number 3 let’s talk about Hell’s Gate Bridge

A young couple was driving over this bridge but they somehow managed to swerve their car off of the bridge one night and they ended up drowning So now there are two legends associated with hell’s gate bridge The first one is if you drive your car onto the middle of the bridge and turn off the lights, the couple will magically appear in your backseat and leave a wet spot And the second urban legend states that if you drive over the bridge and you look over your shoulder halfway across, you will see a portal to hell engulfed in flames So make sure you don’t put your car in reverse because you just might not make it out alive

The Wendigo drops onto our list in at number 2 Oh the Wendigo He is a terrifying creature that has an insatiable hunger for human flesh This beast has to consume human flesh in order to survive the cold winters in North America And no matter how much flesh they eat, they will always be hungry for more

They supposedly measure in at about 15 feet tall, have glowing eyes, yellowish skin that looks like its decaying Legend has it that Wendigo’s used to be humans but they are formed whenever humans consume the flesh of another human being So if you don’t want to become a Wendigo, then you should probably take human flesh off of your menu Cropsey terrifies us in at number 1 If you live around Staten Island, then you probably recognize this name

Cropsey is rumored to be a homicidal lunatic who escaped from a mental institution He apparently has a hook for a hand that he uses to hunt children and drag them back to an underground tunnel system Parents used to tell their children that Cropsey is around the area so they are better off staying close to home Because for all they know, Cropsey could be anywhere and he would wait at any moment to claim his next victim But then things took a turn for the worse when Cropsey became more than just an urban legend

Children around Staten Island actually started to disappear for real because there was an actual homicidal madman who really did hunt children His name was Andre Rand and Staten Island was never the same since Well there you guys have it…

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