Top 10 Scary Nickelodeon Theories – Part 3

Whoa Nickelodeon, you really need to calm down with these inappropriate moments I used to think that these cartoons were super family friendly but now that I’m more wise, or cynical, I can actually see how a lot of dark theories stem from our favourite childhood cartoons such as Spongebob SquarePants, Doug or even Rugrats

So brace yourself and prepare to have your fun, childhood memories squashed and tarnished with this video How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video Before we dive head first into this one I want to know, what is your favourite cartoon from your childhood? Let me know your answers in the comments below because maybe I’ll do a dark theory video on that cartoon next I enjoy sucking the fun out of your favourite childhood memoriesAlright let’s get this list started Here are the top 10 scary Nickelodeon Theories Part 3 Oh and be sure to click right over here to watch parts 1 and 2 The real Inspector Gadget starts off our list in at number 10

Would the real Inspector Gadget please stand up? Please stand up? Please stand up? (sing like Eminem) I remember watching this show as a kid and being really jealous of his helicopter hat But now I’m a little upset with him because I feel like I’ve been lied to my entire life and I’ll tell you why Do you guys remember DrClaw? Let me refresh your memories Dr Claw is the villain of the show and we never get to actually see his face

Well, as it turns out, there is a really good reason for this According to some dark fan theories, DrClaw is the original Inspector Gadget Let’s dive a little deeper shall we Apparently Inspector Gadget was a police officer who died while on the job, but since he was such an important part of the police force, the chief decided to build a robot that looked and acted exactly like the original

The only problem with this solution is that the real inspector gadget actually ended up surviving and after he saw how fast he was replaced by a robot, he went insane and became DrClaw So why do you think we never get to see his face? It’s probably because he looks exactly like Inspector Gadget and he doesn’t want his true identity to be known Up next in at number 9 we have The real reason why Stoop kid won’t leave his stoop Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to one of my favourite shows that I used to watch when I was a kid and that’s Hey Arnold

I know that there are a lot of dark theories about this show in Parts 1 and 2 so if you haven’t seen those videos, you will definitely want to check them out But I’m here yet again to ruin this tv show for you, so buckle up Stoop Kid is a teenage boy who lives on a stoop and harasses people as they walk by Oh and he literally never leaves his stoop, not even to pee I personally don’t know how he’s still functioning or how his kidneys haven’t exploded yet

But there is a dark reason as to why Stoop Kid likes to hang out on his Stoop Did the word Stoop lose all meaning to you guys to? Anyways, it is believed that Stoop kid is actually being paid to be a lookout for a huge drug operation that is happening inside This is the reason why he’s so scared and paranoid But there’s one episode where Arnold helped him leave his post I wonder if the drug dealers or mafia are after him now

Doug is actually insane and this takes us to number 8 This is a classic cartoon from the 90s about a nerdy boy with a highly overactive imagination Gotta love that intro

But let’s get back to the topic on hand Doug's insanity As it turns out, there are a ton of theories about Doug being insane or that he’s suffering from a mental disorder Some say that he is diagnosed with schizophrenia A good example of this is when Doug almost rode his bike into traffic while he was having one of his fantasies or hallucinations

And his daydreams are so vivid and extreme that he isn’t able to separate his reality from fantasy Because of this, he nearly kills himself on numerous occasions What do you guys think? Does our friend Doug have an undiagnosed medical condition or just an overactive imagination? Let’s move up onto this list in at number 7 with Roger Klotz has Rickets Roger Klotz is a character from Doug and he is the villain of the show who usually bullies Doug But as it turns out, Roger is also dealing with an illness of his own

Doug might be insane but Roger is suffering from Rickets Rickets is a skeletal disorder that is caused by a vitamin D deficiency or lack of calcium in the diet The main reason why people are saying this is because Roger has bowed legs which is a classic sign of Rickets This disease causes bones to soften so Roger could be experiencing pain, broken bones and muscle cramps Maybe Rickets is the reason why he’s so mean

