Top 10 Scary Nickelodeon Theories – Part 5

Nickelodeon was definitely an essential channel to watch when I was younger This network made history with shows like The Rugrats, the Fairly Oddparents and Spongebob Square pants

But as we’ve seen in some of our other videos, there are some pretty dark and terrifying theories associated with our favourite cartoons and life just isn’t the same once we learn about them How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and in case you guys missed parts 1-4 you can catch up with the links in the description box No seriously, you should should binge watch these videos and I promise that you won’t be disappointed Alright so without wasting anymore of your time, let’s dive right into our list of the top 10 scary Nickelodeon theories part 5 Arnold’s grandmother had some form of schizophrenia and this kicks things off in at number 10

During the show Hey Arnold!, Arnold was a young boy who was living with his grandparents On the surface his grandparents seemed like sweet and loving care givers but there might be something more sinister going on here Do you guys remember that movie, The Visit? Some fans of the show believe that at sundown, Arnold’s grandparents lock him up in his room so that they can carry out some pretty disturbing things Some believe that the grandparents go out at night and hunt children while others think that they have a secret room in the basement where they perform creepy rituals And then there is the other theory that his grandmother might have some form of schizophrenia because she was always going off and having crazy adventures and she doesn’t seem to care what the consequences would be

But as it turns out, those adventures might just be a figment of her imagination and if this theory is true, then Hey Arnold is a pretty dark show The Thornberrys are pretty terrible parents and this theory takes us to number 9 Let’s take a look at their parenting history shall we? The Thornberrys are pretty wrapped up in their own work which makes them way too busy to focus on their kids, they took their kids out of school at a young age and they go on wild safaris with dangerous animals on a daily basis, their kids are always running off and putting themselves in harms way and they don’t even seem to notice Doesn’t this sound kind of concerning? It seems like they are more interested in the mating rituals of rhinos than what’s going on with their kids Maybe back home someone called CAS on them so they keep moving from one place to another so that they won’t be found

And because they neglect their children, Eliza tries to cope with her depression and she has delusions that she can talk to animals because they are the only ones that seem to care about her Moving on to number 8, CatDog are a product of a nuclear fallout If you’ve ever watched this show, you would know that one of the most asked questions is how the heck do these guys go to the bathroom? But we usually brush it off because that’s not something that should worry you when watching a children’s cartoon But this is a list of scary theories so let’s dive a bit deeper into their unusual situation CatDog are two creatures that seem to be fused together

They share one body but two heads It’s like a science experiment gone wrong or something but according to one fan theory, CatDog is set in a post-apocalyptic world where they are the products of a nuclear fallout I definitely wouldn’t want to be apart of that world Could you imagine not being able to go to the washroom for the rest of your life I don’t know about you guys, but I would be pretty miserable

An odd family connection brings us to number 7 Alright, this next theory will have you scratching your heads Let’s take a trip down to Bikini Bottom, which in a previous video, we learned that Bikini Bottom is a result of a nuclear fallout Makes sense, right? Well things are about to get even more dark with this next theory So adjust your oxygen masks, because things are about to get strange

In Spongebob Squarepants, there might be a weird family connection that will shock viewers Apparently Spongebob’s pet snail Gary and Patrick are actually 1st cousins So what you’re telling me is that Spongebob is keeping Patricks cousin as his pet? Is this real life right now? Maybe Patrick is pretending to be Spongebob’s friend so that he can free him Or maybe there is a darker truth to this theory What if Patrick sold Gary to Spongebob? I guess you would call that snail trafficking? I don’t know but either way, that’s pretty disturbing

Moving on to number 6 Doug is on drugs Nooooo! Just say no Doug! You are just a child, you have your whole life ahead of you One fan seems to think that Doug was actually on some hardcore drugs and who was his dealer? His sister Judy Wow, these kids need to get their shit straightened out I think we should all nominate them to go on the show scared straight

That might teach them a lesson But this theory is actually making a lot of sense Doug constantly has delusions or day dreams and they are all from him tripping out on drugs We also see that his sister Judy gets super angry when Doug goes into her room so she's probably trying to protect her drugs or hide her drug money But why would Doug want to go on these heavy drugs

Did something traumatizing happen to him? Maybe that’s another theory that we can explore in a future video Squidward is not who you think he is and this takes us all the way to number 5 He is keeping a massive secret from all of us and to be honest, I feel betrayed So what’s his big secret? Squidward isn’t even a squid Wait a minute! What the heck is he then? Let’s review his anatomy

He has six limbs and his name is Squidward, so we all just assumed that he’s a Squid but that’s not actually the case Some fan theories have claimed that Squidward is actually an octopus who lost two of his limbs So basically Squidward is an Octopus that only has six limbs What’s creepy about this theory is that we don’t even know how he lost them Was it because of a birth defect or did he lose them in an epic fight over some crabby patties

Maybe this is the reason why Squidward is so miserable all of the time He knows that he is living a lie and he just wants to be himself Timmy’s father regrets having him and sees him as a mistake and this brings us to number 4 Timmy’s life has been hard enough! Why doesn’t his father love him? In our other Nickelodeon theory videos we learned that Timmy’s parents are pretty neglectful and they continuously hire the babysitter from hell to watch their son I’m pretty sure their babysitter is a psychopath and abuses Timmy

But that’s a whole other theory So getting back to Timmy’s dad, apparently he hates his son and wishes that he was never born In one episode, his dad talks about how his life was ruined years ago and Timmy asked how long ago did that happen and his dad responds by asking “How old are you?” ouch Mr Turner, shots are being fired Imagine that your own parent sees you as the reason why their life fell apart

That would be a pretty harsh reality Number 3, Rocko’s neighbor was definitely way too into him It’s no secret that Rocko’s Modern Life was a cartoon that children should definitely not watch It was full of innuendos and inappropriate humor but this next theory will haunt your dreams There was one episode where Rocko’s neighbor was a little bit too friendly for our liking

Apparently his neighbor is a pedophile or he’s on the sexual assault registry and he’s trying to lure Rocko into coming over to his house In that episode he tried to use racy videos, inviting him over and he even tried to inappropriately dance with him It was just super awkward to watch Actually, this whole show was super awkward so let’s move on Didi Pickles might have been an adult entertainment star and this scary theory brings us in at number 2

Is this how they can afford to live in this nice big house? Didi is a part-time teacher and I guess we can assume what she does with the rest of her time I guess a girls gotta make a living somehow I’m not judging though, you do you Didi! I just hope Tommy doesn’t grow up and find some of her videos in the house, cause that would just be hella awkward This theory was started after some of the animators began drawing her in seductive clothing Obviously none of those drawings ever made it into the show so then why bother? I guess the animators must’ve been pretty bored because and they have a crazy imagination because I could never imagine Didi being an adult performer

But I guess you just never know what some people are doing in their private time And finally in at number 1 we have a Serial killer on our hands So who could this potential killer be? And what show are they from? Take a wild guess and leave them in the comment section below And no it isn’t Angelica or Rogerit’s actually Tommy’s father, Stu Pickles Ok wait a minute, first we learn that Didi pickles might be an adult star and then we find out that Stu could be a serial killer?! Poor Tommy! I feel like we should all storm the pickles house and save him Put #savetommy in the comments if we should rescue him from his miserable life But let’s get back to this crazy theory that could be true

From what we know, Stu is an unstable guy who has an obsessive personality and he makes jello at 4 in the morning because his life is falling apart So he’s already got a lot of serial killer tendencies But then in one episode, Stu takes Tommy to the post office to send out some mail But once Tommy looks inside of the mail chute, he sees a corpse Maybe Stu was taking Tommy to where he disposes his dead bodies

I think he wanted to introduce Tommy to the family business to see how he would react (use this picture Well there you guys have it

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