He’s constantly in pain so he acts like a bully to distract himself I think he just needs to go out in the sun more and poor himself a nice big glass of milk Maybe he’ll feel better Jimmy Neutron and his friends are all genetically engineered children and this dark theory brings us to number 6 I used to love watching this show after school! For those of you who were crazy enough to not watch it, this show is about a boy named Jimmy Neutron who lives in Retroville

He’s basically a boy genius who comes up with crazy inventions and he takes his friends on wild adventures that usually don’t go his way But now I’m shocked to find out that Jimmy and his friends are all genetically engineered kids who were given a superpower Then they were placed with a fake family in order to bring out their powers and the rest of the town is made up of government employed actors So it's kind of similar to the Truman show This dark theory would explain why the town never really seems to think that this kid and his friends are weird

He’s literally 11 years old and he goes to school in his homemade rocket If this wasn’t a made up town someone would be calling child protective services and he would be taken away to a foster family where he would never be able to build crazy inventions ever again Things get pretty messed up in at number 5, Max & Ruby are dead I’m sorry to do this to you guys but maybe our favourite, or least favourite bunnies are actually dead No seriously, am I the only one who finds Ruby to be highly annoying and over protective? No one wants to play with Pinocchio, back off Ruby! Anyways , let's get back to the theory

In the past, Max and Ruby’s parents were nowhere to be found in the episodes which made a lot of people think that they were being neglected This made viewers come up with a disturbing theory Apparently it’s not that uncommon for female rabbits to absorb their unborn babies So people are saying that Max and Ruby were absorbed by their mother before birth and they are actually dead so we are seeing them in bunny heaven Whoa, this list got dark really fast

Doug Funnie is a racist and this crazy theory brings us to number 4 Yep, that’s right Doug makes another appearance on our list What is up with this show having a ton of dark theories? Well this one makes me really sad because apparently Doug Funnie is not only insane, but he’s also racist I guess I can’t be friends with Doug The Huffington post believes that Doug and his family were the only White people in the show because Nickelodeon was catering to a white audience

Everyother character in the show are different are a variety of different colours So this article is saying that the show Doug is showing kids that only the white race is worthy of the spotlight and all other skin tones must remain the background Ugh… I used to love Doug and now this theory might have ruined the show for me Dil is brain damaged and this sad theory takes us to number 3 The Rugrats had to be one of the best cartoons from the 90’s

This show was definitely a fan favourite and we fell in love with Tommy, Chuckie and the rest of the rugrats But what If I told you something that might ruin the showAre you still with me? Do you guys remember Dil Pickles? He was Tommy’s younger brother and Angelica’s cousin

So as it turns out, Angelica hit him super hard on the head because she clearly has some unresolved anger issues But sadly, this punch to the head caused little baby Dil to suffer from extensive brain damage If you guys go back and rewatch Rugrats with this theory in mind, you will see it in a whole new perspective So yeah, say goodbye to your happy childhood Penelope Taynt killed Amanda Bynes on the Amanda Show in at number 2

The Amanda Show featured a character named Penelope Taynt who would constantly break into the Amanda Show studio in order to get close to her idol She was really violent with the staff and other actors on set and she would do just about anything to get close to Amanda As you guys could probably tell, Penelope Taynt looks almost identical to Amanda Bynes But what if Penelope’s crazy, obsessive personality caused her to kill Amanda so that she could take her place? There really isn’t a closer way to get to Amanda except to become her And this is why they are never seen together

Amanda Bynes isn’t playing Penelope’s characterPenelope is playing Amanda And finally in at our number 1 spot, Each character on SpongeBob SquarePants represents a different type of drug

You know what, this actually makes a lot of sense when you stop and think about how crazy all of the characters are Let’s break this theory down SpongeBob is on meth because he’s super energetic and a little bit paranoid, Patrick is a stoner See what I mean? Squidward is on heroin, Mr Krab is coke head and Sandy is an alcoholic Wow this theory is starting to make a lot of sense

I never realized how dysfunctional all of the characters are Quick, someone needs to open up a rehab in Bikini bottom or get some law enforcement there Or we need to at least start narcotics anonymous because they need help and they need it now Well there you guys have itI hope I didn’t ruin your childhood too much

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